SOCOM:GO Community Night Tonight!

Discussion in 'Community Nights, Clan Battles & Tourneys' started by LUKENBACHER, Oct 13, 2014.


    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

    I will be playing and livestreaming tonight. I got lucky and got the night off.

    MR-SILVER-IGR Night Stalker

    Maps download for me now. Had fun tonight in the server after Luke got off.
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    MR.BLONDE Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor

    Man, I can't wait to try this. Hope the GPU I widdled out of balsa wood will suffice.
  4. Tawok

    Tawok The New Celerity

    Missed last nights get together, anyone wanna play tonight?
  5. JUXE

    JUXE Green Up

    We should try setting up a controller only night. It'd be 10x more fun with everyone on an even playing field. Way too easy to aim with a mouse.
  6. Da_xavier

    Da_xavier Grenade Spammer

    Anyone gonna be on tonight i just got CS:GO downloaded. Gonna see if i can get mt ps4 controller working and use it lol. What do you all use for it Motion joy?
  7. Tawok

    Tawok The New Celerity

    I only know of @LUKENBACHER who got a controller working for it. Though I know there's a post out there drowning in general gaming that tutorials it.

    LUKENBACHER (Retired) TRS Staff

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  9. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- TRS Staff

    Got a controller working today and hopped in a few games but just couldn't stay in because I was experiencing atrocious rubber banding probably every 5-10 seconds. It was totally unplayable on my end. The controller worked pretty good though. My ping was pretty high but there were others whose ping was just as high that didn't seem to be having any problems.
  10. hLx sTReeTMarinee

    hLx sTReeTMarinee Grenade Spammer

    All I did was plug in my xbox 360 controllerr and I was good to go!!

    This game is amazing.

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