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    SOCOM 2 Patch Mega Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to provide our members with a one stop shop that can provide you with the elements you'll need to get the r0005 patch loaded and running on your PS2 and help troubleshoot any issues, as well as providing a place to discuss the patch in general.

    So What Is The Patch All About?

    Everything is laid out in this thread from the patch maker himself,

    Here he links to the most recent patch, gives an overview of it's features and how to use them in-game, posts updates, and answers questions about different features and technical issues.

    Getting Started: Hardware And Software

    In addition to your regular PS2 setup, you will need to acquire the following:

    1). A PS2 memory card with Free MCBoot loaded on it.
    2). A USB flash drive with the most recent version of the patch.

    The USB flash drive is pretty straightforward but not everyone has access to the hardware or technical knowledge to install Free MCBoot on a PS2 memory card, or simply don't want to invest the time or money to learn to DIY. Luckily there are some easy solutions already available.

    The first is to obtain one from one of our own community members who has been been reliably supplying SOCOMers with the cards for a while now:

    He can send you a card pre-loaded with the Free MCBoot software for the price of $13. Just click on his profile above and send him a private message if you're interested. He is also offering technical support if needed to get it working and can help walk you through the process. An invoice can also be provided for those looking to have a receipt of the transaction.

    You can also find the card from several sources on Ebay if you prefer to take that route. The one at the top when searching for "PS2 Memory Card Free MCBoot" has a very good rating:

    Note: These are only links to sources, TRS is neither involved in nor profits in any way from these private transactions other than the satisfaction of helping the community.

    Loading The r0005 Patch

    Here are two guides to show you how to install the Free MCBoot and patch onto your PS2.



    If anyone has something they think could be added to the information here, please post in this thread or send a private message to @Animal-_-
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  2. dizee

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    One thing to add is that the Patch works with 20/60/80gb backwards compatible fat ps3s but you need custom firmware on it.
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  3. Animal-_-

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    Do you know where i could find a reliable guide that shows how to install the firmware onto a PS3?
  4. dizee

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    Installing CFW is as simple as using a USB flash drive to update it like normal Sony firmware. The key is that the PS3 needs to be on original 3.55 firmware or lower. If it is higher than 3.55, you have to flash the NAND memory to downgrade the firmware to 3.55 which is a huge long pain in the ass process from what I saw so I just paid someone to do it for me.

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  5. Animal-_-

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    Sure, it's relevant to the OP so go ahead.
  6. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    Tripdogg will be making a hot to video on this shortly as well
  7. Animal-_-

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    Patch updated, check Harry's official thread.
  8. Yeah, I can guarantee you that 90% of casual fans who had any interest in playing online will not bother with this.
  9. Harry62

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    45-50% of those playing xlink have the patch. Download it and play some day time abandoned and rats nest with us.
  10. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    ive personally sold/hands out for free close to 100 mcboot memory cards. cards to people who dont even have xlink i can tell you that people will both with this.

    This patch has been a DLC update for a game thats old as heck. harry has and continues to be amazing
  11. Iamlost

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    I would be willing to go through this whole process of trying if I knew it was a sustainable amount of people playing.

    Do you guys have a like current average or like overall climate of how many people play?
  12. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    i sometimes see 1 room that uses the patch at night and usually its far from full, id say like 25-30% of the community on xlink use the patch. put it this way, i see more people with the patch in non patched rooms than i see in patched rooms themselves. as of now its just a bonus to have it but its not like it cost that much to do it if all you need is a mcboot memory card.
  13. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    yea its odd...dunno someone just doesnt make a patched room.

    Numbers wise though..just through me...theres been over 100 that received it. add that to the players who went different routes so plenty of people have it..its just about making the room

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