So what's this I hear about H-Hour being good?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by SkiMask, Jul 16, 2017.

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    So let's not use magic numbers to express this is all. Nothing wrong with that, right?
    Maybe true but lets not fight fuckery with more smoke and mirrors fuckery, ok?
    First of all, read EXACTLY WHAT I SAY. I haven't lied about any fucking thing. Lulz.

    Nice discredit tactic though. I'm actually fighting for intellectual honesty and you call me a liar. lol

    That shit is rich! Only on TRS.

    Everyone knows XLink actually PICKS UP STEAM at 1am. But you cannot say 50 a night on average. it's wrong. Don't make me visualize this with a bar graph and charts using some Tableau reporting please just to prove a dumb point.

    YES, the numbers for HHour are probably lower every single night, but I argue what's the fun in showcasing SOCOM got 30 while HHour got 14 on Thursdays? Its not a good look for either case. Or am I lying about that too considering its an opinion? lol
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    Here is a comparison from just now:

    Compare to this, unfortunately, not nearly as much data:

    For what it's worth, H-Hour had more players on at one time, sometime today, than xLink does now. Maybe xLink will have twice this tonight. Here's a hypothetical. Let's say that tonight we see 50-60 players. We've seen that before, even on Mondays. Let's also hypothesize that 40% of them are not playing for some reason. How many of them are silently troubleshooting an orb fuckup? How many went to get a drink when you took the printscreen like I did? How many logged on, got sidetracked, and forgot to log off? How many are legitimately not even on xLink on their end, having logged off hours ago, but are still in the listing for some reason? They'd all have to have logged on sometime tonight to pop up.

    Keep in mind, too, that the player peak for H-Hour is susceptible to the same inactivity from its players. How many of those 46 were actually playing in a lobby when the peak happened?
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    Ok so the smoke and mirrors is from us, not from Paul D Pearl who made a "real numbers" post which basically tried to assert there are either 0 people playing, or 4, or 8 and that's about it lol. That's what one be led to believe if they watched his video. As I said, I would welcome anyone to not even take my word for it or yours and log on to xlink each night, look at the lobby numbers as well as the amount of people in LAN rooms and see which argument is closer to the truth.
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    So maybe might you then try and actually speak on it versus get caught in the minutia? After all last I checked it had been updated and you STILL haven't played it. So kinda not really trying to hear this from you.

    And that isn't the worst opinion to have right now. Rising tides lifts all ships or whatever.


    Look, if the game ran on my computer, I'd give it a shot, most definitely, but it doesn't, and I can't figure out why. I've reinstalled it, I've verified the files, I've consulted with @Focuzed (thanks again man, I'll keep at it), I've looked up similar cases, nothing. It just doesn't launch.

    When you say speak on it, what do you mean? What am I doing now?
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    Or how many like me, are still stuck from Thursday being counted for Monday. flawed and bullshit.

    Every damn day of the week. Flawed and bullshit is ALL you'll ever get from me when using that argument.

    Of course that's when speaking specific NUMBERS. Sure, not tough to admit HHour sucks donkey balls or does better every night day weekend, but don't assign bullshit numbers to it like its fact. Simple.

    I haven't played since 2015 so I really don't say it sucks that often. Now? I'd like to see what everyone thinks of the recent development and speak on 2017 shit if possible. You know, relevant shit. But I'll entertain HHour talk all day folks, as its good publicity on TRS to speak on H-Hour World's Elite, the TRUE SOCOM Successor backed by some of the world's best SOCOM players and enthusiasts.


    No, it isn't a good look. I agree. That's my case, if H-Hour is to succeed, it must, well, succeed, and have people playing it. Right now, it has very little regular players for a game of its age. Verdun on the PS4 has more, not by much, and that port fucking stinks. But brushing it under the couch isn't going to help the game correct course. I've learned that, after trying it myself.
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    I agree and I think we need to leave them to it and try and ask WHY it wont work on your machine versus herr durr 2015 Tom Nom Nom. And lastly, fuck them numbers if that's all ya got. Critique the movement speed and tell me again why it doesn't feel like SOCOM--to you. But if you haven't played and are like, 50 players on average (3 years later)...blah fucking blah well then your being dishonest and loose with the facts when reporting as such. Simple.


    What do you mean, the numbers are bullshit? What evidence do you have to support that conclusion? Where does the days of the week come into this?

