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Discussion in 'SOCOM Podcasts' started by WarMachine_v1, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Zach_Novak

    Zach_Novak Boom Boolah!

    Welcome to the forums man.

    i'm 99% sure no one gives a fuck about S4... but the 2 weeks i did play it online, i too noticed the lack of coms. Maybe Sony foiled them so we couldn't talk about how shit the game is.

    Now i think about it, the coms were broken... but we're looking to the future :)
  2. Joker

    Joker Navy SEAL

    I want to thank you guys for making another socast. I love hearing you guys talk about the game we are all passionate about. I am a little sad in the fact that I seam to be in the minority with people who like Socom CA lol. Good stuff guys hope to see another Socast soon.
  3. J-Put

    J-Put Grenade Spammer

    I really really love the Socom community. Thanks for making these. I could listen to people talk about Socom all day long.

    I'm always amazed at how tight knit the hardcore Socom community really is. When I went to register my name here I had to check first if I already had one, so I did a user search for the letter J. Scrolling through the names I saw two people that I've played with regularly in the past, JoeyRocker and Joker, along with half a dozen other names from either in game or the forums. And that's just in the Js.

    I can't remember half the stuff I wanted to say while listening to this...should've had a pen and paper while listening or something. The side switching issue however is one thing that I have an opinion on. It's bad.

    First is the fact that they put it in to make the games more fair, and I have to ask WHY? I don't give a damn about my game being fair. Was it fair for the terrorists to start at the top of the hill in Enowapi? No way. But it was FUN. Nothing beat the thrill of being on a SEAL team and managing to take down the other side. Not that being a terrorist and finding the best ways to exploit your advantage was boring either. (Of course it's one thing for the SIDES to be unfair, and another thing completely for an individual. I fully stand behind equality among players, and oppose specializations and weapon unlocks.)

    So what about this does side switching change? Motivation. I saw it all the time on Confrontation. We would start as SEALs on breach or escort, and the team would just run out into the open ignoring the objective, completely abandoning strategy. I would ask what the hell they were doing, and they'd say, "Oh it's alright if we lose these rounds, we're at a disadvantage. We just need more kills for the tiebreaker". Or even better, they would just kill the VIPs themselves to deny the other side the kills they would have gotten while we were on the disadvantaged side.

    Which brings me to the issue of exploits in any side switching score system. If there's a score system in place to determine the winner there will always be some way to exploit that system. We saw it in Con when it was decided by objectives, and then again when they changed to being decided by kills. There's no way around it. If there's a system, there's a way to game that system.

    The obvious solution is to add a tie breaker round. But that just raises more obvious issues. Who gets to play on the side with the advantage that round? And if one team gets that advantage, doesn't that defeat the purpose of trying to make the game "fair" in the first place?

    Side switching also takes away a big part of the strategy that I love from Socom. And that's the ability to really get to know your opponent and predict their actions. My clan in S2 didn't usually open strong. We would usually be down two or three rounds at the start. But we won more than we lost because we spent those first few rounds learning what the other team likes to do. Where each individual player likes to go. And by five or six rounds in we could usually predict exactly what they were going to do. When the game suddenly flips in the middle there's not much chance to develop any kind of counter to your opponent's strategies.

    Lets hope Socom has a future free from this kind of nonsense.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Damn, you guys are giving us some great feedback on this episode! I'm really enjoying all the input gentlemen. Thank you.

    PAUL-AWOL- Desert Glory

    Thanks for having me. I am always available if you guys need me again. Time goes really fast and before you know it an hour has gone by talking about the greatest game ever made.

    I didn't really know the script and just kind of winged it, hope I did ok.

  6. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    I couldn't stand that Paul-Awol guy. He sounded like a blubbering buffoon and he's clearly ugly.

    :) :) :) :)
  7. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    Good episode. Can't believe this will be my first post here.

    PAUL-AWOL- Desert Glory


    Meet me on Sujo, bring your guns. LMAO
  9. S__H__I__F__T__Y

    S__H__I__F__T__Y iDub Scrub

    The part highlighted in Red is what I'm replying to:

    The First Person View of S1, S2, S3, and CA were ideal because you had no weapon blocking any space on screen. This is ideal for the general vision, but seeing out of windows was a breeze and fluid. One can quickly see how superior the traditional FPV is to a cliche FPV.
    The traditional SOCOM FPV option sets SOCOM apart from other games in this way. It also has the said advantages and pros.

    The last issue with a cliche FPV is that it immediately suggest an L1-to-aim (down sites) concept. This is not what SOCOMers want nor what SOCOM should contain.
  10. Zach_Novak

    Zach_Novak Boom Boolah!

    although effective as the old school FPV was, i think it's something that could do with a touch up in todays gaming market to entice new players to the franchise along with improving the FPV in the traditional Socom without killing the game completely.

    i think it'd be a good improve, and the aiming should be accurate in or out of scope.
  11. S__H__I__F__T__Y

    S__H__I__F__T__Y iDub Scrub

    Either outsiders want to explore SOCOM or they don't. It should be its own game rather than trying to compete in all the wrong places. The thought process when evolving SOCOM should never be: "what is popular in gaming today?" It should always be: What benefits SOCOM?

    It is easy to get caught up in imagination and straying outside of SOCOM. I urge SOCOMers (or would-bes) to ease up on trying to force SOCOM into a "next generation" feel. It doesn't need to as it was already ahead of its time to begin with... way ahead of its time.

