So what's this I hear about H-Hour being good?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by SkiMask, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Tom is on hold searching for investors and funding for now. He release community news with the help of the staff after patches.

    Talking about patches, one went live yesterday. Here is the highlights;
    - Death animations. Ragdolls remains only when you die midair.
    - Animation update for crawling
    click the spoiler for more

    Posted Yesterday, 02:06 PM

    Taking the servers down to update and release the latest patch. Strongly suggest restarting Steam, letting the download of game and DLC complete before trying to rejoin the servers. Also, strongly suggest running a verify of your game cache beforehand just to be safe as there are many updated DLC maps in this one and one brand new one.

    • Right-click on H-Hour in your Library.
    • Select Properties.
    • Select the Local Files tab.
    • Click on Verify integrity of game cache and let it run until complete.


    Patch 3.0.14

    New Features!

    First pass introduction of Death Animations

    • NOTE: Death animations only apply to deaths while on the ground. If the player is in the air, ragdoll animations will play.
    Known Issues:

    • Not Game Breaking – Death animations need to stay in the capsule to respect physics & collisions. On those occasions when they do not, the Character can fall through terrain (slopes) and meshes (stairs, buildings, etc). As the death animation, is a vast improvement over the former ragdoll effect, we are implementing and will address in a future patch. The corrective work is significant.

    First pass introduction of new Prone Crawling:

    • When in prone, character will now adjust to the slope of the terrain when crawling forwards or backwards.
    • This gives a more natural look for characters moving along terrain, and also prevents their legs/arms from going through ground/objects that are uneven
    • It will aid in preventing people from sniping behind peaks (such as on rooftops) or being able to half bury their bodies in to sloped surfaces behind them
    Known Issues:

    • Not Game Breaking – Character may not be able to "break over" the top of "steepish" stairs going forward in prone or they may get stuck on irregular shaped stairs. Players should just change stance when this happens. Workshop Mappers may wish to adjust their stairs, adding appropriate blocking volumes to allow freer travel on those that cause issues.

    UCR GUI Rotation and Options (first pass)

    This feature is not completed, so there are some limitations, but it will ease UCR creation for users

    • Players can now customize their map rotation within the UCR GUI
    • Players can also set the options for Friendly Fire, Vote To Kick, and Controller Only
    Known Issues:

    • Rotation lists/options are "reset" when returning to the UCR creation screen, and have to be rebuilt, this will be addressed at a later time.
    • Map lists may contain old entries from maps that are no longer available on the player's system. This is due to the "caching" nature of the engine and will be looked into a better solution later.
      WorkAround: When players see map entries that are not valid (such as old workshop maps that are no longer available), they will need to delete their "Game.ini" file from within the H-Hour's "Saved" folder.
      1. In your Steam Client Library, Right Click on the H-Hour Game and choose Properties
      2. Go to the "Local Files" tab and click on Browse Local Files
      3. In the Windows Explorer window that opens, dig in to the following path:
      4. Select and delete the file named "Game" or "Game.ini"
        If you see a file named "DefaultGame", DO NOT DELETE IT! You are in the wrong location.

    Updated Features:

    Second pass was completed on Ladder Animations to improve and fix the following along with reported bugs:

    • Can look to left without falling off while dismounting
    • Increased speed of ladder slide descent
    • Hands now wrap around ladder on slide
    • Character hand in animations moved closer to ladder
    • Bug(403): Hands have been closed on ladder
    • Bug(421): getting off ladder no longer goes to the right when dismounting

    Networking changes were implemented so the 90 FPS Cap could be removed.

    Modification to Steam Voice system to reduce backlogging of voice packets (not testable)

    Additional MVP selection logic was added to address the event of a score tie

    Set GamePad (controller) default Sensitivity and Acceleration values to 50% based on community feedback. This setting is a better “beginning” position for new players to tweak from.

    Adjusted all Dance Animations to allow players to cancel during the animation by moving their character


    • Additional FPS and lighting change tweaks were completed
    • Corrected some UV mapping issues on meshes
    • Corrected material settings for wood flooring

    Other Bug Fixes:

    • Bug(410): Character "Stutter" when turning while idle
    • Bug () Screen “Stutter” for some players when server is full
    • Bug(408): Fixed binding for GamePad (controller) walk button not working in Controller-Only servers

    DLC Content:

    Updates to:

    • Desert Raid by SelflessOne
    • Himitsu Temple by Mr_Q_Blaze
    • SandGlow by NewyBond
    • Sub Rosa by SelflessOne


    • HarshWoods by Mojoe
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    lol derp... this is what I'm talking about.

    there's no stat that shows the number of people who logged into H-Hour over the last hour... more people are always logged in than are playing...

    xlink - 50 "SOCOM" players = maybe 1 room with 16 players... maybe. Am I on every night? no.. do I check more than you think? yes...

    either way - they're both well under 1000 players... I wish there were a way to see how many America's Army rooms were up... (why does he keep talking about America's Army?)