    If you're still talking about ghost players, I've already said that I have yet to see any demonstrable or evidenced instance of players appearing on xLink when they haven't explicitly logged in themselves. Whether they're doing something else, idling, or having connectivity issues, they intend to play the game that day, and they likely will. That is why we count the top numbers on xLink, because they don't just come from nowhere.

    Can I now claim that 5 of those 13 (15 now, actually) H-Hour players aren't playing at the moment? That they're ghosting us?
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    the whole you need to give hhour a chance now shit is so pathetic. its a desperate, last straw attempt at saving a dead project. if socom 1 or 2 was in the shape that hhour was when most of us played it during its "launch", we wouldnt be here today on this website because it wouldnt exist. i wouldnt have stuck around playing s1 or s2 if it was a piece of dog shit. so the lame ass excuse that we need to try it again because its "better now" or we need to delete our steam reviews to appease some people stuck in 2013 trying to justify their kickstarter money investment needs to fuck off and end already. you could delete all the steam reviews on hhour, replace them with 5 star 10/10 reviews and the game STILL wouldnt have a increase in players.

    im willing to be patient and give shit second chances, i did for confrontation or any nhl game since like 2011 and other piece of shit games. however im not giving hhour another chance after the shit tom and his little gang of mods have done. the game can turn into the next socom and i wont touch it. they had their chance, they blew it, then decided to be complete assholes to the same people who funded the project. I will not support shitty business practices like that.

    just remember hhour fanboys or people who want to give someone like Dom shit for delaying svdl over and over, first impressions are important. Make sure you are ready to rock and roll before you put something out there cause you wont get a second shot at it.[​IMG]
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    why do you suppose h-hour only has like 3 people playing it?
    is it because 3rd person games are not popular? because last i checked other 3rd person games are doing just fine.
    is it because its a shooter? last i checked shooters are pretty popular.
    is it because its round based? last i checked round based games are doing pretty good.
    is it because its early access? <<< (that right there is my favorite excuse btw) because last i checked good early access games can have thousands and thousands of players.
    is it because its so expensive? because last i checked they were all but giving it away.
    so, what gives? why does this game have such a hard time filling a single lobby? why are people opting to go and buy a system that isnt even made anymore, download a program and install it on the machine that h-hour was built to play on, and troubleshoot the hell out of it, just so they can play a 14 year old buggy as hell broken game instead of playing a $5 h-hour?
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    How can average be 50-70 w/ only three rooms up? Even at a full 8v8, which a lot don't seem to play because of the atrocious bullshit Xlink so delightfully dishes out, it would be a max of 48 players.

    I'm not arguing for the sake, I'm moreso trying to understand the math being presented. I'm fat and OCD, the two things I've been fucked with in my life.


    Well, there's a lot of issues with the measuring of xLink numbers. They could be idlers, they could have aborted just before you took a look, to free up a spot while they do something else. they could have been booted. There could be a room, or players in one, that you just can't see for some connectivity reason. I won't deny that the top, top numbers don't represent that exact number of people all actively playing in rooms at once. That's never going to happen unless there are only 5 or 6 people on at all. But the same can be said for any other game with any number of players over a dozen or so.
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    I didn't really think that people who have experience with online gaming would need this explained to them but I guess so lol. When I jump on Xlink say anytime from 10 PM on there's usually 50 to 70 players on. Closer to 50 on average weekdays and Friday through Sunday closer to the 70 mark. Now I'm not sure if you are new to online gaming but for the most part, not every person in a lobby are all playing and in a room at all times. Even back in the Socom 2 days if you jumped in a server that was almost full with like 254 people or so, and you tallied up the number of people in all rooms in that server, it would be a far cry from 254.

    The reason for this is not all people on are playing at all times at every moment that their screen name is logged on. I myself am not always in a room when I am on Xlink. Sometimes I play a few matches and then I have to let my dog out, go have a cigarette, go make a coffee, and can walk away for a good half hour or more in some cases but I leave it on because I am planning to come back and play more. Sometimes I am in the lobby but can't get in a game because I can't see the rooms and have to mess around with orbs, sometimes I am in the lobby but not in the room because I got booted from a room which is full when I try to get back in and I wait for a spot to open up rather then join another room because the people I want to play who I was having a good time with were in that room. Sometimes I jump out of the room when I feel like getting something to eat, then return and jump back into a room when I am done. Sometimes the room I want to get in gives me a multiplayer error message and I mess around with the refresh and shit to try to fix the problem.

