SOCAST Ep 19 Topics?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Podcasts' started by LUKENBACHER, May 11, 2012.

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    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    There's a rumor floating around that the TRS staff might actually get around to recording a new episode of SOCAST this weekend. If we do, what are some topics you would like us to discuss? We are willing to talk about more than just SOCOM if some of you have some interesting topics related to gaming.
  2. Cigarman1

    Cigarman1 Grenade Spammer

    I'd like you all to get into these rumors about /6 & Con2. I was hoping for a Socast one of these days, I hope y'all put one together soon.

    SPOTTED Claymore Jumper

    All the recent things on the SOCOM board. It's been a productive week as far as "What is needed to fix SOCOM." SWILL's thread is a good place to start.

    Ya, I like the SOCASTs too. I listen while surfing the net.
  4. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    I have an idea... Luke I will tell you it later.
  5. leftwingloc19

    leftwingloc19 Green Up

    whats your guys thoughts on take down .....and if you feel it will be anything close to a socom title and style of play
  6. H-E-L-L-R-A-Z-A

    H-E-L-L-R-A-Z-A Navy SEAL

    Talk about the basic features of socom, how important clan wars are and implementing a flawless system into the game for clan wars.

    Make it a strong point that specialization guns like the tilly have no place in socom

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Update: We haven't had a chance to record quite yet, so feel free to continue submitting topic ideas.
  8. SocomRamirez

    SocomRamirez Butterstick

    This... (SC2)

    1. Push to talk - half the time with open mic all you're hearing is breathing, farting and mothers asking their kids if they want OJ with their sandwich 
    2. No SP - I think it's in our best interest if /6 just focus on MP
    3. No side switching at half time
    4. No health regen - a health bar must be visible
    5. A lot of maps, new ones small to medium sized with a few classics thrown in
    6. 11 rounds - the 8 round games in SC were far too short, it's hard enough to find a decent game and personally I'd like it to last a little longer
    7. No ranked respawn and we need UCRR - of course unranked respawn needs to be present for practice and warmig up
    8. No QM - how many times has a QM ended with the room being freezed? Lobbies are the true SOCOM way
    9. Free d-pad lean and prone roll - if it's got a cover system I see the sales figures being...let's say bad and leave it at that
    10. No sperience points - but I'd like the Confrontation rating and clan rank to remain as long as it consistenly works this time around
    11. No bullet spray - original crosshair and SC style recoil but scaled down a little, I felt it was a bit over the top (probably to balance out the slower player movements)
    12. Full clan support and in-game clan war system
    13. Faster player movements - the addition of a sprint button was a horrible idea
    14. Minor character customisation - like headwear, goggles, balaclava etc. but not camo or amour or face paint (keep it realistic)
    15. Default and custom taunts
    16. No 1 button grenade toss - a grenade arc needs to be visible
    17. Only factions being SEALs and Terrorists - I don't wanna see "Commandos" or "Spec Ops"...this is SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs! And screw the politically correct "Mercenaries" or "Insuregents"
    18. No PS Move support - I hope I'm not asking for too much when I say I'd like balance
    19. No OTS camera - classic centralised, far-away, style camera has to be the default and only camera option available. Also SC's camera was a little too close making CQC clunky
    20. No rank unlocks and no special weapons - everything available from the start
    21. All previously featured weapons in SOCOM and more with set attachments (e.g. M4A1 SD) - you know, for balancing reasons (and again realism)
    22. Radar only visible in games with objectives - seriously what's the point in a radar when playing Suppression?
    23. Vote to kick in the menu and in-game - I've had to back out of so many lobbies on SC due to people refusing to leave when you need that spot for a friend or if they're cheating
    24. Night maps need to be brighter - the one thing I liked about CA plus the NV sucked in SC
    25. We need a way to report these so-called "gamers" who hack, glitch and cheat
    26. No dual primaries - the Mark 23 is trademark SOCOM...why remove it Zipper?
    27. All the classic game modes minus variants such as Elimination and Escort but with the addition of new game modes like Bomb Squad and Arms Run
    28. Text chat in lobbies - for the good ol' SOCOM banter we all love
    29. Support - if you are reading this /6, support the game! With (possibly free?) DLC, updates and patches, the removal of cheaters and so on
    30. Primary and secondary weapon / equipment quick select - I think the fact that the inventory wheel (aka the definition of clunky) from SC being nicknamed the retard-o-wheel says it all when it comes to what the community felt about that

    And... (S2 HD)

