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    Hello Socom fans I'd like to share some details of a project that myself and another developer Krypton1te have been working on for the past months.

    Firstly, I'd like to say I am a huge Socom fan since Socom 2 and have I have played every release excluding the psp versions. However Socom isn't the only game I love from ps2 era and my work that I would like to share with you is attempting to cover multiple games as inspiration. Much like you guys I'm familiar with the story of being a huge fan of franchise and seeing it deteriorate and go in directions that alienated a community. Overall as a developer my goal is to provide some of the classic console experiences we had and blend them into a playable game that many people can enjoy.

    *Unnecessary back story nobody really needs to read*

    So back in November of 2003 while you guys were out picking up Socom and logging in for the first time. I was waiting a week for what would become my personal favorite game of all time. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun by EA's Los Angles Studio. Now let me say I love both franchises a lot personal preference is nothing more than exactly what that a personal feeling. For the MOHRS community we played a game that was smaller/less polished and much more of an aracdey arena first person shooter. It was a small tight nit community with around 100 clans we played clan battles from sun rise to sun set. 4v4, 3v3 and even 2v2. WW2, TDM untimed with a historically inaccurate Welrod OSK pistol that essentially fired like a golden gun with 3 second reload. It sounds like everything that Socom was not, right. While yes this may be true in a broad sense. I think there is something to say about that era of the first online console shooters that fits them together really nicely. Map design, aesthetics, server lists, community all these things that we dont get in todays modern games. In many ways these game developers had no idea how to design an online game for consoles so they had to be creative. I always will look at COD4 as the game that created the modern template forced every game to copy its systems and style and ruin both the franchises we love. Obviously you guys know the Socom 4 story, for us they shutdown Rising Sun servers on Jan 2007. With a decent sized nightly server list still going strong, released the next console MOH without online, the next one was awful and then used battlefield to make a second copy of the same modern fps series they already had and try to sell it twice with Medal of Honor 2010 and Warfighter. I know there are some people who might have enjoyed those but to a community and loyal fan base that had always played ww2 medal of honor it was like putting a socom game in outer space. I enjoy a lot of modern military games just Medal of Honor had no business becoming one in an already saturated market. Oh and the real kicker with Rising Suns server shutdown is that LAN play was only accessible once you had already connected to the EA server making it truly dead from even an Xlink standpoint.

    My main gaming buddies and I were fortunate enough to never really be without a home since we always played Socom 2 as our secondary game and would switch off after playing hours and hours of Rising Sun. Socom 2 was a great change of pace for us. And after Rising Sun went down Socom 3 and Combined Assault become our main staples all the way through Confrontation and then like an entire hour and half of playing Socom 4 that was the end. In that time since we looked at all sorts of modern games and thought this just doesn't cut in terms of playing the games we like. Nothing was team and skill based nothing, the word clan battle felt like it was from some old biblical terminology. There was much reminiscing and missing the games we loved. Kryptonite and myself were the main back in the day dreamers and we would talk about the crazy idea of just making our own game the way that we want. In 2011 knowing literally nothing we slowly started messing around with Source engine on pc and Krypto being the smartest most dedicated person I've ever met willed himself to remake two rising sun maps by gauging the scale by eye and just painstakingly going over every single unit of geometry.

    2011/2012 First map builds

    It wasn't much but to us it was a chance to see the game we loved updated into something new. We worked on and off in source from 2012-2013 working to code and create game play. It turns out making your own game without prior knowledge from scratch C++ is hard, who would have thought. In late 2014 we begin playing around with UE4 and working on creating a WW2 First/Third person shooter that would encompass many of the games we loved. We made a solid template and the base of something we really like but ultimately it wore us out. It turns out that even though we were miles farther than we had ever been in source making a shooter with a two man team is still an extremely difficult task. Yet we still plugging away at it, its a very isolating and large task. I applaud all the different indie socom projects that have tried it I'm sure they know the challenges. During this time I had caught wind of Socom: Source and later Socom for Insurgency. Thought it was great stuff, even thought about lending a hand into the project if I could(turns out I probably would have been denied anyways). Regardless we had our own stuff to do but it was really awesome seeing someone accomplish the things that we were trying to do with our remake. To see the project taking off was really cool. I had kind of lost track of it over the course of my own work when a buddy told me about how it was now on Insurgency I went and checked it all out. Thought it was awesome Redline had made some really cool content that was out and available to the public to actually play a new version of Socom. The thought of bringing over our two Rising Sun maps kinda crossed my mind since I knew the conversion process wouldnt be a major task. We had always thought they would play as really good Socom maps.

