So what's this I hear about H-Hour being good?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by SkiMask, Jul 16, 2017.

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    DayZ was supposed to be released on the PS4. This was released on EA in Dec 2013. Timelines change.

    I disagree. The future is in the PS4 crowd. No matter the player count on PC, the console crowd is different and would react differently. And if it does get released on PS4, you shouldn't automatically assume it will make any distinct correlations to the Socom Series. HHour is a spinnoff just like MAG. MAG's results didn't impact Socom in anyway. HHour will be it's own brand while also trying to incorporate Socom features to be a spiritual successor.

    Sony also wouldn't do any marketing for this matter the quality. They may make comments if it gets super popular like No Man's Sky. But if it's not a major publisher, it's not going to get any noise from Sony.

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    >MAG's results didn't impact Socom in anyway.

    Except for the fact that the next Socom game released was the worst selling and worst received of the series and no Socom games have been made since.
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    mag was originally socom 3, after realizing how far the game strayed from a socom title they changed the name to mag and made another game and called it socom 3.
  4. Animal-_-

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    Also MAG's game modes were heavily pilfered from to make S4's, a departure that caused a great deal of backlash when Zipper only included one original mode at launch.

    I can totally understand if Zipper was bored of SOCOM and wanted to go in the direction of MAG instead, and in hindsight I think that's what they should have done. As a fan of MAG, S4 pisses me off a second time for indirectly causing the death of that possible franchise as well.
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    DayZ is an absolutely terrible comparison, because DayZ was actually a good game that people wanted to play. H-Hour is neither a good game nor a game that people want to play, as evidenced by the reviews and the sales.

    As for your whole PS4 analysis/pipe dream, enjoy whatever dreamland you're currently living in. Willful ignorance really is bliss lol.
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    Interesting. Having not played either game I wasnt aware of that lineage and was just pointing out the inaccuracy of his example ignorant of whether the correlation equaled causation.
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    the only thing dayz and hhour have in common is that they are third person shooters and both games are made by devs who have no fucking clue how to make a game.

    dayz was actually a fun game until cheaters took over, hhour was NEVER fun.
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    The console crowd is different, I agree. H-Hour is a turd among thousands of other early access turds on steam. No one cares about it there, it can rot in development hell for as long as it wants. However once you release on PS4 that's it, one impression and it will be judged instantly with no point of return. When you can surpass or equal the quality of your competition, it is time for that port... not before.
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    They just need a few more good reviews and they'll be ready to ship a couple hundred thousand units!
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    So you are honestly going to sit there and say that if H:Hour releases to console, especially a Sony console, that whoever it is that is going to run even the most meager of marketing campaigns isn't going to try and get the former SOCOM crowd to suck on the teat? I know you said "shouldn't automatically assume" and that is a valid point, but this game was created because of SOCOM. @MR.BLUE and the gang originally signed on to create this project did so due to a lack of a SOCOM game and marketed the Kickstarter and POC specifically to the SOCOM crowd. I think it is very safe to assume that in order to boost player count and get free word of mouth advertising that SOFs will most assuredly correlate their game to SOCOM in order to draw that crowd in.

    Even the folks that have turned a blind eye and couldn't care less about the game like myself are going to be targeted with a slew of "started poorly, but look at it now!!" talk. If this site doesn't speak for all SOCOMers, as has been said, then it's a no brainer going back to that original target audience.

    I'm not going to sit here and dump on the game as it's been done ad nauseum, but the game hasn't done well because it's just not good. Has it gotten better? I would hope so at this point, so I think its safe to concede that. Sure bad reviews have turned people away, but those reviews were put there for a reason outside of just a smear campaign against the studio. Even long time advocates and the "let's see what happens" crowd have changed their tune...
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    I don't think it's ever left alpha. It was in a proof-of-concept prior to being in Early Access. I think the confusion stems from "beta" keys being given out during this phase. From my understanding, beta is post EA. New announcements have put PC release (& beta?) this winter. PS4 is beginning the port in 2018. Not sure when Gold occurs.


    I think that's more incidental. The developer's name is tied to the series but it should act as it's own brand. Kind of like InFamous and the Sly series. Except there are more similarities between MAG and Socom being military shooters.