    The industry needs to catch up to SOCOM, not the reverse.
  12. Zach_Novak

    Zach_Novak Boom Boolah!

    to be fair, i would be as happy as a pig in mud with a proper remake... makes me smile every time i think about it :D
  13. BiG-LUCK

    BiG-LUCK Crucible

    Quick question for you Zach. How did your guy Geoff over at Sixaxis obtain his info on the article that he wrote? Does he have a source as well or is it something he read somewhere else like here or at He cites no source, not even the mention of an unknown source. Rumours are romours of course but the difference is some of us here personally know our rumour mill.
  14. Zach_Novak

    Zach_Novak Boom Boolah!

    I'll ask him
  15. Medux

    Medux Requiem

    I just started posting on this site / listening to these podcast ahha cool stuff guys. Ill be around more, ill let people know about the site.

    Im just going to wing ideas off as i remember them, no specific order.

    You guys were talking about DG being a Terriost map and ending in like 30 seconds. I think alot of what made or break clans even more so in wars was the one sided maps. When playing a map like DG it took teamwork and differnt strats and rush routes/ nade routes to win. Thats what MADE it so exciting it was 1 sided for sure, but if you worked as a team and on strats you COULD win. Sometimes it took something memoriable too happen to win it like a crazy Clutch round or something. Also for wars, a clan would choose there best map and side then it would go to the next map and and be 1 sided for the other clan. Really shows what clan is beter your playijng them on there best map you know ? 3rd Map was normally something fairly even and widely agreed upon (Crossroads). SOrry im just typing as im listening to this podcast.

    ALso if we were ever to get a REAL socom to drop, regardless if its s1 or s2. How come durning devlopment they dont just TALK TO the commmunity have votes WHO CARES IF WE KNOW Whats in the game. WE NEED To know, we can tweak it help them out. Like Valve brought 16 of some of the best COunter Strike PC players too a "beta Test" and took there Input on it. Thats what we need to do bring some of the best socom players and let them battle it out on the game, watch and see whats wrong or right with the game get feedback.

    On ( i think it was REV) bullet sponge issue. I agree with it , because not only the gun fights are more intense but it allows the snipers to actually SNIPE !!! So your not getting single tapped by an assault rifle across the entire map while your trying to snipe. Look at scon, Pre- Specilzations VERY few sniped and were good at it because you could drop them so quick. But for the gunfights for SUREEEEEE.

    Maps cant have spawn to spawn sniping either.. they need to allow tons of differnt routes (None symtrical maps) for rushing/ nade rushing. But also allow snipers to set up and have certain parts of the map and have 1 on 1 sniper battles or help control a side of a map. Maps are battles inside of battles like DG taking the Ruins over or the middle building.. They use to be huge parts of strats.[hr]
    Now if we were to bring back a s1 or s2. Why not have a vote on 12 maps to bring back to start with.. 1000's of people would vote knowing there getting a socom. THen release the rest of s1 or s2 maps DLC make them MORE money then bring some of the s3/ca maps in for the 16v16 people and some for the small rooms but with tweaks thats even more DLC. 12 + maps too start with and the maps the community wants i mean...

    Rats Nest Day
    Frost Fire
    Cross roads
    Fish Hook

    If i saw this on release id shit my pants and we as a community got to discuss these maps with the dev what could be added or done to the maps to make them better or just leave them alone. BUt i mean by the end of it all there could be like 35 -40 + maps.[hr]
    On cheaters though i think there needs to be a "Special Squad" to watch and listen to peoples reports. Be able to ghost watch have you and perma bann cheaters. So they can never play the game again unless they purchase a brand new ps3 / ps4 whatever its on. No mercy on cheaters, No 3 day bann bullshit. [hr]
    sorry im all over the place haha.. Just trying to give some feedback/ input. But i wanted to add to the cheaters thing some people are going to say "You cant stop them all" We dont need too. Perma bann a few hundred even less...and i gurantee you people will think twice before cheating i gurantee you that much. [hr]
    Last thing i SWEAR !! lol on the camping issue. I dont mind people camping, even on a map that is called for it. DG/ extraction its fun. Then you have your strats come into play your naders, rushers and snipers. Like DG you had several ways to counter the camping, Tunnels, Middle building, Snipers, Naders , take ruins and nade so on. Thats what made it fun. But when the map is desgined where 4 people can watch 1 of the 2 ways to get into the base its fucking wack. Not fun for anyone and takes next to ZERO skill. Fast movement , dive to roll or whatever also helps for those wall campers.
  16. UnSeenDeath88

    UnSeenDeath88 Butcher Pete

    Something that nobody has mentioned is the fog/smoke that was on the old maps that helped prevent the spawn to spawn stuff, and it seperated the maps up well and at least on the S3 maps really helped to divide up the sections.
  17. Medux

    Medux Requiem

    I dont remember it being in s3, could be wrong though. But i agree with you it split the maps up nicely and couldn't do spawn too spawn.
  18. UnSeenDeath88

    UnSeenDeath88 Butcher Pete

    yea it was, it was used as more of a limiter for sniper rifles though,(sniper rifles reached I think 200meters and thats when the fog was) I don't know how many times i stood on terrorist mountain on devil's road and watched the rifle flashes in the fog but couldn't reach them.
  19. So-Krack

    So-Krack Navy SEAL

    Great Podcast Guys, I love listening to them. I often listen to video game podcasts but it's nice to finally listen so socast again. After all, the only game a truly give a crap about is Socom. Honestly if you guys were to make one socast per week you'd have a huge following. I don't even care if you guys talk about random crap from Socom's past. It's just nice to hear "socom talk" again.
  20. dtecneon

    dtecneon 203 Spammer

    I would like socom 1-2 . I just want the engine. Older maps get boring i liked them. If they made a socom 5 but with the same engine of socom 1-2 i would play it with new maps. But the thing is sony dont care about cheating. They just want money for the games. Just like COD. They have auto aim and ghost where you dont get shot ( KILLED ) . Its bull shit how sony just dont fucking care.

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