[SOCOM on PC] Release Thread (Tutorial & Links)

Discussion in 'SOCOM On XLink' started by brad2192, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Morris-B82

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    Ok how do you get the numbers in xlink to show up? (45 sec into the video)
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    KINGEPIC Green Up

    I managed to fix the no room issue! Make sure**** If you are using wireless internet that you Bridge you wireless adapter with the tap adapter connection. Problem resolved.

    Also, is anyone else having issues with the crossroads map? Only game I can not physically play. Frames drop drastically but it runs smooth when i spectate only?
  3. Morris-B82

    Morris-B82 Butterstick

    I'm using Ethernet. Tried switching to wireless and bridging the connections but still can't see any rooms.
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  4. dizee

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    1UP used this to play with us last night but was having issues with it on Crossroads. May be something to look into @brad2192
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  5. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Crossroads has issues even on high end computers. At this point those using pcsx2 should avoid crossroads, foxhunt, and several other maps until further notice. It may be another 5 years before those are playable in pcsx2.
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  6. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    If you swap over to software mode it's playable but still not great.
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  7. brad2192

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    Update: No MAC Address change on TAP Adapter needed. Use final update and config IP using tut. socom.ga/Final.exe

    KINGEPIC Green Up

    Issue fixed with crossroads** 100% perfectly

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  9. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    Glad to hear it, funny thing is I can't even play this on my PC because I'm on a 9600P on a laptop..
  10. ScotteYx

    ScotteYx Devil's Road

    Hey Brad, it might be worth checking the file as it's being flagged by some scanners:

    The reason why I even ran it was that when I tried to download it, Avast picked this up as a virus - DREP infection. Essentially, it's an Avast feature which says "we don't know anything about this app yet, so we're flagging it", which is pretty shitty.


    Meh, I'll leave this information with you as I imagine these are probably false positives, but potentially worth checking? Props for your effort with this, if we can nail it; we're gonna let more players on more regularly I think.

    Edit: I've just tried PCSX2 with the new DEV9 DLL (downloaded from http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Experimental-Winsock-based-DEV9-plugin-Now-with-HDD-Support) and I can now see rooms!! It may be too early to say, but this is looking positive!
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  11. happvsole

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    Could you explain? Where do I do this and what do I have to adjust?
  12. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    Someone needs to make an updated guide. With all the links and fixes thrown around this thread it's a headache to follow.
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  13. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    @1UP is making one with screenshots and a clear cut, easy to understand step by step guide. Swill and I got it working last night.

    The main things I would tell you to prepare for is:

    a) get your controller working with your PC before even attempting to get it working. we spent hours getting it to pair with swills bluetooth
    b) be prepared to reboot your pc alot after installing drivers and such, especially after you install the TAP Adapter setup.

    Swill and I also are both using a ISO that Harry made that has his patch already installed on it. We are not using the ISO that Brad included inside the emulator install. This way you dont have to worry about loading .ELF files everytime you load the game and want to use Harry's patch.
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  14. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    I have a working Xbox controller that's the least of my problems. At this point I'm just looking for all the updated files and clear guide to assemble Frankenstein for dummies
  15. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Pre, just come into our Discord and we can help you there. Animal's been getting help getting it set up. Dizee helped me get it working last night too.
  16. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

  17. virusmitchie

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    I made this tutorial but do not have enough posts to make my own thread...

    SOCOM PCSX2 (PS2) Emulator for PC

    - Emulating the PS2 requires decent hardware.
    - All files needed are provided in this tutorial.
    - Online play through Xlink.
    - Remember, this community is small. Share this with friends so we can expand the SOCOM Xlink community.

    Files needed:
    - SOCOM PCSX2.20.3b
    - Unique MAC generator
    - XLink Kai

    Installation Tutorial:
    Firstly install SOCOM PCSX2.20.3b. This will install the PS2 Emulator with the files needed to run SOCOM smoothly on your PC or laptop.


    It will install these files in C:\SOCOM PCSX
    These files include:
    - Stripped SOCOM II NTSC iso (runs smoother)
    - Microphpone support
    - Preset Memory cards
    - All SOCOM II patches (r0001/r0004/r0005)

    2) After the installation this build is trying to install the TAP driver. This driver is needed for XLink Kai online play. You can also install it manually from the C:\SOCOM PCSX folder.

