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    LMFAO. See this is why I play with you guys in passworded rooms. I play for maybe 5 hours a week and that is all I can stand of thsi game on Friday nights with you folks. Nerds screaming in the mic or spamming the chat room taking the game seriously would ruin the atmosphere for me and that's why I don't play pubs or the game by myself. Idk, I'm too old to deal with that shit, like that was cool when I was 12 years old and had nothing better to do and all.....

    Plus I mean, I look forward to Friday nights just to hear @MACK IS GOD's epic laugh, who else does?
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    Ok that clears that up then. He did have one of those wing symbols nears his name in the game lobby and that's what he tried to point to as his proof he wasn't cheating when I called him on it. He sent me a PM that said something like "don't you see the symbol, I am on patch R00005 bitch, I can't cheat" lol. This is actually the third time I've run into that guy in a game room where this grenade discrepancy with him has happened with his ungodly accuracy and kill rate on out of view players. Every time I call him out in the xlink lobby he immediately aborts the game and leaves me angry PMs for calling him out lol.
  3. dizee

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    oh i definitely remember his name. maybe we should go hunt him down on a nightstalker map sometime

    thump thump

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Nah. He can just abort if that happens. Better to follow him from lobby to lobby and NO GAME HERE his ass.

    Eventually the other players will just offer to teamkill him and vote him out of every game in exchange for us releasing the room and allowing a game to be played. He will become despised by everyone as the cause of their rooms being shut down and will never be able to find a game or anyone to play with.
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    One thing to consider is that, if I recall correctly, there are early versions of the patch floating around that allow for the ranks and tags, but do not include the cheat detection. Although, as Harry stated, the cheat detection only applies to patch rooms evidently, so maybe that's it. It would be nice if that detection was constant, but tht might interfere with non-patch games. I'm sure there's a reason he did not implement it in that manner, anyways.


    Well I get it as far as why it wouldn't be in a regular room because if you're in a reg room and others start wall sliding, you should be able to do the same to even the odds. So it makes sense that non patched players in a room would cancel it out. But I just wanted clarification because some of the suspected cheats like to try to sell the story that they can't cheat because they have the patch and those symbols are what they always point to to say "See, I have the patch running and it won't let me cheat".
  7. Animal-_-

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    I feel like that would cause just as much backlash against you as it would for your intended target.


    There is one more thing I want to say on this thread because I think it's only fair to. As much as I don't like kind of that old GB elitist legend in own mind type mentality I will say that most of the competitive guys on xlink today are not like that. I jump on there on nights when there is no TRS community night and I play with a lot of those guys and I would say that I've honestly only ran into maybe two people total who kind of berated the team for not playing to their liking lol. Actually, like when I first set up xlink and got on I would say the most welcoming of the "newcomers" seemed to be the clan guys on there. They didn't seem to care if you were good or you sucked, they were happy to see the community grow to where you can now see like two or three full rooms going at a time rather then having like one room going each night.

    Some of them are very competitive and some might say like "come on guys we can still pull this off, let's step it up and we can sweep the next three rounds" but it's more of an encouraging tone then a berating tone. I do think with some of the guys there's more cheating going on then they would like to admit but even so cheating players are still a minority of that community. But I'm just saying this in case some TRS peeps are like "Well, I feel like playing some Socom tonight but I don't want to cause there isn't going to be TRS guys on tonight and I don't want to deal with those assholes", it's really not like that. Sure they wall slide in regular rooms but that was just the norm for everyone, something everyone just accepted in the same way as dolphin diving. When I play with them and they wall slide I just join the club, and then I don't when I go to a room where no one is wall sliding. I have fun either way playing with those guys or playing with TRS guys.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I'm prepared to accept that for the good of the community.
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  10. ChicKeN

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    Even the "casuals" are playing the game competitively. You don't just play SOCOM and not try or compete at some level. I am so dumbfounded when I see people hiding behind walls in the 3P game, planting mines, spamming 9 grenades, camping the round out in a bush and yet they "aren't trying" claim to be just playing for fun. Or they are all of a sudden, "casuals". That makes no sense.

    Anyone who is going out of their way to play on a console that is 2 generations old from over a decade and a half ago is obviously a pretty serious about getting in some SOCOM time. And, you aren't just going to go out of your way to do all that and deal with Xlink just to log in SOCOM to waste hours of your life running around not "trying".

    So, at the end of the day just take your losses and keep it moving. There is no need to classify people as "try hards" when they are just better at playing the game.
  11. HTK

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    I always play online games to win, sometimes it's more tryhard than other times but overall I'm always trying to win. That's the objective isn't it? Who plays to lose? Who enjoys losing? What? wtf?
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  12. Harry62

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    All versions of the patch have cheat detection. The cheat detection is running at all times for patch users, however it is client side cheat detection which means it only scans the client ps2. The only way to be 99% sure no one is cheating is to play in a patch game.

    It's not about playing to lose, it's about playing for fun and using stupid weapons like the pump.
  13. HTK

    HTK nos·tal·gia

    Yeah but just because you decide to have fun and dick around doesn't mean others are in the lobby. I don't know create a private FUN game and see who joins in to dick around, that's what I do at least when I want to mess around. Or do it in the actual game but don't get mad when others are playing for more than just fun...
  14. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    well that doesn't seem to make much sense. if the patch only keeps the people using it from cheating, why on earth would they bother downloading it? i have never cheated, not a single time, so if i wanted to play socom why would i go through the issue of getting the patch if it is designed to keep me from doing something i had no intentions of doing in the first place?
    i like the idea of you making the patch and distributing it, but unless everyone is forced to have it its kind of pointless. unless you could put something in it that tells the users someone else is cheating.
  15. meatloaf

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    too many hardcore trs dudes who think they own xlink even though most hardly play u can put a nice pussy in front of them they find something to complain about
  16. S_L_I_C_K

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    for example?
  17. meatloaf

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    did anyone else leave examples
  18. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    yes, and i didnt even have to ask them. so....your turn!
  19. meatloaf

    meatloaf Butterstick

    just the overall fell i get from reading thread on this site seems like a lot of hate if i have upset u my bad.
  20. S_L_I_C_K

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    oh is that what it is? hmm...well, a few examples would be nice. that way we can clear everything up!
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