    See the thing is behind each controller there are people with lives, sometimes they have to step away from the game and they know it might be awhile so they jump out of a game so people aren't stuck playing with a non player till they get back. It could be for some of the reasons mentioned or it could be because they simply needed to go take a shit. Sometimes on community night I see some of the TRS guys in the xlink lobby for half an hour not playing, they are not in a room yet because they are waiting for more guys to log on before they bother making the room. It is normal for any online game that the total count of people on a server will not all be in game at all times. In fact, that would be the anomaly is if you one day jumped on the server and found the exact amount of people in game rooms as there was people in the S2 Xlink lobby. There's all sorts of reason for why people would not be in a game at the moment. This is true of pretty much every online game. If you go around looking for online games where the amount of people on the server matches the count of people in rooms you are never going to find that game. That is the norm, people don't all sit with a refrigerator by their game console and a diaper on so they don't have to ever walk away, nor do they let their dog shit on the floor, nor do they ignore an important phone call coming in that might have them stepping away for a good amount of time.
  15. Focuzed

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    I guess I'm just not as smart as you, or that my "experience" with online gaming has been just that, PLAYING GAMES, not arguing on a website about them. But thank you for explaining it to me. I can feel the IQ surging from your pores, your highness.

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    It's not that I'm very smart in knowing this, I'm not acting like a know it all, this is just common sense for anyone who ever plays an online game, not all people are in a game room playing at all times. And unless you are jumping on for like 20 minutes rather then for 4 or 5 hours or sometimes more as is the case with many who play Socom, people tend to need breaks along the way. You don't need an IQ over 100 to come to the conclusion that not all people on a server are in a game playing at all times, only an IQ above 5 to grasp that one. I mean in the days of Socom 2 when you would jump on and see the server had 25K people playing and that number would stay consistent from like 8 PM till 1 AM do you think it was all the same exact 25K people who logged on and played all the way through lol? No, in order to keep that 25 K going all the way through peek hours that means every time some guys log off for the night other guys are just logging on to play and take those spots. If the server stays steady at 25 K for like 5 hours you probably took a total of 40K people playing to throughout that time in order to keep that number maintained for hours on end.

    Xlink is like that but on a smaller scale. If you have Say three full rooms going for many hours which is 48 people, you probably need a good 65 total to maintain that number playing at all times where when some guys step away some guys are getting back to jump in a game to maintain the number. I mean if you sit in a room for 5 hours playing straight, do you mean to tell me that throughout that time every player who was in that room was in from the moment you joined to the moment you quit, or would it be fair to say many people left over the course of that time whose spots were then taken by new people who jumped in the room? If a full room of 16 goes steady for 5 hours and stays full, there was not just the same 16 people playing that whole time, in that 5 hours you likely had about 30 different people play in that room as new guys jumped in when spots opened from the guys who left, got booted, etc.
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    Don't bother trying to explain it to him. I've realized it's pointless at this stage. It should be obvious, but since it's not, it's best to just leave him in whatever delusional fantasy land he views this from.
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    Lmao... Dude, he just gave you logic. If you can't understand basic gaming logic, you should just sell all your shit and give up. Lol


    That's what you can expect to happen when you explain basic common sense to an idiot lol. Once faced with a logic they know they can't argue they try to steer away from it an just reply back with mockery. When guys like Suade and his ideological twin SkiMask are both on that side of the argument, you understand the intellect level you're dealing with lol.
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    Jesus you and Swill dude. Quote Steam numbers all day. Veri fucking fyable. Talk about the lower XLink number after you drill into that arena then come talk to me. You don't see evidence the shit is whack? um, alright. Welp there goes that :eyes roll: Now it's you making numbers arguments and whoop de fucking do. HHour puts up low counts. Awesome. So does SOCOM. Now what? Brick walls suck in the concert of conversation. Yes and...
    Fair enough, good point.
    Another fair point. Although, I would just say that the guy who admittedly said right out in the open that IP fuckery was afoot is also the same tech guru to build SVDL (a model from XLink and I imagine out of pure passion to make something better) is also the same singular person who supports XLink as far as anyone can tell, technically. So what the fuck, over? Why administrate over something you yourself said was unsecure and was being used for nefarious purposes? Anyone ever dug into the past of this fucking thing? Interesting shit, I bet.

    The image I'm sure was very apropos, but I have no TWD context to support such a claim.

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