So what's this I hear about H-Hour being good?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by SkiMask, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. SkiMask

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    hey dude, personal attack aside you yourself admitted in this very thread your a dumb fucking idiot.

    Boots up XLink and number says 89 for SOCOM II and 11 for Combined Assault. Drills in and sees a meager 26 logged into the S2 arena and proclaims on high that 89 ARE PLAYING SOCOM RIGHT NOW!

    Guy says um hey, dude there is only 26 and we got 14 playing outta that number. Guys says you dumb fucking idiot for denying the original 89 proclamation. EVERYONE piles on and says DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB.

    Dude scratches his head that they consider the number of logged in, logged in idle and well actual computers turned on and running XLink on purpose or from 6 nights ago as "People playing SOCOM that night."

    Someone else says yeah I dont follow. Everyone chats dumb fucking idiot, dumb fucking idiot.

    Everyone cheers and chants HHour trash! HHour trash!


    Nope not if I can help it. I'm sticking around in this Community. lol We just gonna have to agree to disagree.

    So...Who got that dope new foots of the H?
  2. xCaZx-

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    Even if there isn't 70 people online when it says there can still look and verify that there are more rooms active on X Link than what is found on H Hour.

    H Hour struggles to get more than one room going on regular basis. There is typically multiple rooms up on Xlink...end of discussion.

    At the end of the day H Hour is competing with a game thats WELL over a decade old. It isn't a good sign.
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  3. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    This I know. So why I was saying stop stating those numbers like fools. Tomb sort of got it then doubled down again and tried to sell the same pile of shit to everyone. Go find out for yourself was the message and not some arbitrary number game based in tom fuckery.

    4 rooms up for SOCOM, 2 for HHour. Fuck HHour. See? Not so hard.


    Hmm, After seeing this post with all your caps locking and font changing for emphasis I may have made a mistake. Perhaps instead of being Suade ideological twin you are more on the lines of that Porsche007 guy who used to come here. Either way both guys are batshit crazy so nitpicking which one you are a clone of is just arguing semantics.
  5. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I was ACTUALLY hoping for that one dude Tawok does that yearly counter for. What was his name...Stealth.

    Actually. If you REALLY wanted to offend you'd throw a Suade jab and follow with a Goodfella J cross.

    And me and yer mom played SOCOM III ALL night Tomb, all fucking night....babeh. She even let me tongue punch her fart box. Something I never thought she allow. Then I whispered "Boomer" into her ear and she melt like butta.


    I wasn't selling nada, I was stating fact. Not all people logged on are in a game room at all times. This is common sense, not just for Xlink but for virtually all online games. I see guys in the list who aren't active when I first jump on show up to the room an hour later cause they were away for a bit. This is common with a lot of people , I do it myself like I said. The fact that this even has to be explained to people makes me feel embarrassed for them because I'd be willing to bet your yourself Ski are not playing in a room for every second that you are logged on to xlink. You're not done for the night but you gotta do a few things that might take some time, you hop out of the game and sit in the lobby till you get back. That is common for many on Xlink. Many guys will even tell you "I'm hopping out for a bit guys, I'll be back in about 20 minutes". I feel like I'm trying to teach a monkey algebra here lol.


    nah, GoodfellahJay comparison I wouldn't even do to my worst enemy, that's too low lol.
  8. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Or might have even turned on their computer that day.

    I still think you might be missing it. Just a little bit. Someone help me tell Tomb there is 3 sets of numbers being talked about right now and not just 2.

    XLink count 89
    XLink Game Arena Count (SOCOM 2 arena) 26
    People actually playing in-game. 14
    4th number and dare I say were idle? 12 and not 63....SHOCKING!!!

    Stop saying 89 playing right now when comparing to H-Hour World's Elite. Now I am going to the park with my 4 1/2 year old to explain how an alternator works to support the battery.

