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    I still think you have a good shot next week. He has a lot of players that have been ify in recent weeks like Ingram, Diggs, and jennings who was trending upwards but now seems to be going back to his usual crap running back self. Tom Brady will be all right if he just goes check down dink and dunks to his RBs and TE while the WRs draw Talib and company away from the line. Plus with he way Denver's offense has been sputtering, he might get a lot more time with the offense of the field so he might not have the most quality outing but with a lot of quantity of having the ball in his hands he might make a respectable day out of it.

    Seattle looks bad for Gurly on paper but for whatever reason LA seems to play the Seahawks well when they meet up. With them afraid to throw that might be another quantity game that gives you a look of quality. Maybe he rushes for only 60 or 70 yards on 26 carries but gets a score with it. Atlanta is a good match up for a pass catching RB which Hyde is. If you don't like all those Pats against Den next week you can sit the weakest link out of them and try Gillislee in Flex against Cleveland who has been so bad against the run they often give up big running days to both the starting and 3rd down/passing backs in many games. Just don't worry too much about the default projections cause if you do that'll talk you out of taking risks like that. Sort of the way I left Tyreek Hill on my bench for a 29 and 39 point week this season in my money league cause I was too concerned about projections and more well known names starting. I wanted to start him both times but couldn't bring myself to bench a Landry or Moncrief with higher projections for him so I paid the price.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Gurly has me concerned obviously with a dumpster fire coaching staff and 2 days to prepare for a roadtrip to Pretty much the nightmare scenario for any team with a rookie QB. That game could easily be 40-0 by mid 3rd qtr. You make a good point though that they will probably feed him the ball a lot. If youre a betting man the line opened at Seahawks -14.5 and thats about 10 pts too low. That game is the lock of the year. Seatle wins by 25+ easily.

    We also have a weird matchup because he has Crabtree and I have Cooper. So depending on how the Oakland game goes, that could really fuck me if Cooper is getting a lot of attention and it helps Crabtree, or Vice versa.

    I'll just have to assemble my team with spit and glue like I have all year and hope it holds up. I think having played the year with the biggest bust in Fantasy (Gurley), a QB who was suspended the first 4 games, a WR1 who has been suspended the last 4 games and hasnt done shit all year, its pretty obvious I deserve the Owner of the Year Award for my amazing ability to withstand so much adversity and still be able to reach the heights I have. Only my talent and brilliant maneuvering could have brought this team to the Playoffs.
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    Well it looks as though my pre game lineup changes worked out just as I anticipated they would.

    At this point there is no doubt that I am GOAT status as far as my Fantasy skills go. Tommy Terrific sodomized yet another opponent, and my brilliant roster moves netted me a TD for each Pats player I started. I go into the 2nd week of my Playoff matchup with a 39 point lead and Im a virtual lock to be in the Championship Game where I belong.

    Id like to say Im amazed by my performance, but Im not.

    Ive learned to expect excellence from myself.


    You definitely had yourself a week and good timing going against a team that had Bell. You have a 39 point cushion next week and while I don't know if you have the matchups to win next week I think it looks good enough to stay within 39. It's going to depend what he can come up with for that TE spot of his, if he can trust Jordan Reed or not. He has a team capable of doing 120+ point weeks as he's done a few times so you just gotta hope next week doesn't flip flop where he gets the 125 game and you get like the 80 pointer. If Jordan Reed was healthy I'd say he still has a chance to do it with a full roster at full strength but I think Reed is going to be more decoy and coverage draw while Davis and the WR get all the work. Reed was one of his important pieces in a lot of his big scoring weeks so I don't know if he can pull it off with some pieces missing. Ingram is a feast or famine guy who decides to play like he's David Johnson for a week and then follows that up with three weeks of Matt Asiata type numbers. Playing the Cards I'd lean towards another Asiata like performance for him next week.

    Looks like you're going to be the one who has to take down Goldy though he didn't score enough to clinch this week. He stayed low enough where A Team Has No Name is in fair striking distance and is a team who has had a fair share of high scoring weeks eve though his record doesn't reflect it. His point total overall shows he's a capable threat any given week.

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    Thats a great "Mel Kiper" type write up.

    It really is......

    But you're forgetting one thing, son......

    There aint no accounting for TOMMY TERRIFIC, BABY!

    The single greatest athlete that we have all been privileged to watch for the past 15 years is on my squad........

    And he WILL NOT let me down. He doesnt know how to. Even if he wanted to, he couldnt. Because all he does is win. He is the absolute unquestioned greatest man any of you mortals have ever been blessed to watch perform.

    And hes MINE!

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    Quarterback, I'll give you. Athlete? No chance.

