So what's this I hear about H-Hour being good?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by SkiMask, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Without wanting to start a deluge of drama, I'll just say I think you would definitely know if Tom was no longer the owner of SOF. The volunteers are doing all the heavy lifting though. I wouldn't call if a mod, but I also wouldn't classify it as a legit professional dev team. I hope the volunteers can make something happen though, I know what it's like to put in a shit ton of hours into something just for the passion of it. They shouldn't be held responsible for the transgressions of Tom et. al. Just so long as they stay out of the drama I see them as passionate members of the community jumping on a great opportunity to work on a SOCOM related project. They might not succeed with H-Hour but they will gain valuable experience in game dev and maybe be able to use that to get a legit position in the gaming industry.
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    unlike Animal-_- I wouldn't really know the details of the studio. What I do know is there's results..

    It looks like we're the last of a dying race of people who like TPS games.. I was sad to see the "socom server" project is for SOCOM II...

    H-Hour's only hope is through Playstation and the last time I talked to Tom that was his belief as well.. the end.
    for those waiting I'd say get AA and be patient with it.. lol we all paid for that one too.
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    hhour vs SOCOM (the real numbers)

    I don't even know how to "wall slide" but I'll rush every time anyway.


    Wow Paul, that's some serious disinformation posted for a guy who wants to talk about real numbers lol. I log on to S2 on xlink regularly and the average during peak times is 50 to 70 people, on the average night there's about three full rooms going and a few smaller rooms. I'm guessing what you tried to do is to log on early in the day when very few people are active on either game's server and try to pick out one moment when you found less people on Xlink and then try to act as though they were the "real numbers" or the norm lol.

    For anyone who really cares about "real numbers" though I would suggest say from the time of about 8 PM till 2 AM (eastern time) log on to xlink and check the numbers, log on to H-Hour and check the numbers, and do this every single night for about a month and see if you notice a trend in where those numbers are and then look back at this post by Paul and ask yourself how accurate of a picture he is painting based on what you see consistently online everyday vs waiting and seeking out one moment in time to pull out of context and try to present that as the player bases for each game.
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    Not sure what you are trying to prove here.

    Your first video provides no context whatsoever. Its just you putting a screen of S2 and H Hour on top of each other for 45 minutes with no explanation, no mention of what time you did this, what you are trying to prove, or why you are doing it.

    If your goal is to try to say that H Hour has better numbers than S2 you didnt do a very good job.
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    not really prove anything other than your total xlink player count is as misinformationy as my 45 minute video on sunday..

    But I think the numbers on all SOCOM related games seems to be up...
    SOCOM sometimes has more than H-Hour sometimes H-Hour has more than SOCOM - AA has more than both...
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    So you cherry pick one particular time where H Hour has 2 more players on than a 14 year old game that requires a lan tunneling program on a night where the vast majority of its player base has to work the next day and is also the biggest night of the week for television shows that are watched by the age group that plays the game?

    Why dont you perform your little experiment on a Friday night, you colossal fuckwit?

    Oh wait, I know why, because it would be too embarrassing for H Hour.

    H Hour has a dozen people who play it all the time.

    Pauls thought process:

    "Well since H Hour always has the same 12 guys playing, I'll wait till the one time S2 Xlink drops below 12 players and make a comparison video! That should work! Hurr durr! Theyll never pick up on that!"

    "Hey look guise! H Hour has 10 players and S2 Xlink has 8! S2 Xlink BTFO! xD!!!!"

    Do that same video on Friday night, jackass.
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    I have done this on Fridays... I don't really care... I add both numbers and call them "SOCOM interested parties"

    currently there's more playing America's Army which is relevant as it's Unreal and SOCOM as fuck... and on PS4...

    H-hour has things which make it better for PS4 than AA, AA has things that makes it a better SOCOM... it's gravy.


    So you're saying that during peak hours of around 8 PM to 2 AM eastern there are not 50 to 70 people in the S2 Xlink lobby and about 3 full rooms going on average each night (usually a couple regular rooms and 1 patch room)? I just want people to be clear what you are saying who do actually log on to Xlink regularly rather then just take PaulDPeral's "4 people on" video to be the true representation of numbers on Xlink lol. I want them to be aware of not just the disinformation but the massive deception you are trying to sell, how vastly off your numbers assertion is lol. Keep in mind Paul this is not an info war like with the media where people just listen to two propaganda outlets and then decide who to pick as the truth at face value. Many of the guys who read this thread will be guys who have actually logged on to Xlink to play and see what those numbers are every night of the week lol. Log on with me tonight paul around 8 PM tonight, let's see if there's 4 people on, we can do it tomorrow night to, and the night after that if you want. You can record the xlink lobby and the lan lobby to show people the 4 people playing lol.
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    Oh, also, you claiming you have done this on Friday's, not a good pick of day when trying to sell your disinfo as Friday is the very night we have our community night. Anyone who has ever participated in community night knows there is never just 4 guys on on a Friday, unless you mean you checked at 11 AM on a Friday when no one is playing lol. What you are doing is basically like back in the S2 day if people were talking about the server having 28 K people on at peak hours, you jump on and record the lobby at 6 AM when there was 2 K people on and then post a video calling that "the real numbers" lol.


    Well for someone of your intellect I have no doubts it was a "tldr". Go back to Pokemon GO little guy and leave conversations with more characters then a Twitter post up to the adults.
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    Says you live streamed that 5 hours ago. So at 10am on a Saturday, h-hour had 4 more players than a ps2 game a decade old?

    You're an idiot.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Oh wow. When he said Sunday I thought he did it last week during peak hours. He did it on a Sunday morning? Jesus Christ.
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    if you don't have the time to form proper paragraphs, than I don't have the time to parse your wall of text to read through idiotic insults.

    fact: H-Hour and SOCOM (combined available versions) have similar numbers to each other and are played by people who want the same thing.

    And the reason I don't have time is every time I compose a post here or anywhere else another game has started on America's army.
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    I think animal should move these couple of post to the h-hour thread. This kind of debate serves no purpose here.
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    Oh that's what you call a wall of text, you poor little snowflake? lol You know, I honestly don't even care if your promote H-Hour, but when you knowingly push disinfo to that level trying to assert there's like 4 guys playing S2 you're going to get called out on your BS. The real reason you don't want to deal with my posts is because once called on it and given real numbers, you know you can't argue any of what I said. So your only choice is to find an excuse not to respond cause that's easier then trying to make your original claim of "the real numbers" hold up knowing that anyone who plays Xlink is automatically going to realize you're a liar and a fraud.
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    i would load up half hour next friday on stream and we can do a live comparison before community night starts but there is no point since we know the outcome already. plus i dont wanna reinstall that shit. what is interesting though is how every now and then when I log on steam, i get notifications of responses to my review for it. Almost always from half hour fanboys who tell me to delete the review since its somehow not valid anymore.


    so toxic
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    Player count checked 5 mins ago:


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