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Discussion in 'SOCOM On XLink' started by brad2192, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    Then why not implement that into the patch? Not for nothing if the patch users can use the patch they also have the ability to use the ISO so I don't know what all the fuss is about. If people want to cheat and know how, they're not gonna need my ISO to do so.
  2. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    Weird how you failed to mention that anywhere. It's not on the facebook post or any video.




    So unless I am missing something or you are using invisible text, you haven't been straight forward with anything.

    I am not saying it's wrong to use what is publicly posted information. That's why it was posted but don't claim you have something that you don't. You failed to credit anyone who had anything to do with the original work and you try to pass shit off as your own. You even made it come out as if you fixed the plugin in your posts.
  3. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Changes are made to the patch when the majority votes on it and if the change is even viable. The ISO in question allows the users to see through areas where particles would normally render along with the higher fps which I'm assuming is disabled vsync. If this is true it gives the user an advantage. One of the advantages being the ability to see through smoke since the particles don't render. Disabled vsync can cause the user to perform certain functions faster than normal.
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  4. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    @1UP I don't know what you're trying to prove here. I hadn't passed off anything as my own and I don't know who would try as it is VERY public info. Keep looking in the post. Either way all I'm trying to do is help the community and I'm tired of hearing shit. I spent plenty of time working on shit for these people. So, take it somewhere else.
  5. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    You didn't state it anywhere, what I posted in the screenshot is all that is visible. So unless I am missing something feel free to post it. When you are posting shit that will negatively impact the game, I have every right to say something about it. Just because you can't seem to understand what that stuff does isn't my problem. If you want to give people a way to cheat then take that shit elsewhere.

    I'm more or less tired of people claiming they have something that they don't and then don't bother to credit the people who put in the work that they are using. This stemmed from you telling me to grow up. Well I will do that when you stop taking credit for people's work.
  6. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    I completely understand it can be used as an advantage. But, simply put it doesn't. It keeps it the same rate as the PS2. And to justify your point by being a complete hypocrite will be pointed out. You're a coder, we've all heard the same story "I don't do it in game". I used to get froggered online by you all the time lmao. Not to mention it is not an ease-of-access cheat, if the guys know how to do it my ISO won't help bottom-line. Go search for yourself, I could give a fuck what anyone thinks. My work is there, some people appreciate the time I've put in to make the countless tutorials and fixes.
  7. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    Simply put it is. There's no way around it.

    Well you couldn't have been froggered by me because I never used that code let alone played outside of a GNK room in Eseals. So that's a thing. You are grasping so hard at straws that you just don't have. You gave out a pretty big cheat and are somehow trying to justify it.

    Faster frame rates affects more than just a counter. It can affect animations, reload times, move speed and interactions with objects.

    I noticed that you also deleted that page.
  8. Hey Brad, anyway you can fix the crossroads map? its way to bright and the guns, names, and map don't look right...everything else with the emulator works great..no lag, very smooth, looks amazing. Tweaked my settings to run silky smooth.
  9. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    You should be using the D3D9 (hardware) or software option. D3D11 has issues with a lot of maps
  10. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I will say it was refreshing to watch someone scramble out an ISO in 20 minutes regardless.

    Dude literally should develop in some capacity as I appreciate his sense of purpose
    Don't take it personal brad2192 but he's right. Let's not get into the weeds, but we've seen the "wallsliding effect" and how that leads to people taking "advantage" of a quirk or bug and look what it did, it divided everybody. This would be compounded to a smaller subset, yes, but despite your intentions, it's just not viable to believe in responsibility.

    I agree that these types of changes need to be carved out in the patch, if anything.
    Have to remember though that MOST if not 97% of people will not do this. 1UP is just providing you with a truth. Also most people have no clue about the inner workings of cheat devices. Most wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole. Fact is the emulator struggles and that might just be the reality of the situation to which something cannot be improved upon any further. There is no doubt your heart is in the right place.
    This shit is SO inside baseball I hope it serves as a lesson in collaboration. We need to do better on both sides.
    You two need to find some middle ground. Between the both of you is some really great knowledge I don't want lost to ages. I've said this countless times that it would be awesome for a few of you to join forces and help us forge new alliances and propel this thing of ours to another level.

    I think we are gonna start seeing a lot more changes around here and folks (whether they like it or not) might even see new sub sections to the forums correlating to the different SOCOM efforts as time goes on and when the website efforts catch up with the demand of such services and amenities.