    TAP Ethernet driver location and setup

    3) Go to C:\SOCOM PCSX\Plugins and delete the existing CLR_DEV9.dll and DEV9.dll files from this folder.

    Delete these files from the folder

    4) Go to your Unique MAC generator (CLR_DEV9.7z) and extract this CLR_DEV9.dll to your C:\SOCOM PCSX\Plugins folder.

    Like this

    5) Launch SOCOM PCSX2 via the desktop shortcut and it will ask you for plugins, settings and files. All files are preset via this build and can be found in your C:\SOCOM PCSX folder if you get any errors or trouble.

    Make sure your plugins and settings are all the same as the screenshots provided.

    Everything is all set to play SOCOM right now. Now we got to make sure your network settings are working to go online on XLink Kai.

    6) On SOCOM PCSX2 go to Config > Dev9 > Plugin settings. Enable Ethernet and go to options.

    Select TAP as Connection Method and your TAP Windows Adapter as Adapter the same as in the screenshot provided.

    Now we got to figure out your personal MAC Address.

    7) On SOCOM PCSX2 go to CDVD > No disc. Next step is System > Boot CDVD Full, this will boot the PS2 Browser.

    Press triangle or 'i' on your keyboard to enter your information
    Write down the last 4 characters, these are important in calculating your personal IP Address for XLink.
    These characters are random for everyone, mine are 93 3A. (DO NOT USE THESE!)

    8) Next go to http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/ps2assign.php, select Sony Playstation 2 and add your last 4 digits in the boxes provided and click Calculate IP Address

    This will give you your own personal Calculated IP Address. Copy this you'll need it later.

    9) Go back to SOCOM PCSX2 go to Config > Dev9 > Plugin settings.

    Check Intercept DHCP

    Fill in your Dev9 as:
    10.253.???.??? Your own personal Calculated IP Address. as Subnet Mask as Gateway IP
    DNS1 IP Auto
    DNS2 IP Auto
    Apply 2 times

    10) Install XLink Kai and Launch XLink Kai Configuration on your PC or laptop. Configure it to use the GUI instead of the Web Browser view, and change the capture device to the TAP driver you just installed.

    Switch your Network adapter to the TAP driver.
    Make sure to check all your boxes the same as in the screen provided.
    Make your own XTag on https://www.teamxlink.co.uk/ and add it in your Engine settings.

    Only one thing keeps you from reliving your childhood memories right now. We got to configure the emulator to run smooth with SOCOM.

    11) Close your SOCOM PSCX2 and reopen it. Firstly go to Config > Emulation settings > deselect preset on the left bottom corner and put in the configurations like I did in Speedhacks and Game fixes.

    Make sure every setting is the same as the screenshots provided.

    12) Next go to Config > Video (GS) > Plugin settings > edit like the screen provided

    Make sure every setting is the same as the screenshot provided.

    13) Next go to Config > Audio (SPU2) > Plugin settings > edit like the screen provided

    Make sure every setting is the same as the screenshot provided.

    14) Restart your SOCOM PSCX2

    Steps for playing the game:
    1) Before opening your emulator always make sure your XLink Kai is opened and make sure you selected the correct arena. To play with us on XLink you need to go to:

    Playstation 2/SOCOM II/SOCOM II NTSC

    You can start the emulator after you joined this lobby/arena.

    2) Start SOCOM PSCX2 and go to CDVD > ISO. After you go to CDVD > Iso selector, navigate to C:\SOCOM PCSX2 and click SOCOM II R0001-R0005


    3) Now go to File > Run Elf on the emulator and go to C:\SOCOM PCSX2\R0005 Patches\ select R0005v57b.elf.

    The patch will now load and the game will now start.

    4) Go to LAN login with the preset Memory Card settings and play!
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  18. SkiMask

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    Just 14, er 18 EASY steps to play SOCOM everybody!

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  19. Morris-B82

    Morris-B82 Butterstick

    Has anyone had any luck scaling the game x3 or x4 to get improved graphics? I tried the other night but once the room I was in got above 6 people I had noticeable lag (desert glory). Going to mess with it again tonight as I was using my gtx1080 as my hardware instead of the default in the tutorial.

    If anyone has any advice/tips for getting better graphics without sacrificing game play please post.
  20. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    That's probably not going to happen. While you need pretty good hardware to run it, some things just don't work well. You probably aren't going to notice much past 2 -3x internal resolution. The problem you run into is when you go higher things like grenades, grass, particle effects all become an issue.
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