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    Right now it requires codes to load it, not really helpful for anyone here unless they wanted to toy around with it. Basically you would have to copy the save over to your memory card and load a code through a cheat device.

    It's more or less helpful to him since everything he's made was using the 1.4 patch.

    But I figured I'd post his work here since earlier in this thread Antix mentioned having to decrypt the r0004 patch. While this method could also work for the other games, there isn't a way to re-encrypt them. A while back someone mentioned how DNAS was involved and I stupidly said it wouldn't be needed. I didn't know any better and after getting ahold of some documentation I know more or less how it worked.

    In case anyone cares:

    This is how I understood downloadable content for the PS2.
    At some point DNAS was required for all online titles and when a developer had a game they were assigned an categoryID and a gameID for their game. If I remember right these were part of the signing process when sending down any sort of file as well as information from the console. I assume this would have been a consoleID which explains why you can't just move a patch from 1 machine to another. This wasn't a thing they could opt out of, it was a requirement.

    So with that said, and if I understood that correctly, we would have to know the categoryID and game ID that they used back then. Since there is technically an emulated version of DNAS used only for authenticating, it could be possible to add on to it? I really don't know if that would be possible or if it would have to be something built from the ground up.

    I remember reading a thread on here about someone getting ahold of a PS2 SDK or something of that sort. Which if it's the one that was posted on assemblergames, it's kinda helpful? There was a pdf in there that was from a conference and it was about socom (I think it was socom 1) but they actually stepped through the medius functions and went into a brief description of what they do.

    Medius was a service that was offered that was not apart of the PS2 SDK. When developing an online title developers had a handful of things they could use for servers. Gamespy and Medius were the 2 big ones.

    That's good to know and all but without the SDK there's not much you could do with that other than knowing what the functions were called. If anything it was a really interesting read. I might not have understood everything in all that documentation but it was fun to go over.

    I later came across the DNAS SDK which I assume someone on here was referring to. That I could see being helpful but to what degree I really don't know. I mean this only really matters if people wanted to push down patches and try to keep the game as non hacky as possible. ( By non hacky I mean not having to do a million work arounds to get it to work).

    If I was wrong in any of that please correct me.
    As far as I know the people in that thread I linked to were only working on S2. SCA was sorta thrown into the mix in terms of interest mainly because that was what GtlcPimp played and he has alot of the packets already. Not saying a server would ever be made but he has a lot of information on how the server functioned.

    Socom 1 was what Sir Tortis was working on and I don't talk to him so I couldn't say anything about that project.
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    DNAS was an anti-piracy measure. Each game was printed with a code that was cross checked during the DNAS screen.
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    So I learned some stuff today. Not that it helps any of this but apparently the European version of Socom 1 has DNAS. Apparently it gives no fucks that it doesn't exist anymore because it just passes on all by itself and interestingly enough socom 1 had a Universe selector?

    It really amazes me how you can have the same game and they do different stuff like this.

    Meanwhile the Korean version isn't having any of that
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    Happy one year anniversary on this thread, lol. Still waiting..
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    I believe S1 came out in Europe like 6 months to a year later, when DNAS was ready to go.
  6. I think early games that used DNAS only used a client side implement so that probably why PAL SOCOM 1 just goes past it. You be able to figure that out though by looking at the network traffic if it only client side, or not.
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    Good 'ol 576i.
  8. 1UP

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    By all means contribute to the project if you have anything.
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    I am not sure if this is much help, but I reached out to someone that I talked with over the internet a while ago and he finally responded to me tonight. He sent me a link to A ZIP archive of some SOCOM II packets. I am on my Chromebook as I type this and not my laptop. I am able to download the file and zip it but the files aren't supported on my Chromebook, so I am not so sure as to what they are. Even if they were supported, I am sure I would have no idea what I am looking at if they opened. I was just reaching out to people in hopes of finding something to help this project along. Some files inside of the zip read as followed:


    There are a few more. Again, by no means am I saying this is ANYTHING at all. But I have provided the link. Please let me know if it is of ANY use!!AJXHRgCes9Aamhg&cid=9F49A601A4ECE4EA&id=9F49A601A4ECE4EA!143&parId=9F49A601A4ECE4EA!142&action=locate

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    Any packet captures that were made while the servers were up were encrypted and aren't useful sadly.
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    Following. :)
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    Still here and hoping. Thanks everyone for all your hard work and the collaboration.
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    Just a quick thought, I know when the game "Amplitude" went offline they redirected the DNS to SOCOM I. I know on he used to have a DNS server for Amplitude he discontinued support but I would like to see if it could be used to resurrect the SOCOM I server? I would love to see if someone could get in contact with him, as I do not have Facebook but I do know he has a page. Thanks guys!
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    He also redirected the Syphon Filter Omega Strain DNS to Socom 2 if I remember. I have been a constant visitor at the PS2 Online Gaming Forums long enough to know that he might have packets, but im not sure if he can resurrect the servers. Its probably best to check out that forum to contact him.
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    No, those games don't function the same way. Socom 1 and so on require an actual server. There are some pdf's floating around that describe some of the functionality. Socom used Medius.

    I've actually put my socom work on hold for the time being because I've picked up another project. The original people who were working on the .hack fragment project quit supporting it and I have been taking a port of what they wrote and am currently trying to make it better and add in the rest of the functionality that the game had.

    Since alot of the stuff was already figured out it's given me a better understanding on how a client server application works at least between the ps2 and a server.
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    A little late to the game here, haven't been on this site in a while.

    I'd have no problem donating some cashflow to anyone trying to get private S1 servers up. S2 on xLink is fun and it's nice nostalgia but S1 is truly the only game that tomorrow I would reschedule my adult life to fit in a few hours of S1 every night after work. I'd literally not have a social life anymore outside of work because I'd just be on all night, as well as my two older brothers.

    So can someone give me a little update on what's going on here in this thread? Don't know if I should skim all 23 pages.

    Now it's not feasible to have a S1 xlink like S2 since there was no LAN option, but the online menu and such are already built into the game correct?

    How would we bypass the SOCOM 1 log-in screen and go straight to a lobby/menu part? Or are we trying to fool the disc into thinking we're actually connecting to Sony's servers when in reality we're connecting to a private one? The online maps are on the S1 physical discs too correct and not exclusive to online servers?
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    Hi Jeff. Long time no talk :)
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  18. 1UP

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    There's no fooling the game into thinking it's actually online. It either is or isn't. The post I made was just something I came across when trying to see if the game had a hidden LAN option. The socom 2 beta had LAN listed but it wasn't accessible but Harry was able to get that to "work". So he had the idea that it may also exist for socom 1. Well it doesn't but when trying to do that I came across the area in memory that ran through the steps to connect to a server. While I gave it that status codes it wanted, it never connected to anything.
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    That blows, so you you think there's probably no hope then? Do you see any other direction the project could go? Or are we stuck with X-Link.. Thank you 1UP for trying so adamantly!
  20. 1UP

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    Well I wouldn't say that. The last I heard about socom 1 was that they were at least able to login. I don't know what else they were able to do and this was also last year I think. I think there was a post somewhere in this thread about it. The downside is that people don't share code and while that's their choice, it doesn't help speed up the process.

    I can understand why though, once you have a finished product you will end up with split communities but at the same time once anyone decides they are done with something and shut it down, it's back to square 1.

    This was at least what happened with the fragment project but the only upside was is that they made their project open source originally but eventually deleted the code. Shame really but the magical thing about the internet is that nothing really ever gets deleted.
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