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    Please post your clan name, member list, your preferred time to war, and any other relevant information. I will update the OP as clans are added, members are shuffled, or information is changed. Here is a template:

    Clan Name: Victorious Secret

    *Leader- Tawok
    *Co-Leader- Open
    *Alt - Open
    *Alt2 - Open

    War Time: 9PM CST, Saturdays or Sundays
    Available games: S2/CA

    Tag line - "I'm not even mad."

    If we can get enough clans involved, I will host a tourney. Teams are restricted to a size of '6' at this time, as our experience shows that after 12 people are in a room it starts to lag and boot people.

    All wars will follow GameBattles rules. No IW-80, M14, GLs, Rockets, Wall-Jumping or exploiting of any kind. For a war to be official, there needs to be -TWO- unbiased spectators (we'll see how XL handles this, play it by ear). Either an alternate from each Clan, or two refs from non-involved clans.

    Time to throw down people. Bring your best and brightest, and let's WAR!

    Disclaimer - Please do not use this thread for recruiting. PM any clan leader/co-leader that you'd like to join, or create your own recruitment thread. This is solely a directory for finding other clans to war that fit your time constraints, and to shape up the possible tourney. Thanks guys.

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