SOCOM:GO Community Night Tonight!

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    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    That's right. Join TRS for a Community Night tonight on SOCOM:GO!

    8pm Central Friday & Saturday night! (10/17/14 & 10/18/14)

    Where: CS:GO (PC)
    Community Server: SOCOM: Source

    Step 1. - Inside CS:GO, go to Options tab at the top, then game settings on that drop down list.
    Step 2. - Inside game settings, the 4th option that says "Enable Developer Console(~), switch to YES.
    Step 3. - Back out to Main Screen inside CS:GO, go to browse community server under the play tab at the top.
    Step 4. - Click on the favorites tab along the top of the server browser window.
    Step 5. - Click on add a server on the bottom, then copy and paste the above address into the blank box.
    Step 6. - Then click on add this address to favorites, then click on refresh.
    Step 7. - Once the refresh is finished (which takes only a sec or two) Highlight the address and click connect.
    Step 8. - Enjoy the server and tell your Socom Friends about it. It's a blast to play!

    Once connected to the server, press the tilde (~) button on your keyboard (Next to the #1 button).
    This will bring up the In-Game Console.Then copy/paste (ctrl-C then ctrl-V) the info below into the console and hit Enter:

    c_thirdpersonshoulder 1
    c_thirdpersonshoulderaimdist 1000
    c_thirdpersonshoulderheight 20
    c_thirdpersonshoulderoffset 0
    cam_idealdelta 0
    cam_ideallag 0

    This only needs to be put in the console once. If done correctly you should get no errors or any notifications. Then hit the tilde(~) button again to close the console.
    Hit ESC and select the option Exit To Main Menu.
    Then ReEnter the server and you will be good to go.

    *Courtesy of Focuzed, who has donated his time and money to host the server and compile the modded maps from the community into one place! Thank you Focuzed!

    Use your PS3 controller if you want:

    See you all tonight!
  2. Focuzed

    Focuzed Navy SEAL

    Thank you Luke for the shoutout. I hope we can get this server full tonight for some FUN. I will be joining after I arrive home from my daughters gymnastics practice.
  3. Suade

    Suade Vanila Gorila

    How many people play this?
  4. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    We had a full server, with a few people in line last night.
  5. Suade

    Suade Vanila Gorila

    Full server? 256?

    If not and you mean 16 people (full room) can the extra guys make a new room? Is it like Socom with lobbies and user made rooms?
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
  6. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Full server is 16. To have other servers, someone has to pay to have them hosted. CSGO is not Peer-to-peer (player hosted servers), but is hosted on Valves servers.
  7. Suade

    Suade Vanila Gorila

    So chances are any new people would buy the game and just sit there all night and not be able to play? Sounds very unappealing. How much are the servers?
  8. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Uhh, I definitely didn't say that. For starters, when you buy CSGO, you get CSGO. It's an entire game in itself with dozens of game modes and other mods/maps you can enjoy outside of SOCOM:GO. Not to mention the enormous competitive scene. Also, as of right now, the only time I could see you sitting out, is on community nights, and that was only a problem for people showing up in the middle of the event. Everyone who was there on time got a slot. I'm sure if it's THAT popular on non-community nights, a second server will be opened.

    As far as server pricing goes, you'd have to ask @redline or @Focuzed about that.
  9. Suade

    Suade Vanila Gorila

    That's why I put a question mark there :)

    I guess CS:GO would be worth the money in itself if I was looking to get into PC gaming anyway. I think my PC might actually be able to handle this game.

    But as far as the "Socom" servers, what I said sounds like a pretty safe bet, no?

    I am not trying to pop your bubble but I am a realist. If the game is full and there is only 1 room available, you are screwed and don't get to play the Socom maps which would be a huge reason for me to even bother. If not full (most nights as you say) it is pretty much the same as playing xlink, only a different game with possibly better graphics.

    I am just trying to see what the craze is for you guys. What makes this any better than xlink?

    I have a feeling by the time I got the game, got the controller and everything hooked up the community nights would be dead quickly just like xlink and I would have wasted more time and more money on trying to relive the Socom days.
  10. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    I personally would never buy a PC for a single game, much less a mod of the game. Nor would I buy a console for one game.

    Buy it because you want higher frame rates, more game selection, and more freedom over your games.

    At the end of the day, is the juice worth the squeeze? When I spent $800 building a PC 8 years ago, and $1000 replacing that PC 2 years ago, it was a tough investment. But it has paid off, as my game selection will mostly never be "outdated" (Eg. PS2 games on PS3), I can run Fruityloops, host databases, and code to my hearts content. If I bought it for a singular game, and never had a "bigger picture" idea for my PC, I'd be disappointed indeed.

    That being said, the SOCOM:GO servers runs a thousand times better than Xlink. No crashes, better models/decals, better hit detection, and more freedom to edit/alter maps/code.
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    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Anyone down for a couple of CM nights this weekend? I am thinking Friday and Saturday at 8pm Central.
  12. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

  13. Qune

    Qune Grenade Spammer

    Count me in. If I'm on your team I'll rush ahead and be the meat shield to draw out the enemy.
  14. PAUL-AWOL-

    PAUL-AWOL- Desert Glory

    Money has my ticket every game. I can't even explore the maps with out this dude taking my head off. :eek:
  15. Jman36x

    Jman36x Green Up

    Awesome! I didn't know Socom:GO would actually get bigger WOOT! \^o^/ How long do you guys usually stay on for on Fridays? Damn you work for keeping me from Socom :mad:

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    The last two livestreams lasted from 8p-10:30p Central, but I am pretty sure some people kept playing well beyond that because the rooms were almost still full at that point when I logged off. Friday and Saturday will probably run a bit longer since I don't have work the next day as far as the livestreaming on TRS goes.

    SMACK-A-BRO Demolition Junkie

    Hey everyone, last Thursday was a fun night on SOCOM:GO. We had a full room!

    Redline is working hard on getting things running better and better.

    Anyhow, every Thursday at 9pm EST lets get on and play. The closet thing to SOCOM is this... Lets make it happen.
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  18. Nycks

    Nycks Green Up

    Gonna try and be on for this weeks upcoming community night. Played in there some today and it was fun.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Anyone down to play tonight? I might livestream if enough are on.
  20. MF_Money

    MF_Money PCMasterRace

    Already a good amount in the server now, so join up.

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