So what's this I hear about H-Hour being good?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by SkiMask, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Read my post once again. Pay attention. Realize that you are stupid.
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    "you guys"? Lets get this straight. I do not own H-Hour. I have a computer capable of running it yet I choose not to play it as I am not a fan of playing incomplete games. However yes I do stand by my statement of THIS community reaching! it is absolutely hilarious that you guys are sooo delusional to not see that that is what you are doing and BOTH sides! Honestly gives me the giggles.

    The whole dead and buried shit makes me laugh as well because the game is gaining numbers and it is still getting patches regardless of its play-ability it is not dead.. but once again reaching.

    To you comment @S_L_I_C_K nothing is being said that isnt true. I have logged onto xlink and seen the same thing. Large numbers in the orb but very few in game. H-Hour has low numbers as well... What sense is there in lying about anything.

    Please dont put me in the "you guys" category. I really an here just for the laughs and you are supplying them quite well.

    Then again I DO see more reaching by members that frequent this site that are hell bent on trying to make it seem like H-Hour is dead... i see the H-Hour guys accepting that xLink has numbers and are not fighting that. they are simply stating the flaws in you number grabbing. Soooo Yea have now proven to me that it is more the TRS crowd (Sorry to those who are not part of this hilarity as I am not including you in the "TRS" crowd. you are merely members of a forum who has some extremely vocal and comical individuals)
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    I've got to say, HHOUR has gained about 10-15 more players in 4-5 months due to the new devs. Hitting that 30-40 mark a day(nights and weekends only) for I due log on and check, don't play because it just doesn't feel right still. And the new players are toxic, wouldn't green up until I moved over, because I was new to the game so they told me, not asked me! Anyways...

    Bottom line, it's a TPS, very Socom like just needs at least 6 more months(thanks to these mysterious devs) to be playable to my standards at least! Because when I play I nit pick the shit out of it.
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  4. S_L_I_C_K

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    how so? because you said he is on hold for now? he is not on hold for now, he is not on hold at all, he has quit. its a done deal, he is gone, gave up. when was the last time you heard from him? and dont give me those "updates" rosie is putting out. tom has nothing to do with those. in fact, why dont you pop on over there and ask her yourself. if you get an answer it will be " we here at the studio put together the updats and send them on along to tom so he can add to them and give us the ok to go live with them!" aka i write the shit up, send him an e-mail that he ignores, then post it under his name.
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  5. SkiMask

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    But they are not--as I said. People "being in a lobby" from weeks ago doesn't count and if it did, is based in fuckery as I mentioned. Noteworthy? To you maybe. What's noteworthy to me is that:

    SOCOM is only being played by less than 100 on any given day.

    Keep pointing it out though in order to smear H-Hour. Makes you look silly.
    They are not the same so the fact you even brought up the moderating is golden. Reaching for the stars!
  6. S_L_I_C_K

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    the only thing i am trying to prove here is people lie. i couldnt give 2 shits which game has more people playing it because i dont play either. but i have seen the streams of both games multiple times and what i have seen is 2-3 games with people playing in them on x link and 1 game at 3/4 capacity on h-hour. that tells me more people are playing socom than h-hour. so when that fucktwat paul rolls his dumb ass in here and tries spinning his bullshit he needs to be put in his place.

    what i dont mind - people talking about whatever
    what i do mind - liars, hypocrites, and people who try and spin the facts.
  7. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    you really need to practice on making sense.
  8. Almericus

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    I don't think he wants to quit because he has to pay for the port and honor the kickstarter promises. In your position, you can only assume what's going on anyway not to mention that you don't even have access to H-Hour forums or have relations with any of the devs.

    So keep the delusion live and strong for whatever purpose it provides.
  9. SkiMask

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    Darn and here I thought I was being crystal fucking clear.

    I think it should be noted that S_L_I_C_K was HHour's greatest fanboi at one time. Like a jealous ex-boyfriend, he still lingers and drives by the house from time to time. We see him, but we close the drapes and go about our day.

    Pay him no mind.
  10. S_L_I_C_K

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    right, which is why he dumped everything on rosie. the only reason the servers are still up is because of those pesky kickstarter promises.
    now, where did you get your information about me not having access to their forums? how do you know who i talk to and who i dont? so, which one of us is assuming shit?
  11. SkiMask

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    Insert "H-Hour YOU SUCK" wad of pages and tuck it into a spoiler please. Then we can proceed. Circling of the points means nothing to those that frequent the site. Its old and tired.

    Who got that new content to critique or for TRS to downvote?
  12. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    yeah i wouldnt go that far. back when it first started up and had a shot at being something i was there trying to help. but once i saw the fuckery starting to creep in i made sure i pointed it out to them and tried to get them back on track. but after receiving threats from them i figured fuck em, hope they go down in flames.

    for those that dont know, i took a bunch of screen shots of their mods acting like assholes towards the community and found links to several forums with people badmouthing the moderation with examples of misconduct, sent them to "the president" and explained that he needed to makes some changes before things got out of hand and the whole thing went down in flames. the response i got was basically "get in line and shut up or we are going to have a problem"
    so fuck them, they got what they asked for.
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  13. SkiMask

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    And why I can appreciate your position. Exactly why I try my best not to attack you personally because that shit burns no matter who its being done to. Because fuck all that noise. So...some people will never move forward and maybe shouldn't. Not for me to judge on a fan site I suppose.

  14. Swill

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    Firstly, I'd love to see hard evidence that there's players who are sitting in the S2 arena for weeks on end and NEVER playing the game, not even once. I highly doubt you have any evidence for that.