    In no order:
    Kobe Bryant
    LeBron James
    Usain Bolt
    Brock Lesnar
    Brian Urlacher
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Michael Phelps

    I could go on, but you get the point...
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    But I watched him play golf on Entourage...

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity


    I love how you try to sneak Brian "I run around and jump on piles after the tackle has already been made" Urlacher in the middle of the list to make the absurdity of including him not stand out.

    He wasnt even the best LB on his team most of his career, let alone one of the best athletes of the past 15 years.

    Kobe Bryant: In the argument
    LeBron James: Massive PED user, excluded
    Usain Bolt: Massive PED user, excluded
    Brock Lesnar: Massive PED user, excluded
    Brian Urlacher: lol
    Cristiano Ronaldo: Plays soccer, excluded
    Michael Phelps: Massive PED user, excluded

    Take a look at this man. This is what a physical specimen looks like:


    He could kick the ass of every guy on your list, and then go out and lead a game winning drive in the Super Bowl while simultaneously moistening the vaginas of 500 million women watching him around the world. Remember that chick you picked up at the Superbowl party and screwed? You can thank Tommy Terrific for that.

    He is the absolute GOAT athelete, QB, and man who has ever lived. He makes Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood look like Sigfreid and Roy.

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    Urlacher not the best LB on his team? Who then? Lance Briggs? Not even close. Rosie Colvin for the 3 years they played together? Nah. Urlacher was arguably the best LB of his generation. Him, Ray Lewis, and Derrick Brooks. I'd say that's it. 6'4", 260 and ran a 4.5 40. Brady cannot compare to Urlacher's athletic prowess. I didn't put him in the middle to hide him, I said, in no particular order.I named better athletes, not necessarily best players at positions. I would give you Brady there almost as the all time, but you can't discount Joe Montana and even John Elway. It's debateable, but I would say those three for sure are the best QBs ever.

    Based on your point about Lesnar, which I agree with, I will remove him. No one else you accuse has been caught, so they stay and are better athletes than Brady. Phelps is a drunken stoner, so he is actually HAMPERING his performances LOL. To discount CR7 because he plays one of the most demanding sports in the world, and has played at the highest of levels for so long,, is ludicrous. I love football, but let's take the total amount of actual physicality in a 3 hour broadcast and compare it to soccer. Football averages what, 15-20 minutes of delayed play? Soccer is nearly nonstop 45 minutes at a time. If Tom Brady was the most athletic football player, I'd be inclined to agree with you, but he isn't even the most athletic quarterback. best? For sure. Most Athletic? Right now I'd have to give that to Russell Wilson.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I kid, bro, I

    I see where you're coming from completely.

    You really bust out the fangs when it comes to Urlacher, huh? Hahaha.

    In fact, Brady is probably the WORST "Athlete" in the NFL.

    But yea, LeBrick is a notorious PED user and despite never testing positive in the NBAs joke of a testing policy, has been proven to be linked to numerous well known doping figues in Miami as well as playing alongside another of the biggest dopers in the league, Dewayne Wade.

    Positive test or not, it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to do the amount of aerobic activity an NBA player does throughout a calendar year to maintain the amount of lean muscle mass either Wade or LeBrick do. Wade also is strongly linked with a convicted steroid user/dealer from Miami who he was parntered with in a restaurant who has given information about his drug use during deposition for a lawsuit.

    If you look at Wades physique from 03'-Now you can see the noticeable deflation of someone on gear. He was fucking shredded and pumped until about 3 years ago when he came back from an injury and looked like Irv Gotti, all flabby and shit. Google Dewayne Wade Jaw and look at comparative photos of when he came in the league vs now. He looks like a chipmunk. Same thing with LeBrick. He had to have a "tumor" removed from his jaw a few years ago, which was really just a cosmetic procedure to reduce the Frankentein effect that chronic HGH users get when their jaws and forehead grow to crazy proportions due to overuse.

    As far as Renaldo goes, Soccer is not really a sport. Its a bunch of men running around for 90 minutes falling down and waiting for a referee to call a penalty and occasionally kicking a ball. However, even though this ridiculous activity isnt actually a sport, the "players" are all hopped up on EPO, Prednisone, and that new Russian shit that just got banned that got Sherapova banned from Tennis (While Serena Williams continues to test negative, lol).

    Phelps is on gear too, its just that his chemist is further ahead of everyone elses because Swimming is the dirtiest sport this side of Track and Field and Cycling. He just didnt get caught because whatever the Hell hes on doesnt even have a test yet.

    Who am I kidding......It really doesnt matter. It would be quicker to just name the athletes who WERENT on shit than the inverse. Literally 90%+ of professional athletes are on PEDs of some sort so I guess its kind of stupid on my part to even hold it against the ones who are.