    I love how I can trigger you snowbutterflies just by saying "hi" and pointing out that we're all on the same team doing the same thing... when H-Hour hits PS4 lets compare numbers...

    -Hugs and Kisses
  3. eVo7

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    H Hour is a modern game with less than 30 people playing.

    SOCOM 2 is a 14 year old game that you have to ghetto rig to play online.

    You lose.
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  4. Almericus

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    We all know that numbers on H-Hour and on Xlink both suck.. why do we have to bring this up every day? I feel that the major issue with H-Hour for player retention is the absence of a chat lobby before entering a room, clan tabs. You know... stuff that gets people more engaged to the game.

    AT LEAST they acknowledge that they have to do it eventually.. but hey you can't put pressure on people that works for free right?
  5. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Que him mentioning something about America's Army for some odd reason, even though the state of that game has literally fuck all to do with SOCOM or H-Hour.
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  6. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    Lol, it's not even worth responding to. Seriously bull shit. S2 blows their numbers out consistently every night. I'm embarrassed for him.
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  7. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    It's a classic psychological case of Self-Delusion. People like PaulDPearl have spent so much time publicly shilling for the game and acting like total assholes in the process that they're basically all-in on defending it on a psychological level. They obviously know the game is a complete failure and has absolutely no future, but admitting that to themselves or the public would be too painful as it would require them to admit that all the time, energy, and resources they put into it was for nothing. So, instead of just swallowing the pill and admitting they got everything wrong, they do the opposite. They double down on defending it in order to avoid admitting they were wrong and looking like fools, with the ironic part being that everyone already sees them as fools regardless.
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    Actually 1 room of 16 players was pretty much what Xlink was when I first started Xlink and the Xlink lobby had about 25 to 29 guys in it. Since it got up to a 50 to 70 person lobby, like I said there's usually around 3 decent size rooms going most of the night.

    Like I said to I honestly don't care if you want to promote H-Hour. Like if you said "Hey guys, if you haven't tried H-Hour in awhile come give it a shot and see what you think after the work that's been done for the last couple years, you might find a different experience then the first time around". But you came in with examples to try to say no one was playing, one of which was simply creating a room and saying "See, no one is on" which does not show if any other rooms were up in the LAN lobby while you were in that room. I've created rooms when there's 5 other rooms open and sometimes sit there for awhile waiting for people to join because many are already in one of the other rooms. So creating a room and then saying "look, no one is on because no one joined my room yet" was a bit silly to use as an example.

    Right now it's 10:44 PM eastern. We both know if you jump on there right now there is going to be way more then the players you try to assert are playing, as there would be any other night at this time. On the average night S2 numbers are about double H-Hour. You can make the case that H-Hour is a similar competitor numbers wise with CA and maybe even more active then CA servers but that's about it.
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  9. Focuzed

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    How about for reference, when speaking of numbers, clarify which you are speaking of. Logged in or actual playing. Logged in Xlink may show 70, but really only have a room of 14 up. Has happened to me quite a many times when someone tips me off to TONS OF PEEEEEEOPLE ONLINE RIGHT NOW! Also HHour may show 27 people and I get excited to play in a 2nd room but sadly 1 server with 14 as well.

    Maybe clarifying which numbers you are referring too will help the conversation as there is a DISTINCT difference between them.
  10. dizee

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  11. S_L_I_C_K

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    tom is not looking for investors. its one of the last things he said before he dumped the game in rosies lap and took the fuck off. for fucks sake pay some attention.
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  12. SkiMask

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    I won't jab at all the other shit because XLink and numbers reporting and your argument is valid.

    No one really knows.

    And AA was SOCOM's main competitor back in 2002 and if I ever knelt for that I would be no better than Ned Snow kneeling to that little pipsqueak who piked his head for the daughter to marvel. So fuck an "America's Army" I'd rather have no SOCOM than that bullshit on the PS4. Good day, gentleman.
    Still HATE I can't get a game on Saturdays so fuck me and fuck him cause that blows monkey balls, right?
    GO ALL THE WAY IN and report the arena numbers please otherwise you all look like jackasses or in other words ME from about a year ago. Please don't. It's not a good look.
  13. Swill

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    It's not even up for debate that, on average, S2 on X-Link absolutely has more people playing it than H-Hour. However, just the simple fact that it's even possible to remotely compare numbers between H-Hour and a 14 year old buggy, glitchy, dead game that requires a third party LAN software just to play it, just that alone shows how shitty H-Hour is.

