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    PRE_-CISION-_ already made a thread about this in mindless ramblings but in case some of you guys don't often look at the forum sub sections and stick to the main Socom forum I wanted to put it here as well.

    Shooting for a 12 team league, currently 5 joined and the draft is Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern time (2 days from this post). There's no money involved, it's just a for fun league for some competition and maybe some smack talk lol. It's being done through the ESPN site. If you want in let us know in the comments below and one of us will send you the league join page link to your PM box.

    Some of the format may change based on the final tally who sign up before the draft. (Example: If we get the 12 teams it will be a one quarterback league whereas if we can only manage like 8 teams it might be changed to a 2 quarterback league).
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    We're up to 7 out of the 12 spots filled, just need 5 more to fill it up for Tuesday's draft. Like I said if you want in just let us know here or send a PM to @PRE_-CISION-_ and he'll send you the link to the sign up page.
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    You doing a PPR league?


    As of PRE_-CISION-_ last update I believe it's set to standard. I know Mack was lobbying for PPR in the mindless ramblings thread and I would be fine with it if that's what most guys preferred to play.

    Here's the details he gave:

    Leagues hosted on ESPN:

    - Live Draft TUESDAY 9pm Eastern!!!
    - 12 teams standard scoring

    I believe he can still adjust it before the draft. I prefer standard myself but I'm doing both standards and PPRs this year so I'm not against either format.
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    I might jump in on it.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    With 3 WRs PPR might shade the scoring too much towards passing. Im good with either format really.
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    I'm interested, but I've never done FF before... so I wouldn't know what i'm doing?

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Really simple.

    You draft a team. In this case its 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1TE, 1Flex (which can be a WR, RB, or TE) 1 Kicker, and 1 Defense/Special Teams.

    You'll also have 5-7 bench spots to fill for when a player you own has a bye week and you need to substitue.

    Scoring is pretty simple. A TD is 6 pts, every 10 rushing or rec yards are 10 pts. You defense gets points for scoring or for holding teams to fewer points, etc.

    The league keeps track of all the points so you dont have to do any math or anything.

    The draft runs just like any other draft. Order is randomly determined right before it starts.

    Just join up and read an introduction to FF online and you'll be fine. Its not the Rocket Surgery that FF geeks try to make it out as. Most of the time a trained monkey could have a break even record in a FF league.
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    Hey Phantom, since you haven't played before you'll have to create an account with ESPN to use first, then you can join if you want to. It may seem a little complicated when you first sign up and look at the league home page but you can check out the menu system and browse through it. ESPN for the most part pre ranks the players for you in order of who tends to be the most sought after players for fantasy scoring but there is a tab where you can edit your pre rankings going into the draft. So for example, if ESPN has Odell Beckham ranked above Julio Jones and you personally think Julio Jones is a better receiver you can bump Julio Jones above Odell. The pre rank list is simply a guideline list and as the draft is going, as people are picked they will disappear from the list so you know who is still available to pick. If for some reason you were having internet troubles during the draft or you had to run to the bathroom and you miss your turn to pick, that pre rank list will automatically select the highest ranked guy left on the list so that's why it's good to browse their rankings and make sure it's set to your liking of who you would pick before who.

    As Mack said you pick position players for offense but when it comes to defense you only pick the team. So if you like Denvers defense for example and they are available when you feel it's time to pick defense you would just pick Denver, you don't pick individual positions on defense, you pick the defense team as a whole.

    The draft is snake format so if you wound up getting stuck being the last team to pick a guy in the first round, you would get the first pick in the second round as it goes back the other way.

    General draft dos/ dont's for new guys:

    Don't waste early picks on a kicker no matter how elite a kicker you think he is. If you try picking kickers or even defenses too early you might find your roster of position players is lacking come end of the draft.

    RBs and WRs tend to be hot in the early rounds because they are a large percentage of your score in this kind of format and because each team needs 3 and 2 of each the talent in those positions start to disappear very rapidly. In standard leagues many people like to go top RB first if they have an early first round pick because workhorse running backs who get a lot of touches are getting more rare these days where many teams use 2 backs frequently. Many guys even in standard drafts these days though will forgo an RB early to get an elite WR like Antonio Brown. People usually wont waste a first or second round pick on any tight end who is not named Gronkowski lol, but gronk does tend to be a popular late first round pick for those who miss out on the top name RBs and WRs. You'll probably notice to that outside of Cam Newton and Aaron Rogers, most people won't think about drafting a QB till third round or later.

