So what's this I hear about H-Hour being good?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by SkiMask, Jul 16, 2017.

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    But no one plays the game. It has less players on daily then SOCOM 2 Xlink.
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    Using the link you originally provided, it said the game was ranked 3.5/5 stars, which is absolutely better than what H-Hour has lol. The video of the gameplay looks better as well.

    Even if those things weren't better, it wouldn't matter regardless because no one plays H-Hour and hasn't for multiple years. As of this moment, 6pm on a Friday night, there are 20 people playing the game lol. It's fucking dead.
  6. Almericus

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    Well.. it is true that the amount of people playing is low but it is not getting worst lately either. A game that is an alpha under development is rarely extremely popular with exceptions. (like Day Z, Ark etc).
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    But it doesn't even have more players that SOCOM 2 on Xlink right now, which is sad considered it's a 14 year old game in which you have to jerry rig to play online.
  8. 1UP

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    I don't think I've seen an EA game with multiplayer that had less than 300 people playing unless the game was a mess.
  9. Eagle_F15

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    Lol...look at its features and content. Where is SOF with there features and content just finally being added, still many first pass like the pmn's that you can not shoot through water, STILL.
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    The game has been in EA for over two years.........
  11. Almericus

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    You guys point out some valid points but one other reason that the numbers are low is the game visibility on Steam. It is hindered by the amount of negative reviews (55% positive).

    Not to say that the people were in the wrong to speak their mind but a shit ton of them are dated from the initial release which does not 100% represent the current state of the game today. C'mon let's admit the devs made some progress since then even though there still a way to go.

    Once they go out of EA then It will help a little bit. I also think they should change the logo and the videos the way it is right now... Tom hold an handgun in a black screen..etc.

    Ball is in their court, there is still features that they could implement for player retention and turn things in the right direction. (aka chat lobby before going to a room, clan features etc)
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    Visibility has nothing to do with h-hour, it never has. The game has been accepted as a universal flop from launch day. Why do you refuse to accept reality? Over 120 million people had access to this game and never bothered to download it during a free weekend. It has been YEARS of "early access" bug and content patches. The ship sailed a long time ago, there is no future for this game and there is no reality where 20-50 concurrent players is considered alive or acceptable for the past three or whatever years.

    If this talk of coming on PS4 is true then I'm embarrassed to be a SOCOM fan. H-Hour has done NOTHING good for this community and has only crumbled our efforts to oblivion. There's an entire generation of gamers now that have never played or have minimal knowledge of SOCOM. If h-hour comes to console you know the comparisons will be made. SOCOM already has a terrible reputation after 4... now it would potentially be associated with a even worse game. Yeah good luck marketing that new SOCOM game Sony, goodbye series.
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  13. dizee

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    It isnt hindered by the negative reviews, it is hindered by its shitty gameplay, optimization and snotty elitist attitude from SOF.

    and lets just say it is "hindered by the negative reviews" (it isnt). Whos fault is that? Is that all the gamers fault for posting their honest impressions of a game or is it SOFs fault for pushing a god awful product out to the public well before it was close to being done.

    Next time I see a terrible review on yelp for a pizza place that says their pizza is poor, uncooked and to avoid it, I am just gonna tell them they are hindering the business, they are just toxic pizza haters and should update their reviews.


    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    "The reason nobody comes into my restaurant and orders the fried dog shit casserole is because its hindered by bad reviews."

    "It has nothing to do with the fact that people dont like eating dog shit."

    "Maybe if I change the name of my restaurant people wont realize I'm serving them dog shit and I'll get better reviews."
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  15. 1UP

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    Sounds like they need to make a better game.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    No, they just need better reviews......
  17. Almericus

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    lol. Yeah, let's agree that they have work to do in order to meet the expectations. Now let's see how it goes.
  18. S_L_I_C_K

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    I am so confused as to where this game is in development. sofs said it was in pre alpha, then it went to beta, then alpha, then closed beta, then early access, then open beta, then closed beta again. so its back in alpha now?
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  19. Almericus

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    Well they are technically EA but regardless of any labels you just mentioned or which one they pretend to be they say that they are not finished making the game yet.

    If they would say that the game is completed the way it is then I would say meh.. but they plan to add a bunch of stuff.

    This is why i'm curious and still care. Until the cake is out of the oven then I won't judge its taste or call it history.
  20. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    Planning and doing are really different things. In the however many years this game has been in EA and the amount of actual changes being made are the problem.

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