    Thanks for the laughs though Tomb. I love a good rabble.
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    The fact that you tell me "stop saying 89 playing right now" simply reaffirms that you're an idiot who doesn't have any comprehension skills at all. My posts were explaining that the number in the S2 Xlink lobby is not going to be the number actually playing and I went into depth as to why that is. Then here you come saying I am asserting that the number in the Xlink lobby is the number playing which is the exact opposite of what I was saying lol. Perhaps you should have your 4 1/2 year old son read these posts and then explain them to you because after your last post I'm led to believe even he is likely light years ahead of you in intelligence.
  10. Focuzed

    Focuzed Navy SEAL

    See, now I'm starting to get it. You're helping make it abundantly clear exactly what the "afk" people are doing when they aren't actually online playing. Arguing logic, intellect levels and player numbers on a website for a, wait for the number, 14 yr old game.

    What makes me laugh the most is that by antagonizing you about a topic that I truly give zero fucks about and that you're so obviously passionate about, I not only get a chuckle but also keep you "afk" from Xlink and adding more validity to the others argument. Go ahead @SkiMask give em more hell for me. I'm gonna go watch more Game Of Thrones with my wife. I'll log back on after this next episode for our next ring around the Rosie. Toodles.

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    I like the fact that I can have a guy who doesn't care at all get so butthurt over my response to him that he feels compelled to come back and post two more times on a subject he didn't care about. There's 10 more minutes of your life you won't get back bud. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me sunshine lol.


    If you're gonna talk shit about my numbers, don't just make yours up out of thin air. Where did the 89 come from? Where did the 26 and the 14 come from? If you've got printscreens, and I know you've got a capcard, please show me this.

    I have never been informed of any xLink account being logged in 6 days after it was intended to, without the person using it being aware. Also, if you're getting at people having xLink boot on their computer's startup, they'd still need to manually connect to the S2 arena. Meaning, unless there's some grand conspiracy to have people artificially inflate the xLink numbers with alts or something, I don't know what you're on about.

    If you're gonna talk about brick walls, don't completely disregard my counterpoints, then spend three paragraphs strawmanning people and somehow managing to scream and yell on a message board that uses text for communication.

    You need to calm down if you want anyone to entertain your points. I understand the principles behind a stream of consciousness style of writing, but you still need to edit it a bit to make it comprehensible to anyone other than Miss Cleo.

    You know what, I'll do it for you.
    "I booted up xLink, and the number on the page with the PS2 library on it read 89 for S2, and 11 for CA. I entered the arena, and upon further inspection, it was actually 26 people inside. I then told everyone that, no, it really is 89 people playing right now. (Is this third-person now? I'm confused)

    (Nevermind, I think it changed) SkiMask says hey man, there are only 26 in the lobby, and even less are actually ingame, just 14. SkiMask is met with anger; You idiot, it's 89, frig off. Suddenly, everyone is surrounding SkiMask and lambasting him. Poor guy.

    SkiMask is confused that these people are taking the 89 number at face value. (Uh, we aren't. We used to, until we noticed the number was often wrong. Still no clue what produces the 89s and what have you on the main listing, but we know it is incorrect. Still, when we go in the actual lobby and see all the names, those people are there to play SOCOM, either the instant you come in yourself, or later.)

    Focuzed joins the conversation and states that he too is unsure about the numbers. (This is understandable, and I'm not attacking him because he didn't act like a child in this thread. Well, that and a conflict of interest on my part.)

    Someone else says yeah I dont follow. Everyone chats dumb fucking idiot, dumb fucking idiot.

    Everyone cheers and chants HHour trash! HHour trash!

    (I wasn't really sure how to translate this, so I'll just leave it as is. I don't know if I'm angry enough to get in the mindset to do so.)

