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Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by LesbianSeaguLL, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. SkiMask

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    When did the guns start firing like every bullet sploded? I don't remember them being so "loud". Hell, two years ago them gun sounds were peeeerfect. Now?
  2. Tawok

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    One thing they're not really noting is that this really isn't "SOCOM Source Revived". It's lost all it's SOCOM identity except for crosshair and maps. I watched a video the other day on the "SSR" shit. No SOCOM music or sounds. I wonder if they even still have the gun tweaks. It's just third person Insurgency on SOCOM maps at this point.

    I guess it's better than nothing if you don't want to play on XLINK for some reason.
  3. FalconSage

    FalconSage Green Up

    yo guys the servers are live, we have 2 of them running right now and no we did not steal them from Redline they are remade, and redesigned, some of the previous map makers that helped redline are involved with this and getting these servers up and running, Keep in mind these are relitively new and we are trying to get it to the point where the previous mod was at but we are starting from scratch. we are kind of learning as we go. investing our own money and lots of time into these servers. We started these servers up because we miss a place to play socom and i will always be a socom fan so weather 1 person or 300 people play on these servers there will always be one open and always be constantly worked on.
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  4. FalconSage

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    we will be adding in music and everything, guns are being tweaked constantly and we didnt make this to be exactly socom, we want it to be what Socom 4 was supposed to be. we are trying to figure out demolition mode as well right now but like i said we are new to this so we are working on it and if anybody has any ideas or tips that would be awesome. right now we have suppression and intel mode which seem to be working quite well for the momment
  5. FalconSage

    FalconSage Green Up

    Live times are normally around 1 and 8 is when we see the most traffic, we also have a ranking system that literally covers all statistics in the game. also working on a clan system as well, also mixer, quarenteen and chain reaction are in the works as well. there are only 3 guys currently working on this and so with patience this mod will be great
  6. oni64

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    Good luck with the mod. I know that there is a small following for it. I think someone from your camp should stream the mod on twitch more consistently.
  7. xSneak

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    I played this a couple times. The guns feel inconsistent and unbalanced; the bullet registration takes wayyy too long; first person view doesn't have the same recoil as third; there's no ambient sound on the maps; the maps are the barebones ps2 versions; and a whole litany of other issues.

    I'll check back on this in a couple months. It is unplayable for me right now with the delayed bullet registration and inconsistent guns.
    I still managed to get called a cheater though. :oops:
  8. Laziness

    Laziness Free Pizza

    Perfect beginning there, teammates talking shit, TKing, and voting a guy out. #SOCOM
  9. FalconSage

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    oni, im working on trying to get someone to stream more often, i would if i was able to be on more but im constantly working on something or doing research, come try the mod out then hate on it, yeah its a mess atm but it will even out and be great
  10. Animal-_-

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    Who are you talking to?

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    My guess would be xSneak.
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  12. rev

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    This is nice and all, but I just want to play SOCOM on a console. I played the Resurgence/SOCOM Source mods with a controller and it was legit, I fucked up mouse and keyboard players, but when I was playing with the best players on the mod some of them were absolutely tough to beat solely due to the fact that they just had an advantage. I couldn't be as accurate as they were from a further distance and that was crucial, especially when my controller had lag delay and their mice are all pin point accurate with no delays or lag.

    I want SOCOM on console where it belongs and I want to be able to play competitively with no disadvantages.

    This mod is going absolutely nowhere, because well, it's a mod and it will never be a standalone game that has a chance of being on consoles.

    If people want to have a little SOCOM fun playing this, more power to them, but I don't think this is anything anyone should be sinking everyday of their life to develop expecting the community to grow to something it will never be.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    My clan never had any issues beating KB/M players.

    We played on Gamebattles. Only the best played on Gamebattles.
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  14. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Just saw this today.

  15. SkiMask

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    I sort of cringed wondering if Chicken would bring up that peripheral debate and sure enough, you do one better. It is a real concern and from what I've heard, there is no curtailing it. Fuck if I am ever going to switch so I hope there is some breakthrough with soft/hard ware to combat this kind of stuff. HAS to be a way to detect that a peripheral is connected and disable the USB or something.
  16. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    I think that has to be possible on console somehow. On PC, I have no idea how you'd enforce it. For starters, the controllers are USB in themselves. Secondly, I'm pretty sure you could easily fuck with the firmware to make it appear like a controller even though it's a keyboard. This whole kb/m vs. controller thing is something I feel like holds back any PC entry to the TPS arena. It's just not an even playing field, and it's a well documented issue.
  17. RaidenXS

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  18. Tawok

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  19. Dresden

    Dresden Green Up

    What times do people get on? I am from Europe so I hope the time difference isn't going to be too bad. I think in a previous post you mentioned 1 and 7 is that 1PM-7PM or 1AM-7AM?
  20. Rey Lo

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    Hey Man Longtime SOCOM Fan, I have played Resurgence before until redline removed, Now that its back up, Everytime I join I get thrown out saying I don't have the maps,, Where can I get the maps, I need Socom! And Awesome Site I just found this today, I thought socom was Dead, Shame on me

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