    Anywho, that's just some basic guidelines. But sometimes the guidelines go straight to hell once the draft starts and people start making picks you weren't expecting and you have to throw your original game plans out the window. I mean I might go into a draft 6th pick overall and decide "I'm going to go top WR first" but Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and Odell Beckham all go before it gets to me, I might now be forced to go RB instead if some of the top guys in that position fell to me.
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    Just an update to for those browsing who think they might want to jump in on this, we're up to 9 people now, there's three spots left and the draft is tomorrow so don't be afraid to speak up if you want in cause draft day is approaching quickly lol.
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    Update here on the League. In order to generate more interest to fill the final 3 spots I have decided to donate a very special prize for the winner.

    The winner of the League will get 5 nudes autographed personally by me as well as a free 10 minute cam show where I perform my famous "Disappearing Zucchini" act.
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    Gotta do 2 WR for PPR these days with the actual league being pass happy. Paul has a FF league that's been going on since the days and it's PPR, but we reduced the number of WRs from 3 to 2 this season.

    I might join, but I don't know if I'll be home for the draft. That's the only thing preventing me. I might sign up at the last minute tomorrow night if I know I'm gonna be available.


    We had 9 players but after this post 8 people dropped out lol.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Thats only because you told them you took the buy it now price and it would no longer be available. And no, I dont have a crotchless scuba suit so get that idea out of your head for one of your photos.


    You could still join even if you can't be there. Just make sure ahead of time you hit up the pre draft rankings and make adjustments to where you disagree with the official rankings of the players. I know auto drafting isn't ideal as the computer won't compensate based on who is left in the draft and is stuck following who is top on your list but it's not a cash league, just for fun and over the course of the season free agents will emerge who you can replace bad draft picks with so it wouldn't be too bad. I missed one of my Yahoo league drafts and wound up with DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Bryant, and Jordy Nelson at receiver and kinda weak everywhere else because it just so happened that every time it got to my turn in the early rounds, a WR was the next highest on my prerank list apparently. But I still wound up with Doug Martin and Denagelo Williams who will be a decent RB till week 4 when Bell comes back and that gives me three weeks to look for injuries or other running back options emerging on the FA list. Tyrod Taylor at QB who should be at least serviceable, so I mean auto drafting doesn't necessarily mean you'll be stuck with the worst team in the world.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    2 or 3 high profile injuries completely fuck up everybody's team every year without fail.

    Adrian Petersons child abuse case screwed up entire leagues in week 2 in 2014, Jamal Charles and Leveon Bell last year, etc. Most winning teams dont even have half the players they originally drafted by the time the playoffs start.

    Ive won leagues where only 2 or 3 of my original picks were still on the team when the playoffs started. I drafted CJ Anderson with the first pick in my money league last year and I still won the title with shrewd trades and great waiver wire pickups. Thats the true skill of FF, the moves you make during the season.
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    I picked Eddie Lacy first overall last year in a money league. I could have gotten the same value if I had drafted the third string RB on most teams first lol. I was lucky enough to grab Devonta Freeman before anyone else could but I still missed the playoffs by one game. I hate the first pick in a draft because if your number one pick is a bust, you then have to sit through like 23 picks (in a 12 team) and watch all the top talent go. So if your top player is a dud or gets hurt early on it's like you didn't get your first pick till the beginning of the third round.

    At least with a more middle position in the draft you have a chance of getting two very solid players in the top tier in case one is a bust. Put it this way, I'd rather draft 12th then 1st but ideally I like a spot between say like 4 to 6 draft spot in the first round because it gets back around to you early enough to still have a chance at top talent in round 2. while at the same time has you picking early again in round 3. Those top three rounds will tend to make you or break you a lot of times. Like if after 2 rounds last year you had Jamal Charles as the second pick overall and Andrew Luck lasted till it got back to you in round 2 you were likely thinking you were off to a great start yet your season was pretty much toast at that point once it started to play out.
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    I've done a draft already on the mobile ESPN app, it's pretty good so that's always an option as well. I wouldn't sweat not making it. Damn autopick is always grabbing the steals who fall.

    I sent an invite in your message box if you decide to join smokey, you as well @Fighting Phantom

    If you two join up we will be one short. Preferably I would like someone from TRS to join but I'll fill any remaining slots with active players regardless
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    Send me one
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    More of a lurker on this site than poster but ill join in.

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