    Now, that was needlessly wordy in some sections, but I personally find it a lot more digestible. Again, if you're going to stomp on your hat every time someone doesn't agree with you, please at least stop frothing at the mouth when you do.
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  13. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Oh ok. Got it.

    stomp at what? oh yeah the capslock, I forgot. Wanted to make sure everyone knew:

    "It's not flawed at all. What's flawed is your logic. 80 people being in the lobby"

    I'm sorry let's be REAL fucking clear that "lobby" is as clear as fucking mud. XLink lobby, SOCOM II lobby, Arena lobby or...

    Whether it be Tomb or Slick or Swill; just be clear and we cool. Wanna refute Paul's numbers? Don't go getting all high and mighty about them when he obviously wanted you to do exactly as you did. it worked. right?

    AND Let's spend the entire day NOT talking about H-Hour in offense. The lengths everyone will go to around here is kinda nuts, but I love chaos all the same. I gots that energy for days though so keep it up, ESPECIALLY for Blonde on a beatnick's forum such as this, maaaaaan.

    Let's rap about it, shall we? Here we go....:boom bat beat drops: "Word up. Yeah. yeah, to all the killers and a hundred dollar billas...yeah...My SOCOM Fu got you stuck off the realness..."
    Yup. Cause what he was live streaming probably was the accurate truth seeing as how he let both lobbies run, but that required me actually watching all of it and not inferring some speck in a nano glazing it. \

    At 10am like someone pointed out by the way. (fuck if i infer who that might be versus quote a bitch and be right)

    But instead ya'll got all uppitity about the numbers then went all big and mighty about it. So please keep going. I am entertained. If anyone inferred anger, sorry, but I actually do like specificity when arguing numbers. Kinda tough when 4 of ya act vague about it on purpose just because the pendulum swings in your favor 98%. Paul appeared to showcase that other 2%; when they beat you. So let it go already.
  14. Focuzed

    Focuzed Navy SEAL

    It was! You left me in a pure state of Euphoria.

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  15. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    And i missed this btw. thanks. I thought we was gonna have to fight to the death!


    lol, next time we are on Xlink we can duke it out I'll even make a "SkiMask reminds me of GoodFellaJay" taunt to give you added motivation to kill me, or you can just put Warpig on my team if I am a terrorist and he'll likely kill me every round for you with an uncalled mine.
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    What do you mean, refute Paul's numbers? What's there to refute? He claimed two random numbers with no photo evidence (which is easily obtained, I assure you) to back it up. I'm not going to sit here and listen to you tout these random, unverified numbers, and then dismiss mine when mine have visual aids to accompany them. If you want to talk numbers, show me the numbers. Don't tell me, show me, as I have shown you.
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    "I'm going to show Tombstone I don't even care about this conversation by coming back to reply multiple times and then searching thousands of gif memes to tack on to each post so that when people see someone smiling in the GIF I settled on after 30 minutes of searching it will tell them his posts have no affect on me even though the amount of time I waste on his posts belies the gif" :rolleyes:
  19. SkiMask

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    lol Lord knows I need the action to get me above .500. I haven't been above that for months. Literally.
    But dem visual aids! lol I did pull the "numbers" for the demonstration outta my butt for an example for Tomb. To be crystal clear, worst I ever saw was like a 75 drop to a 32 or so then 12, but again guesstimate.

    I said in the very beginning about the screens and lack o record (when referring to being logged into the S2 arena after closing out the application from almost a week prior, btw). I never have it set to "automatic" and log in every time. except when already logged in as was the case last Thursday.

    Now I didn't dispute what you put up because you didn't use the arena numbers and stuck to the others I believe.

    SOCOM at 10am has always been a struggle. Refute that claim. Oh wait, Paul already tried or did; fuck if I remember.

    But that climbing animation? Pretty fucking sweetsville. Should we check in and see what Tawok has to say about it? I think he doing a VOD about the H right now.
    I do or usually TRY and give everyone 5 minute fair warning though. Only appropriate, wouldn't you say? i hate not getting it all in 5 minutes or less...TRIGGERED!!!
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  20. xCaZx-

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    ....I think you may need a med adjustment.
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