    1. DO NOT CHANGE, ADD OR REMOVE A SINGLE FUCKING THING!!!!! - this one is extremely important I cannot stress this enough
  9. H-E-L-L-R-A-Z-A

    H-E-L-L-R-A-Z-A Navy SEAL

    Stress the importance of clans. Adding to the clan system in Socom. Apart from building on game clan war system of some sort how about in game tournaments.
    Also make it so if you join a clan or recruit into your clan you can not leave or disbanded member for a week, this will help out with clan jumpers and make clan leaders more careful who they throw tags too, your tag and clan will be taken more serious, who wants to give a tag out to someone and have no choice but to keep them for a week if they end up sucking or just being annoying ..
  10. SuPeR_Dr2aGoN

    SuPeR_Dr2aGoN Navy SEAL

    I was wondering if you guys can talk about the Serellan project? I haven't been keeping up to date on what is going on over on that forum, I guess you can give us a quick rundown...... Also you can talk about the ideas/conflicts associated with that project and your opinions so far on the project as a whole.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Well, I think the script for Episode 20 was just written! ;)
  12. SocomRamirez

    SocomRamirez Butterstick

    Haha what I'm saying man...just talk about what the community all agree we want (need) so /6 don't make the same mistakes a second time around
  13. VR-4-

    VR-4- Devil's Road

    Are you talking SOCOM 4 style? Just wondering cause it would be nice if we got one that worked but I would want those features to take a back seat so they could focus on gameplay first... As long as clans can be formed and clan members can be easily followed from room to room and we get UCRR's, the game should operate fine as far as clan functionallity.

    As for the SOCAST, I feel that since we have had so many rumors on Slant 6 and the possibility of a new SOCOM or tactical shooter, we should be talking about what could have made Confrontation a better game than was it was. Besides all the bugs in the beginning and the fact that the game should have been delayed by several months.

    If we could change things about it now what would it be? I'm assuming that topic alone would be an hour long. I've said it for a while on the forums that Confrontation doesn't have the checks and balances that SOCOM 2 had. There were upsides and downsides to how you played and the team that bonded and covered for the other persons downsides won the match.

    We also need to talk about things we liked from Slant 6 and think were a good addition to SOCOM like proxy chat. What other things do we think should be a part of SOCOM now?

    What were some things in SOCOM 2 that we may have taken for granted? What about 3 different mic channels per team... (Team, Offense, Defense) do those need to return? Thoughts on fog of war (graphics issue or balance for the game)?

    How about maps from the old SOCOM's that we all know and love? What maps haven't been remade that we feel deserve a comeback?

    All in all if the rumors are true and Slant 6 is working on SOMETHING (SOCOM or Tactical Shooter) that could please the SOCOM fanbase then Slant 6 will need useful information that can no longer give in it's present state. If they are following then they will probably listen to the SOCAST

    Yes, the information has been talked about before and directed at Slant 6 while they were still supporting confrontation... but it's been a long time since then and they will need a refresher especially if they are in early stages of development.

    Of course if the community is a part of the SOCAST, thats always a plus!

  14. EliteBull41

    EliteBull41 Devil's Road

    Why devs. feel it's important to have L1 zoom on every 3rd person shoter. It's just getting rediculous!!
  15. Kyle2176

    Kyle2176 Chopsticks

    Discussion about environmental destruction in Socom. This isn't some must have that I would like. Although I can't help but wonder how fun bitter jungle would have been with destructible foliage and trees. Maybe not toppling buildings and what not but something that would make the game more immersive.(I am NOT talking about exploding barrels and cars everywhere! lol) I also agree with EliteBull about the ridiculous amount of 3rd person shooters using L1 to aim and how they all basically look the same.
  16. uno_j3w420

    uno_j3w420 Grenade Spammer

    I just want to know when the next socast will be? Ha! I subscribed via iTunes right after ep 18 and haven't had any new podcasts yet. I need my fix please

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    We've been trying to coordinate the schedules for well over a week. It's not easy getting 5 people together spread out across 3 countries.
    Hang in there. In due time.
  18. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    We will have a SOCAST soon but we aren't sure on the date. Once we know we will post it to twitter, Facebook and here.
  19. BiG-LUCK

    BiG-LUCK Crucible

    I say scrap it unless the topic is what the hell are we suppose to do when the gaming industry caters to children and teens? Yeah, I'm ill. I've spent bookoo cash on my gaming entertainment over the years (at SONY) for it to come to this. To hell with PS3. Over priced console with over priced poorly developed games with one direction only.
  20. Danrey

    Danrey Navy SEAL

    the playstation 4 controller and game production on the gaming industry
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