    One guy I KNOW isnt is Brady though. Because I know plumbers in their mid 50s with a better physique than him, lol.
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    Yeah I can agree to pretty much all of that. Except for the soccer remarks. You're crazy to think that is not a sport. No fangs at all either. Just enjoying this topic of discussion. Back to fantasy: speaking of your boy Tom Terrific; his boy in the backfield LeGarrette Blount saved my rear end last night in the first round of the playoffs. I had Antonio Brown, Greg Olsen and Seattle's D completely crap the bed yesterday. Lucky for me, my opponent and the same thing happen to him via Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald and Devonte Freeman. I had Blount and Steve Smith the Ancient come through for me in the laste game last night.

    I drafted Blount early. I KNEW he was going to have a good year and he has not disappointed me. Sleeper pick of my league BY FAR.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I kid about Soccer. Those dudes are in tip top shape to do what they do.

    Blount I missed out on by 3 picks in this league. had him targeted from the jump and got greedy hoping he would drop another round and somebody grabbed him. I think Im gonna be set up well because I grabbed K Dixon a couple weeks ago on the come hoping he'd get more involved late season and after his usage in last nights game I think hes gonna be on track for 20+ touches a game from now on. I can finally boot Gurley to the bench while waiting for him to have his breakout week while he shits out 5 points week after week.
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    Yeah unfortunately for Gurley he's got no one around him to take the heat off of him, so teams key on him, throw 9 in the box. You got a legend like Eric Dickerson WANTING to help and be a part of the team, but he gets told to pound sand when he brings up legit issues. Who wouldn't want ED playing a role with the team? Insane. Smoothest runner I have ever seen. Glad I got to see him his whole career. Never saw someone make it look so easy...

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I loved his style too, but Id be leary about having him in my players ears. He was one of the biggest ME guys ever when he played and he shrunk like daisy in crunch time.

    Highlightwise though hes beautiful to watch. That tall gazelle type RB is so rare and he was smooth as silk. The only back Ive seen that can compare to his smoothness was Marshall Faulk. He could just hop through a hole sideways effortlessly and glide for 20 yards. Faulk IMO was the best back of our generation. And that includes Barry Sanders, who I loved.

    Barry had too many 2,-3, 1, -3, 4, 2, -4, 78TD, -1, 5, -2, 65TD, 2, -3, 5, 2,-3 type statlines.

    Marshall rarely took a loss and always squirmed for an extra couple yards. 5 turned into 7, 3 turned into 5, etc. Plus he was the best backfield reciever probably ever.
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    I would have LOVED to have seen Walter Payton in today's game, or even when Faulk was in his prime in an offense that used the RB the way STL did. I honestly feel he was the best receiving back ever, and I am not saying that as a Bears homer. He set the tone for dual threat backs in an era where a receiving back was used as a bailout even moreso than today's check down usage. Same with Roger Craig in SF ( I think he was the first 1K/1K player in NFL history), but I think Payton was way better even as a dual threat and it would have shown if he was in a West Coast offense. I think Walter Payton may have been the greatest all around football player ever. Again, being unbiased as a Bears fan, hard as that may be to believe.

    Faulk also blew my mind. He first came to my ears as a freshman at San Diego State. Dude rushed had a 386 yard, seven touchdown game and came in second in the Heisman voting; as a FROSH, which was unheard of at that time. Over 7 yards per carry that year too.

    Leaving Indy was the best move of his life, and yes, without a doubt the best RB of our generation. LT was also damn good, but Faulk was insane.

    Barry? That dude was a real life video game. Mindblowing how he turned nothing into something. I honestly don't think he would have known what to do with a hole as big as the Dallas line used to open for Emmett Smith. LMAO!!!

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Funny how history repeats itself.

    Just like 25 years ago, Dallas has a RB who benefits from having the best Offensive Line of the decade and gets to run through gaping holes without even being touched for the first 5 yards. And because of that is thrust into the "Best RB in the league" discussion even though theres about a dozen RBs who would do the exact same or better running behind that line.

    Emmitt was an above average back who was extremely durable and benefited GREATLY from his O-Line. If he was drafted by Miami or Seattle he wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame.
  17. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    If Payton would have had Emmett's line, that record would be untouchable. He probably would have had a few 2K yard seasons.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Oh yea, absolutely. Sanders would have ran for 2500 yds and 30 TDs a year from 91-96 behind that line. Smith was such a stat whore compiler too. He would stay in blowouts to get over 100 yards, go back in the game to vulture TDs, and had a rule put in just for him so he would stop taking his helmet off.