    The only comparison between the two I'm trying to make is that they're both from independent developers. Not necessarily the game play & similarities between games. It's the concept that the job is difficult for indie devs.
  12. RaidenXS

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    No. I do not believe they'll try and get that "Socom teat" goin. Only because of legality. I'm sure they'll want to and the comparisons will be made unofficially. But as part of the official campaign, in order to avoid copy right claims, they would probably avoid it akin to marketing by Mighty No.9. They'll mention people working on it but stop short of calling it the "Spiritual Successor" because they don't own the IP.

    EDIT: also like the more popular and AAA dev marketing of Evil Within.
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  13. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    Yeah this I think we can all agree with, but they are going to look at every possible way to market that spiritual successor vibe. However they do it, there will definitely be a specific target audience, and we all know who that will be...
  14. Animal-_-

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    You mean the people they already targeted 4 years ago for KS money, who have since left the building and for whom the current game has no hope of recapturing?

    IMO, at their recent development pace the game would need another 5 years MINIMUM to get to the point where those SOCOM fans would even consider purchasing H-Hour as a replacement for the franchise.
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  15. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    I do think that they will try to wrangle some of those people back in again, whether it works or not.

    "Who that will be" won't be the KS group as a whole. The less specific target audience I mean is SOCOMers in general; more to the point, those that didn't donate and get burned, didn't follow along with the chain of events which led SOFs to where they are now, and are waiting for a SOCOM like game to come out. SOCOM Remastered's Facebook page was talking about this news @RaidenXS pointed out earlier.

    I'm not saying it will succeed. Shit, I think we all know it pretty much won't succeed. But that doesn't mean they won't try. They'll reach out to streamers, social media, you name it. It's about the only cards they can really play to get a console audience, deuce/seven off suit notwithstanding...
  16. dizee

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    tom and his little book of lies are the main problem many of us have with the studio. he constantly makes up BS just to keep pandering to the idiots who think the game is somehow relevant.

    Tom in 2014: HHOUR WILL HIT PS4 IN 2015!
    Tom in 2015: HHOUR WILL HIT PS4 IN 2016!
    Tom in 2016: HHOUR WILL HIT PS4 IN 2017!
    Tom in 2017: HHOUR WILL HIT PS4 IN 2018!

    anyone who fell for this shit after the first time needs to have their head examined. go play another game or get on xlink.
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    And this is where your logic is faulty. SOF Studios is not an independent developer. They're a business name with inexperienced volunteers. By comparison, Zipper was an independent studio before it was bought by SONY, with the difference that Zipper had leadership, as well as money, resources, and trained/experienced/professional game designers/directors working for them. SOF Studios has no leadership, no money, no resources, and no professional staff.

    Don't call them independent developers. That would be like me starting a studio with my dog and my cat and calling us independent developers.
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  18. Eagle_F15

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    I'm curious, extremely curious how this will turn out. For someone like myself who played, tested, and still has more hours in that game then some of there dedicated dev testers(played once in about a year 3 weeks back) the game has so much wrong with it. Is porting it magically going to make it better? Graphically and mechanically? I know, I know gameplay over graphics but it fails in gameplay as well. Buggy, incomplete, everything a first pass mess.

    They are hyping this up in their tweets like they got something up their sleeve. I'm very interested in how this plays out. Early owners of the game can be apart of the beta I believe, I know I will be there.
  19. S_L_I_C_K

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    the confusion comes from their announcements of the game moving into beta phase next week and then a month later them saying they are pushing towards pre alpha and a few weeks down the road they announce they are almost to beta then they say the game is in pre alpha so bugs are expected during this beta phase of proof of concept.
    just read their official announcements over the years, they jump around between stages like miley cyrus.
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    I'll recommend you to Indie Game: The Movie. And I believe you're confusing Zipper being a 3rd party developer as an indie developer prior to Sony's acquisition.

    But if you would want to argue size = developer status (using Zipper as independent), games in that movie referenced have teams under double digits. they have official releases (Fez/Super Meat Boy). You'd need a different way to measure what constitutes an independent developer. Size shouldn't constitute if a company is or isn't a company. Unless you're arguing intent?

    I can't find these announcements. Can you please link?
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