SOCAST Ep 19 Topics?

Discussion in 'SOCOM Podcasts' started by LUKENBACHER, May 11, 2012.

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  1. xfacemob

    xfacemob Green Up

    You guys should have your first OG on the next show.


    THAT_BAD_BOY_T Night Stalker

    Where the hell is the SOCAST?
  3. BiG-LUCK

    BiG-LUCK Crucible

    How about bringing in HTK (if available) and discuss what was happening over at ZIPPER during his time there and somethings he noticed or tried to do for the community etc. etc. of course only what he is allowed to. He was a member of the community before his employment I would like to think, or was a job ploy from the beginning?

    How about a Q&A segment with Dunhamsmash (if available)I would be willing to boot for blogtalkradio time so callers could call in with questions or whatever, and have Jeremy discuss a few things with the community. It would be interesting to pick his brain a little, only if he is able and avaialble.

    I know this would probably be hard to incorporate but would definitley be interesting for some listeners.
  4. MSR--914

    MSR--914 Rah-he-lah!

    Is this still going on? I like Lucks suggestions but how about bring Mr.A. There is plenty of things to talk about if thats not able to work out.
  5. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    We will announce a date soon. We want to figure out a time best for all of us then give everyone notice so that they may listen in and join us.
  6. MSR--914

    MSR--914 Rah-he-lah!

    Yes sir.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Our staff is planning on finally recording this episode before the end of the week. And we will have a very special guest you have not heard from in quite a while! Stay tuned for the official announcement so you can be part of the live audience when we stream it right here in the forums.
  8. failsite

    failsite Green Up

    lol, so where do u listen, no players load,
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