    This thread seems like it was troll-bait from the beginning. It's already been well established for years now that H-Hour is a dreadful game with no future. However, if for some odd reason you want to know whether or not it's good, then go buy it and test it for yourself.
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  14. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Good thing I'm not debating.

    No troll, just trying to let people come here and enthuse about H-Hour Swill. Shut it down and I'll create another.

    Wanna play?
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  15. Swill

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    You are debating it, though. You just made a comment where you said, "GO ALL THE WAY IN and report the arena numbers please otherwise you all look like jackasses." That's a perfectly clear insinuation that you're trying to say there's some possibility that Xlink and H-Hour numbers are similar when they're not.

    This isn't a thread about people enthusing about H-Hour. You asked an open-ended question about the possibility of H-Hour maybe, by some miracle, being good. Naturally, you've had people on both ends of the spectrum give their view. If you wanted to make a thread for people to enthuse about H-Hour being good, you should have called it something along the lines of, "Tell Me Why H-Hour Is Good" or "I Want To Hear Your Positive Feedback About H-Hour."

    Do I want to play? No, I don't play shitty, incomplete video games. Sorry.
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  16. SkiMask

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    Looks like you DO wanna play. Ok Swill.

    a) Called the thread for what it is. Talk about H-Hour. Talk shit, talk about the goodies, talk whatever; talk H-Hour.
    b) I wasn't debating that XLink does more or less than H-Hour. Sorry about lack of specificity. Pointing out the flawed science with gathering data like that as it is well established its based in fuckery; XLink fuckery. So I merely pointed out its flaws as I did about a little less than a year ago. Yet here we are doing the same shit. I saw 80 online the other night and when I drilled in there was 22 with no arenas. It's dumb to do; argument lacks honesty.
    c) Say whatever you want about the numbers, but its based in fuckery and not accurate. Period.
    d) Comparing SOCOM to H-Hour based on these arbitrary numbers is dumb. Both are low and shocking to see.
    e) Every time I see someone compare XLink showing to something else in modern gaming makes me cringe.

    What say you?
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  17. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    A) "Talk shit". Name of thread is "So what's this I hear about H-Hour being good?" Those two completely contradict each other. Nice try, though.

    B) It's not flawed at all. What's flawed is your logic. 80 people being in the lobby is just as important as the 22 actually in game. Those other 60 people are people who went out of their way to acquire a PS2, a SOCOM game, and go through all the headache to set up X-Link. That shows that they'll either play at some point during the day, or they'll play at some point in the future, as no one goes through all the bullshit hoops X-Link requires just to sit in a lobby with no intention of playing. So yes, even the people sitting in the lobby are important numbers to count and should be counted, because those people could be playing games like H-Hour. Instead, they'd rather just sit in an X-Link lobby, which says a lot.

    C) It's 100% accurate. Again, it's your logic and reasoning that's fucked up.

    D & E) No one is comparing X-Link to modern gaming. People are comparing shitty, pathetic modern shooter games to X-Link to illustrate a point, and it's a point that's actually relevant.
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  18. MasterofNone

    MasterofNone Green Up

    By that logic I guess we should count anyone that owns H-Hour and is logged into steam...

    P.S. I come here just to laugh at how far this community reaches to "prove" a point. More than a months worth of chuckles each time I step foot onto these forums.
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  19. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    That's a terrible analogy, and for one reason that should be obvious. Steam is a platform that hosts literally thousands upon thousands of games, so someone could be logged into Steam for the purpose of playing any of those games and not H-Hour. When someone is sitting in a SOCOM arena on X-Link, they're only there for SOCOM and not any other game, because to even play SOCOM on X-Link you have to actually be in the SOCOM arena itself.

    No one here is trying to "prove a point." We don't need to. It's more like a reminder. H-Hour has been dead and buried for years. The point proving was necessary like 2-3 years ago. Now it's just a few of us pointing out some numbers for the laughs.
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  20. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    fixed that for you! why would you point the finger at this community when that piece of shit paul tried to pull some of his bullshit and got caught again? Its not our fault he tried to bullshit everyone. are we supposed to just let him slide by with that shit? so if i went over to sofs forums and made a thread saying socom x link had 20k users online and h-hour peaked at 3 this week, you guys would just let it go?

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