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Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by MACK IS GOD, Oct 26, 2014.

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    It just isn't good. I only jump in to see the community maps. Some really good maps being made, waiting on that Confrontation map Kasbah by Poison! But gameplay is obviously lacking or people would play it! Its a great tool if you are a map maker and want to see your work in game.
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    I think everyone agrees when it comes to say that the game feel incomplete right now. You never know how things will turn out once the next patch will be out though. They will add climbing mechanics and improve the animations etc.

    The quality of this game resides in its community workshop right now. The perfect opportunity to try mapping a Socom inspired map if you ever wanted to do so and learn about UE4.
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    SO much to argue with here, but I am out of breath to debate this silliness with you. I just chuckled though Kmart. Make that argument by placing H-Hour in an equal position as the other two if you're gonna play the apples game.

    You're being intellectually dishonest and its glaringly obvious to those with intellect.
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    No you and Almericus are being dishonest when you keep trying to put H-Hour in the same realm as other historic gaming franchises and gaming companies.

    Why does Project Con look better and already have animations that took H-Hour years to implement? Because they didn't know what they were doing, they jumped on an opportunity to pimp the community of $250k and years down the line we now have this piece of shit game that is no closer to making it big than Project Con or Redlines project.

    After all that SoF Studios has done to this community, all the lies and all the corruptness that eventually came out you people are still talking about "wait till the next patch when they implement climb animations:...took 3-4yrs to put in climb animations good job guys.

    250k to either redline or project con and you're getting more put together than H-Hour has now, want to know how I came to that conclusion? Look at how far both of those projects have came minus 250k....point proven.

    You want me to support this project? Give me back my $100 I donated so I can give it to real game designers who actually know how to code and use the tools to create a game
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    I think you mean me not lil Al.

    That being said, I highly doubt SOF pimped out the community of $250. When the KS began, The core SOF starters were still around. Why do some people still back SOF and HHour? I can only answer for myself, I haven't seen any dishonest practices from Tom or SOF. Until that happens, I don't see how I could believe one side over the other. Just becomes a finger pointing game.and because of this "NDA" that I haven't even seen either, it's a stalemate.

    I also disagree with Proj Con backed with $250k would deliver as well. Throwing money at anything doesn't fix anything (see US gov't). Not that they're not talented, it just requires organization and order. Proj Con is a hobby between strangers with a loose goal in mind. I don't think there's enough discipline to finish it through.
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    You havent seen him do any other dishonest practices? Tom constantly shifts the goal posts on anything HHour. It doesnt matter what it is in regards to, he talks out of his ass all the time to pander to the suckers still with a glimmer of hope for whatever reason and the only people who would hold him accountable for this stopped giving 2 shits about this project like 2 years ago.

    I cant tell you how many times since EA even launched how he has given certain dates for the game or whatever being finished and now hes probably shifting it again. Next it will be by end of 2017, then it will be summer 2018, then end of 2018. More delays than a Rockstar game but atleast they dont put out garbage at the end of the day.
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    I laugh it up every time I read the Tom bitching catch phrases. This has been used again and again and is beyond ridiculous at this point.

    I won't say he haven't made mistakes but he even publicly apologied and you guys clearly don't see reality for what it is. When a gaming studio gives you an ETA for the game to be completed, this is called a GOAL. What is happening along the lines? Guess what? They are building the fucking game and some bad shit always happens in coding or w/e and this create delays especially when you are a low budget company with 1 programmer... not to mention that (Kevin) left the fucking studio with no motivation anymore leaving the game with an half coded nightmare.

    Tom had to try and ridicule himself trying to pitch the game in its previous state with investors. He learned his lesson.. he is waiting now. He don't have to do anything right now until the game is completed.

    The game takes time to develop? Oh this is surely the first time this happens for a video game? Some AAA games took 10 years guys. I don't see any other projects around that comes this close to Socom other than H-Hour and maybe Task Force.

    So take a chill pill while some real Socom fans works on something for you.
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    I played a few rounds for the first time in a year the other day. The maps far outscore the gameplay, player skins and animations. The character models don't fit the landscape and almost look/feel cartoonish.
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    I haven't seen him provide any dates. I would always ask but get the non-committal answer.
  12. Almericus

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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Why is he using quotation marks on the those words in his Tweet?

