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    I would like to take the time to personally thank all of the great guests we have featured on the SOCAST series in the past. Below, you will find a list of SOCAST's "extended family" and where you can learn more about them.

    Episode 4: PAUL-AWOL- (6/7/10)
    Paul has his own clan website and forums open to all SOCOM fans out there you should check out. He is also a very strong contributor to the SOCOM.com message boards and has been for quite some time.
    http://forums.socom.com/t5/user/viewpro ... er-id/1477

    Episode 5: WarMachine_v1 (6/18/10)
    WarMachine is an active poster at the SOCOM.com forums and has offerened numerous "fan questions" that were featured on Zipper Interactive's podcast "Zipline".
    http://forums.socom.com/t5/user/viewpro ... r-id/33400

    Episode 6: BULLBOYKENNELS (6/27/10)
    Bullboy is a pitbull loving beast with a very successful YouTube channel. He has also recently teamed up with some other well known gamers to launch the all new "Average Gamers Network". This is a place where any gamer, regardless of skill level, can submit their gaming videos to be viewed by a much larger network they may not have access to on their own.

    Episode 7: Dr_McNOOB (7/6/10)
    Dr_McNOOB is well known for his famous "Microsoft Paint" pictures on the SOCOM.com forums. He is a well known poster to the SOCOM community and has a tendency to catch you off guard with wit & humor.
    http://forums.socom.com/t5/user/viewpro ... user-id/45

    Episode 8: xWARGOx (7/12/10)
    Wargo is a longtime memeber of the well known RMD clan (Recognize My Disease). He is a popular face in the SOCOM community and doubles as the Incredible Hulk's bodyguard that wears ice skates.
    http://forums.socom.com/t5/user/viewpro ... er-id/1393

    Episode 9: SpecterMK23 (7/21/10)
    "Spec" is a young and very insightful contributor to the SOCOM community. You can find some of his great posts at the SOCOM.com forums.
    http://forums.socom.com/t5/user/viewpro ... er-id/2192

    Episode 10: TOMBSTONE4U (7/25/10)
    If you don't know Tomb, then you must not read the SOCOM.com forums! Tombstone is one of the most popular writers to be found on the SOCOM.com message boards. You can view his work by following the link below.
    http://forums.socom.com/t5/user/viewpro ... er-id/7407

    Episode 11: SUKMYTURBAN (8/3/10)
    Turban, aka "Blackwido88" is a YouTube legend that started out covering the "infamous" launch of SOCOM Confrontation. He represents a large group of "old skool" fans in our community and has a massive library of gaming videos ranging from reviews to comical rants.

    Episode 16: TheAntiMartyr (7/11/11)
    TheAntiMartyr is a very perceptive voice in the SOCOM community. He has a very strong pc gaming background, and has been extremely active with being involved with the latest two editions in the world of SOCOM. He is also one of TheRealSOCOM.com's new forum moderators. You can learn more about him at http://www.youtube.com/IamTheAntiMartyr

    (Guests, please let me know if you would like me to update this thread with any information I forgot to mention.)
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    I never saw this before lol but add my YT channel ;) which I owe you thanks for in the first place lol

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