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    I wrote this bot as a slight replacement to xfire and raptr. This bot will track all users game time in a server and allow the user to pull that data back via commands as well as an online profile. The bot is still in testing and new features and tweaks are happening all the time.

    SlashPlayed can only log game time while the bot is in the server. In order to show up as a result in a command you must have already started and ended a game at some point while the bot is active in the server.

    Nothing special has to be done for the bot to start tracking your time. Simply start a game and it will track it.

    Current Features

    • Tracks users in game time and and allows them to view these stats.
    • View your top players on your server with a simple command.

    All commands start with \played. Example: \played profile

    Current Commands

    • \played info
    • \played help
    • \played mytop X (Returns your top X games where X is 1- 10 in a Direct Message. If no number is is added then a default of 5 is set.)
    • \played profile (Get a link to your player profile that is sent as a Direct Message) (Website is currently not available)
    • \played topPlayers (Returns the top 10 players associated with the server.)
    • \played botstats (Returns a metrics summary of SlashPlayed's data collection)

    Coming soon

    • Opt out / opt back in. If you do not wish to be apart of this you will be able to use a command to stop tracking. Likewise if you wish to opt back in you will be able to.
    • Website profiles for both the individual user as well as servers.
    • Raptr import

    Add the bot to your server (Does not require special permissions)
    Support Discord





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