    Secondly, as I already mentioned, it doesn't matter how long they sit in the arena. As I said before, these are people who went out of their way to go through all the hoops that are required to get everything up and running. That's an extremely clear indication that they have intentions of playing the game at some point, otherwise there would be no point whatsoever in them going through everything to get it set up.

    So, yes. They do count. You just don't want them to count because it completely debunks your already aforementioned stupid logic.
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  15. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I care when its me that is said person. And like I said I didn't screen record, sorry. But yeah so what if then...

    You best believe that has me concerned. Everything else? Fluff. Only people that LOVE fucked out data for evidence is climate change folks. Best I can liken it to. Thanks though Swill for the laugh all the same.

    Data is null when it isn't applicable and that "...doesn't matter how long they sit in the arena" DOES MATTER if your gonna count people 1 time. With that logic wouldn't you then have to count HHour's thousands when discussing interaction as that COULD be just a one time event too, right? So then you gotta add, say 2300 people to every night of HHour play seeing as 2300 people logged in and set it up and installed....blah fucking blah.

    Whatever trying to argue this is odd because you wouldn't compound your numbers from Monday to Friday when calculating Saturdays numbers, right? Remove "weeks" and just repalce with "days" and your playing a dangerous game of compounded numbers to support bullshit.

    But someone PLEASE drop an H-Hour flick and let's enjoy the immersive grenade explosions and watch that character turn speed and the mini luigis of the world hip hopping around the bitch, but not with all the feet shuffling associated with Mario games from SNES era.
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    If by reaching you mean we are giving a factually correct account of the numbers then sure you can say we are reaching. I would tell anyone though who doesn't know about any of this stuff to not take you word for it, or my word for it, or Paul D Pearl. I would simply tell them to log on themselves each night and see which representation is pretty much on point and which one is reaching when it comes to the numbers Paul asserted are playing Xlink vs the assertion I gave. For anyone who actually logs on and sees what the numbers are consistently, the reaching is coming from the side you are currently defending chief lol.
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    Swill covered your argument about counting every xLink player ever vs. every H-Hour player ever. this is flawed on two accounts:

    a) It is inarguable that purchasing the equipment for xLink and setting it up is far more arduous a task than buying H-Hour. More expensive, too. That is why comparing a $50+ investment (less if you still have your old discs, consoles, etc.), plus man hours troubleshooting and setting up, to whatever H-Hour costs, $5-25, is a weak standpoint if you're meaning to defend the player count. More people at this time, on average, are willing to go through the hassles of xLink than play H-Hour, and the Steam numbers show that.

    b) We are not comparing every xLink player ever to every H-Hour owner, because we only have one of those stats available. Unless someone can tell me where the number is on how many people have ever played S2 xLink. You're instead comparing them to the ghost players that are on every night, that are either idle in the lobby twiddling their thumbs, or somehow stuck in the arena when their computer or PS2 isn't even on. I can't even verify the latter theory, the only evidence to support it is one statement from an xLink team member, and I question its validity. If they knew the shit that was wrong with the software, they might have tried to fix it at some point.

    Either way, those ghost players are still people that logged in on a recent basis, as Swill said. Their data means more in this discussion than the total sales of H-Hour by far. My stance is not that xLink always dwarfs h-Hours playerbase, far from it. They're trading numbers wins with each other like it's the early years of the Monday Night Wars, but the fact that this is even a competition is what hammers the nail in the coffin for H-Hour for a lot of people here. An early access Steam game, in this day and age, if it wants to be successful and make it to PS4, really shouldn't be struggling to win a pissing contest against a 14 year old game with dead servers. I say this because, after all the bullshit surrounding H-Hour, a part of me still wants to see it succeed, if only for the publicity SOCOM could get out of it.
  18. SkiMask

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    I get it Tomb. other words....You wouldn't repeat the same nonsensical bullshit on a website and parrot it every time someone new comes through?!? Wha....You mean you'd rather just have them see it for themselves versus wandering away thinking it sucked donkey balls? Ok I can get on board.
    About what? The security or the integrity of the thing?!? Cause what more do you need than the guy who technically supports it with his time, energy and know how to actually create another "thing" because it wasn't secure, or even quality when it came to SOCOM? I just think it a bad look to keep showing XLinks butt like that.

    Who are the fucking "wrong doers" here in this example?

    So yeah, go play HHour, they wont fuck with your IP with a game on the Steam store wouldn't. There is always that.


    See the problem with you though SkiMask is you are worse then the climate change folks lol. Because unlike them, you don't actually believe the argument you are making and are making it full well knowing it's a lie simply because you feel like you have to take a side right or wrong. I say you know it's a lie because I have run into you many a time on Xlink on nights when we aren't doing community night. I have played in plenty a room with you. I know that you know that on the average night the numbers are 50 to 70 players with usually three full rooms going at peak times, like I said usually a couple of standard rooms and usually a patch room. Even when it gets later and the peak time slows down the patch room will end but you still usually have 2 full standard rooms running till at least 1:30 to 2:00 AM Eastern. You know this of course because again, I run into you all the time on there and I know you are well aware of that. So when you are intentionally lying to try to take a side, there's no validity to anything you are posting.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Right. Except for the fact that it was a Mod over at SOF that came HERE and started the Xlink vs H Hour numbers comparison yesterday that spurred the discussion in the first place.

    But please, by all means continue with your "TRS is Hell bent on making it seem like H Hour is dead" when it was an SOF Mod who came here and posted a completely disingenuous video that started it all. You colossal fucking idiot.
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