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    To be honest, both the haters and the players of H-Hour will be dwarfed, hundreds of times over, by SOCOM fans who just don't know or don't care. I understand you're doing a giveaway tonight? If so, I'll definitely pop in and see if I can't snag a free go at the game, but considering I'm already 50 bucks in on a version I still probably won't get, even a Steam sale is unlikely to convince me to take the plunge. Doesn't help that my computer is the shits.
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    If by equal you mean those that are still on some forum or social media outlet talking about it, then it's possible those two groups might be equal. But I think if you take into account all the people I mentioned who were there in the beginning and have since left the building, never to be heard from again, the scales slam down with a crash on the side that doesn't support H-Hour. I don't feel like I'm missing anything, I have plenty of fun games to play including actual SOCOM.

    Also I wouldn't characterize what I feel about SOF as anger anymore, I really have let go of that. Sometimes I catch a whiff of some bullshit from their direction and I'll throw a comment or 3 their way, but I don't feel angry about it. I think a person can let go of hatred but still be wise enough to not get involved again with something where the elements that caused that hate are still present. That's the case with H-Hour and at the moment, with Task Force as well. Things may seem okay now, but the people responsible for the past drama are still there and I have no historical reason to think it will end up any differently than it has before. I hope for the community's sake I'm wrong.
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    Umm I don't know about that, I feel like once everything planned will be implemented then you'll see a bunch of people playing it...even the haters. Build it and they will come like they say?

    Do I wish that shit would of went down otherwise? Hell yes. It took me a lot a patience and for all of us to endure all of this and debate their cause but it feels so good to finally get some real positives back.

    Every time I got pissed I just looked away until I came back to get surprised with patches.. They really have a team able to do it right this time! :)


    Whether you like it or not, the "too little too late" mentality is quite prominent in gaming. How many titles in recent years have we seen that have a solid concept, but a botched launch, that never recover? Games like For Honor that waste their debut. It's been 5 years since I first got excited at the notion of H-Hour. The honeymoon period is long gone, I'm pretty sure we're at the trial separation phase already. This 5 dollar sale might help in the short term, but if H-Hour doesn't start to deliver the modernized but faithful SOCOM we've been waiting for, it'll be a small blip on a dead EKG.

    Personally, I think that as much as we revere features like jump to climb and ladders, they are smaller components of a grand contraption. Two features won't save this game. it's easier said than done, but the gameplay needs to change to more accurately resemble SOCOM. The movement speed, the gunplay, the time it takes to maneuver the map, and the time to kill all need to be just right. It's a tall order, and maybe the people in the hot seat now can do it, but it remains to be seen.

    The fact that the game gets as much community support as it does, considering how the people who introduced it to us have treated said community is nothing short of flabbergasting. I'm normally one for second chances, but SOFs made it to about their seventh before I lost count and stopped paying attention. Still, that alone is not enough. The custom maps, the classic maps, those are all great, and I have nothing but respect for the people who make them. Hell, I still watch whenever MoJoe streams his workshopping. But I can experience those maps in a lot of places, in more refined games (CS:GO) and even in the games of origin for said maps.

    I'm starting to ramble, so I'll end it here. If H-Hour improves, succeeds, and makes it to PS4, I'll be pleasantly surprised as a gamer, but shocked as a moralist.
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    Bottom line IMO... Until this on PS4, it will not hit numbers that make it note worthy. Not a hater but do troll my PS4 comments on FB, twitter and here. Lol it just needs to get done. They need to stop making excuses about Sony, money and this and that.

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