    In the context he is using them it would mean that there is something other than "HYPE" continuing, and that the map isnt "NEW".

    I realize he is from Canadia and as such is highly likely to have a room temperature IQ, but what was his intention with the quotes?

    Is it just because he is a moron, or is there something deeper happening?
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    Love you @MACK IS GOD haha!

    That map does look gorgeous.... I just don't get why any of this development isn't going on PS4? And don't give me the rehearsed answer, "it has to be PC development before it goes to PS4". Nonsense.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I watched some of @Focuzed stream last night playing and the maps really do look MUCH better than what they did. No idea about the gameplay or player animations, but just the maps themselves do look pretty good to me. Focused also said they will finally have jump to climb and ladders added in the next patch.
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  16. Almericus

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    lol. Well the reason why the devs don't build on PS4 right away is because Sony is being a douchebag and charge too much and delays testing and patch releases. They are building the game on PC until it is completed then port it to PS4 so they save money and trouble.

    oh btw, they finally got ladder climbing and ladder slide in!
  17. Focuzed

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    Let me make myself clear here so I don't get dragged into drama that may erupt.

    Jump to climb 100% is being worked on and tested. Not 100% sure it will make it into this next patch but it is soon. Just what I've been told.

    As they posted today, ladders are in testing and I've been told they should be in the next patch.

    More animations as well are being added in the next patch.

    Other things will be making it into this patch that I haven't mentioned and because of NDA I wasn't told what those are.

    Unconfirmed: New maps, new character customization items

    All I can say personally is that this game has done a complete 180 degrees. I did a full 8 hr stream of HHour last night up until 6 am and had the most fun I've had in a long time. With the new additions as well it will be even better. The game truly is starting to feel like Socom and you can check my 8 hr VOD from last night if you'd like ( )

    After Task Force testing tonight I'll be streaming and playing it again as well as giving away 5 copies of the game thanks to my community and the HHour team.

    The game is on sale for the steam summer sale right now for $5, and imo is a fucking steal at that price and if you don't have it already, you're doing a disservice by not getting it.

    This is not me whiteknighting SOF, but just relaying my experiences to you all. As I've stated before, I don't pledge allegiance to any of these games but to the respect of the people working their asses off to please such a shithole of a community. I've recently seen it one of two ways, either you're part of the solution or part of the overall problem. I choose to take another dive into HHour and it's been fucking great. The game is definitely headed in the right direction.

    Check it out if you'd like, it's $5 and worth another look or keep the hate and negativity in your heart and miss out.But me, I choose to be on the battlefield!
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  18. Almericus

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    Amen. Future for H-Hour and Task Force looks brighter and brighter. Competition between these two makes everyone a winner.
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    There's definitely some shitheads in this community, but there's also some real shitheads trying to leverage our passion with their indie projects as well. I'm glad you're enjoying the game and I also respect most of the devs working on them for doing shit on a volunteer basis. In the end though my personal decision about whether I support them or not revolves around the people at the top who will profit from those game's success. Nobody at SOF in those positions deserves a single cent of our money, notoriety in our community, or advancement in the gaming industry.

    I truly believe based on the events of the last 4 years and the resulting drops in community support that H-Hour is doomed to never climb very far above the level of support it has right now. Even taking out all the accusations that cannot be publicly proven because of NDAs, too many people were hyped up and then let down by the delays, heavy handed community management, disappointing content in the game itself, etc. It's not like Task Force where it's a brand new thing that's trying to get the attention of SOCOMers. SOF already got our attention and then dropped the ball, hard. Those members who were all over the SOF forums in the first year or so are almost all gone for one reason or another and I'm pretty sure they're never coming back.

    Enjoy the game and support the volunteers who have been smart enough to not become involved in the bullshit, but temper your expectations about what sort of community growth any of these updates are going to produce. No amount of patches is going to bring the SOCOM community to put it's full force behind H-Hour again.
  20. Focuzed

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    Well put, at the end of the day it's like I stated, either you let go of the hatred and play it or hold it in and miss out. If those that miss out are ok with doing so, then I respect that and are ok with it myself as well. I feel for just as many hold their anger in, there are an equal amount who support it.

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