SOCOM Confrontation Server Project

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    They have an audio track which doesn't mean anything in terms of what they are after.

    I don't get why they think having an audio file somehow translates to a private server.
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    Yea exactly, they need to show somthing more serious . And i said its 100 % impossible without cfw And im wrong, its hard solution but if somone is abl to make server And get dns code etc its possible but the question is where you going to find archive? Unless somone Who work on the game , to be exact on online infrastructure share information.. or fucking Sony can Just remake all socom or atleast one of them it would be better lol
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    If anyone is interested in figuring this out and or lending a helping hand in reviving Socom Confrontation let me know and I can get you in contact with Snake! Thanks!
  5. Eagle_F15

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    Whats up everyone! We set up the discord channel for the Confrontation server movement for all Socomers to come and join. Discuss servers, Socom and games in general!

    If interested to come and hang out please do

    Just another outlet for SOCOM fans to hang out and continue the push to bring back SOCOM Confrontation and spreading the SOCOM love!
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