    Be awesome to have Harry, 1UP, Brad, etc on the same team pushing out hotfixes, patches, tech support, marketing, media, web design, coding, etc etc etc for the greater good as well as personal achievement to further their professional goals, whatever those may be. I think if we can see more collaboration, less in-fighting, passions realized, we may find ourselves in a pretty good place to create new opportunities to grow SOCOM on a larger scale.
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  11. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    I have no problem working with other people in general. Even after all this I wouldn't have an issue working with brad on things. The idea of keeping things private just leads to things not getting done and for one reason or another a lot of people do just that. I understand why because of people stealing code and the sorts. There was some issues with a guy using emulation code and making changes while keeping those private which was against the software license. It's a big deal when dealing with open source projects.

    I try to be as open as possible with anything that I do, I've posted new things as I come across them in the development thread even if they really don't have a massive significance in the grand scheme of things. I mainly just do it since I have access to some of the harder things to come by and by posting my findings, hopefully someone might be able to do something with it that either I didn't think of or couldn't do. Sadly from the looks of it and this isn't directed to anyone, I feel like this is one of those I want to make the server so I can have my name on it things. Everyone wants some form of fame for whatever reason and that shouldn't be the case.

    This is a pretty big issue for any online gaming community that is facing a problem where people want servers but no one wants to work together. I've seen things about a mobile game that had the servers shut down and a guy who is pretty well known in being able to create servers couldn't get the files he needed because the only guy that is known to have them was basically holdem them ransom for fuck all reason.
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  12. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Please don't misconstrue the point as I completely understand both sides. Especially the ethical line being drawn. I just hope collaboration over side taking occurs because as you've stated, the actions of the past are bound to be repeated if this were to continue being a us versus them kind of thing. I also agree that some of this shit needs to stay in the past and we might try and approach it with new eyes and ears seeing as how the landscape has changed even from just a couple years ago.

    I think we all can agree that open source is the way to go. Folks like Tripp were instrumental in helping people solder mics and he did that despite people wanting to roll it out themselves in another kind of way. Thing is, we can all agree (hopefully) that this (holding back information) isn't good when we have so few left to carry the torch.

    And your last sentiment is indeed, a very shitty situation that most if not all, want to avoid.
  13. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    No no, I didn't take it as that. I knew you were responding to both sides. I understand where brad was coming from, it was just not a good move to do that. It would have been better to talk that one out instead of rushing to put something like that out into the wild but what's done is done sadly. I saw your post as a voice of reason, I wouldn't have taken that any other way. From other threads I've seen you post in, you seem pretty level headed while others (myself included) can get pretty heated.

    Seeing how xlink is more accessible to people now (realistically that can be taken as a stretch since it really depends on the effort and patience someone wants to put in) I would imagine seeing this grow even more. Well hopefully. Seeing 100 people in the xlink channel and 3-4 rooms up in the public lobby is always a good thing to see. Getting more eyes on the game is only going to be a good thing and hopefully that will also attract more people who would be interested in working together.

    I have had some ideas to make LAN in general better but time is really a factor when it comes to getting to those things. Then you have other projects like SVDL that look really promising but there's also alot that goes into that testing wise from the looks of it. If that pans out , it looks like an easy drop in replacement.

    As for the mic soldering thing, I never heard of that, what was that about?
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  14. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Just simply providing a video or schematics for them old USB 1.0 mics and soldering another 3.5mm jack to the driver board in the box. As you might of missed, the e-Seals League allows you to hear the in-game banter now.

    I submitted my runs to https://www.speedrun.com/socom_us_navy_seals using the actual mic to call out commands and their responses are heard.

    Them other shitbirds all use the dropdowns like assholes. :)

    Little things like that for me, go a terribly LONG way. The quality of the presentation now is a lot better. I just now want to parlay the effort into applying the same concept to high quality cans or even my $150 Plantronics wired USB microphone. Thing is, I am a dumb idiot when it comes to this stuff. Without Tripp, I'd still be asking anyone who would listen (I'm nobody) and people would still be shrugging. Tripp walked into a Car Installation place and just asked. :facepalm:

    So I went to my local music store. Presto!

    That day I reached out to FB to "build a bridge" and I have been reaping metaphorical dividends ever since. This microphone scenario is but one example.

    Now we just need a revolution... :eyes roll:
  15. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    Go to the options and adjust brightness
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  16. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    Update: 2.3GB PS2 HDD Image uploaded to Mediafire link located in tutorial with HDD Maps pre-installed. Modified SOCOM II R0004 Disc image is required which is contained in downloads as well.
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  17. Morris-B82

    Morris-B82 Butterstick

    Probably a dumb question but if I have everything already working how would I test the new image? Would I just put the image file in the root of pcsx2 folder? Also would I still run the 5v57b.elf to launch the game?
  18. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    No the r0005 patch will not work.
  19. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    The R0005 patch only works with the R0001 version of SOCOM II
  20. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    Update: 2.0.4a of SOCOM on PC was released early yesterday, along with SOCOM II R0004 HDD maps. 2.0.4a is a newly compiled versions with all new updated plugins

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