    This kid on Dallas now is even worse. At least Emmitt would wait till he scored a TD before he would make it all about him. This Ewok looking idiot goes through his stupid ass "feed me" gyration after every run of more than 5 yards and does the now mandatory "first down" horseshit every conversion they make. I realize thats a leaguewide issue these days with every player shucking and jiving everytime they make even the most routine of plays, but Elliot is just intolerable. Hes the biggest punk in the league next to Odell Beckham.

    Im down on the NFL in general this year. Its been one of the worst regular seasons in recent memory and the player antics are really getting tiresome for me.

    Another issue is the constant wearing of these hideous alternate uniforms and the ridiculous obsession qith breast cancer that for some reason makes the league think its a good idea to have their uniforms covered in pink for an entire month. Add in the Salute to Service in November which has camouflage plastered all over the uniforms and the teams are wearing their "normal uniforms" less than half the season.

    I have no problem with maybe having a week dedicated to causes like that, but a month of each is overkill.

    They are also diluting the product by playing too many games on too many nights. The Sunday night game has become a chore and since they get the better game than Monday Night, has made Monday Night irrelevant. they need to move the more important game back to Monday Night and make it an event again, lose the Thursday night game until December, and have the Sunday night game start after Halloween or only if there is a great matchup that should have national exposure.

    By the time the Sunday Night game comes on, pwople are just weary, man. Theyve been watching football since noon and need to have some time to come down and prepare for the week. Also it was traditionally the wife/girlfriends time to then control the TV and watch their Sunday night shows, 60 Minutes etc. Not to mention Sunday night shows are usually the when the best shows from Networks like HBO and Showtime air and people dont want to have to choose between that and the NFL. I know if they pulled this shit while The Sopranos or shows like that were airing, they would lose a shitton of viewers.

    They need to go back to 1pm and 4pm games, make Monday Night Football an event again(it used to be the only redeeming quality of Mondays), and kill the Thursday night game till December.

    I wont even get into the absurdity of the London 9am game that is just the NFL trying to own Sundays from 9am to 12am. I mean seriousy? 15 hours of football? No thanks. And thats coming from a guy who has LOVED the NFL for 30 years and bets on almost every game in some way. Even Im sick of it.

    Goodell is going to have some issues soon. Ratings are in the tank this year, and a lot of players who prop the league up and drive viewership are gonna be gone soon and are being replaced by punks who dance around and get a flag everytime they get a chance. People are getting sick of it and there is going to be a backlash.
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    This right here is my number one concern. There is WAY too much football on now. Even college. There is football on almost every single day now. It is absolutely killing rating.

    I am honestly ok with players celebrating. Reason being is they don't really get a chance to market themselves. Baseball, basketball, and even to an extent hockey, are areas where players can self market, because you can actually SEE them. Football players are buried in all of that armor, and to be honest, if you didn't see some of them on commercials, you would never kow who they are. You can spot a Kirk Hinrich type guy or a Zack Levine, or a not so top tier player in the other 3 sports. Unless you are a Brady or a Rapelisberger type, it's hard to gain notoriety in the NFL. And for guys who do not get guaranteed contracts, being able to market yourself is paramount. As much of a talent as Chad Johnson was, it was his antics that got him noticed, and got him endorsements. I applaud the effort in a league where the owners have OVERWHELMING control over finances.
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    I hate my team. I had a first round bye and now I'll probably lose my first playoff game.

    Tom Brady
    Bilal Powell
    Robert Kelley
    Davante Adams
    Jamison Crowder
    Tyler Eifert
    AJ Green
    Steven Hauschka

    DeAndre Hopkins
    Matt Forte
    Devontae Booker
    Marcus Mariota
    Donte Moncrief
    Adrian Peterson

    I'm open to suggestions. I've thought about swapping QBs. AJ Green might play this weekend, but coming off a hamstring and playing the Steelers makes me cautious as fuck cause he could be done after two or three plays if he feels tightness. Peterson is my ace in the hole I just picked up if I somehow make it to the championship next week.

    Polling suggests fans want the NFL to relax their fucking dumb celebration penalties. Ratings are in the tank because there really aren't any standout teams this year. Cowboys and Patriots are about it. No one gives a fuck about the AFC West, most of the other teams are hovering around 10-6 finishes, but they've all gotten there the most boring ways possible.
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    I've heard people on the radio predict the NFL will kill it's own goose in the search of the all mighty dollar and be irrelevant in 25 years. From the players to the organizations to the shit they're pulling with having football on every god damn night. People get tired of it. Then the cheating, PEDs, slime on and off the field only contributes.

    At least that's what "they" say...

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