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Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by 1UP, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    I had an idea earlier today to show Seal and Terrorist win counts on the stream so it's always available for people to see. I also added in a Total Rounds played counter on top of that. Note that this is only for people using the emulator.

    It updates in realish time ( The updates go off every 20 seconds). My question is, would people use this and if so would there be any other useful information that should be added?
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  2. oni64

    oni64 Third Person illusionist

    im certain if the emulator issues are solved with crossroads and slow downs, then more people might use it.
  3. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    Well I am also doing some other things to bring some onlineish functionality back to the game. With some help from @Harry62 , I have a pretty easy way of gathering a players stats for a game. I am planning on creating a program that will track this data and at the end of the game send it off to my server which will generate a page for that player that will resemble the player stat screen for socom 2. The other thing I was thinking of doing is also generating a rank based on a players stats much like how socom 2 did it. This would all be useable under harry's patch, the only difference is my code for the rank would overlap his.

    Once I have this working and have some sample data coming in from the emulator I plan on doing this for the ps2 as well and possibly have it package in with harry's patch. That's really up to him. The real difference is that this would function slightly different on a ps2 but that a different story.

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