    I decided to send Redline a message on discord and just kinda get an idea if we could just kinda mess around on them on Socom INS. We tinkered with the idea but ultimately choose to keep the UE4 project going it would have been cool to do it but Socom wasn't the exact spot for these maps if we wanted them it would have to be in a WW2 shooter. Well about two months later New World Interactive the creators Insurgency announce that a mod for INS called Day of Infamy was coming out and alpha testing starting in July end of July 2016. Oh and by the way the game included a Welrod pistol. I again contacted Redline about bring over Rising Sun as a total conversion mod for DOI and he was now an employee at NWI and was all for us doing it and said he was busy bringing over Resurgence for DOI. Which was even better news get to play Resurgence and our content all on one WW2 game couldn't be better. We all know how Redlines NWI story ends I've already posted about it and put my two cents in feel free to read it if you're interested. But I've said all I need to say on that. Luckily everyone else at NWI is amazing and accessible and really they've been key in helping us making our content become a reality and we've been able to exceed even our own expectations.

    *End unnecessary back story*

    Squadron Showdown MOD Beta out now

    So with all that said this project is now available to play we run two servers currently both located in Chicago. Day of Infamy is leaving Beta and releasing its full release tomorrow 3/23/2017. Besides our mod if you enjoyed Insurgency at all the game is fantastic WW2 shooter. If anyone played Day of Defeat they got special permission from Valve to remake some old DOD maps and it plays like a combo between Ins and DOD.


    Get to the SOCOM ALREADY!!!
    Ultimately our first goal was to remake the Rising Sun game play first and then build off of that. I'm proud to say that we have accomplished that and now are looking to expand further. Rising Sun is a very for us thing we never really expected it to have this huge reception or anything. We did it to prove that we could make it. When Resurgence was abandoned it gave us a gap that we felt we could fill. We love socom we love the style of play we love what Ins: Socom brought to the table. I want to make that be a major feature of the content were bringing into the Day of Infamy community. I've began working in the scripting for elimination mode which piggy backs off of Firefight just like Redlines version in INS with Demolition being the next step. For the record I have actually never touched or looked at any of his files except for a decompiled version of Crossroads and his controller config. We've done it our way. The scripts I have built are quite early but the elimination mode has worked flawlessly I want to go forward and start choosing what weapons to include and how they should feel and fire and stuff like that but this is where I want to turn to the Socom community for input. I want this mode to be something that community loves and provides them with fresh take and new way to play socom style in World War 2. Im looking for weapon suggestion movement anything really. There our some areas that I'm not going to be able to do because we want to keep that blend and overall feel of a unified mod. I didn't want to ever come off as a pure 100% exact Socom mod. I feel like that has been done we already have that is available. This is fresh take. A couple of the carryovers we have currently in the Socom portion of gameplay from the base of the mod are Rising Used floating health packs there are 12 on each map containing 25, 50 and 75 health, I could take them out but it would require multiple versions of the same map, which is double the download. Also I would like to include the welrod, right now I have it at 6 bullets 1 bullet for max opposing players and you can only take a secondary base m1911 or a grenade with it. The maps are slightly smaller then traditional Socom maps but I think the game plays best for 3-6 people on each team. Right now my server holds 10 slots. I'd like to start weapons as even for both teams and do a mix between British, American, and German weapons. Same set for both sides. There's a ton of skins and unlockable in base DOI I have merged all the British/Canadian Units with the Americans and Unlocked all the units for everyone to use in the mod.

    So currently we have 11 maps playable 5 from Rising Sun of the 6 we chose to remake. Still working on the last one. And 6 small maps from Day of Infamy. As I mentioned earlier I have decompliled Crossroads. That is a personal map favorite that I would like to make WW2 style appropriately named Iron Crossroads. I may do another socom map or two here and there depends on the community want for it. IF ANYONE WANTS TO WW2ize SOME SOCOM MAPS IM ALL FOR IT!!! here are the few maps that already testing setup for testing Elimination. Ill add more as they complete.

    Calumpit Chaos - Rising SunSet in urban manila, with a hotel and Ruin spawn point main action meeting in the courtyard and church.


    Shima Field - Rising Sun
    Baseball field in Manila with stands and pressboxes and underground spawn loactions still wip.

    Death in the Orient - Rising Sun
    Urban night map in Singapore with underground and warehouse spawns at opposite side of the map back alleys.


    Ortona - Day of InfamyItaly Small square map like a smaller crossroads one of my favorites for Socom style we also put in a center Gazebo.


    Reichswald - Day of Infamy
    Germany focuses around one main house and the immediate surrounding area.


    I will update this as more maps get prepped for elimination.

    Anyways hope you guys are interested in something a little different and something that is going to try and capture some of what made Socom awesome. I'm open for all sorts of suggestion and ideas Id love to hear your guys feedback.
    If anyone would like to add to the weapon discussion I have provided a link below to all the DOI weapons.


    Here are some action shots as well.


    20170321225859_1.jpg 20170321225350_1.jpg
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    the rising sun map brought back some memories of playing split screen with buddies
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