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    What? You got this Battlefield thing backwards.

    Battlefield 3 was never broken. The biggest issue with that game was legitimately a flashlight being too bright at launch along with the usas 12 frag rounds. Minor issues. That game was amazing otherwise and my favorite shooter last gen. If you really want to knit pick you can point to a late life cycle patch that increased aim assist and a few other things that ultimately pointed toward the dumbing down the series was heading for. It never needed years of patching and was fully functional day 1 as one of the best shooters ever.

    Battlefield 4 was the game that took years to fix however. Today it isn't a terrible game but it and Battlefield 1 are complete trash compared to the previous entries in the series.

    DICE has a track record of listening to its community when they are in unison. How long it will take is debatable but personally I expect we will hear something change before launch that does enough to cool the flames
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    how much can they realistically change in a few weeks? thats the way the game is gonna work. they promised no season pass DLC and everyone praised them but we all knew it was too good to be true. EA are the biggest scumbags in the game industry, they make Activision look like Mother Theresa.

    The sound and graphics are seriously incredible on this game but who cares because the gameplay is generic and now we have a AAA pay to win Star wars game. This game will sell bonkers because of the brand but I really hope real gamers avoid this turd.
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    Um no, the netcode for that game was horrible and it wasn't fixed till bf4. You could shoot people's shadows and kill them. The engine was the same from game to game, that's why I said it took them a game to fix the problems that existed.

    I don't play fps's on consoles so aim assist isn't a thing.
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    All they have to do is change the currency rates. More loot box credits per game should be awarded. Additionally like mentioned by angry joe, top players should be rewarded more than bottom feeders.

    The other issue is scrap. You need it for everything. Want a new gun? Want to upgrade a star card? Want to put attachments on your gun? All of it takes scrap and getting 10 if you're lucky per crate is a joke. You need 50 for attachments alone.

    Tweak those two values and boom, I'm happy. Loot chests aren't going away period. They don't need to honestly. In the full release you have control over what you want to upgrade. Want to focus on the heavy? Buy a heavy class chest, ect.

    So once the values are tweaked to non cash grabbing levels, anyone who is paying cash for these chests is just paying to reach end game faster. If that's the trade off for free DLC sign me up.
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    I never heard anyone complain about BF3 netcode, only BF4. Granted I play on console but still it was all the same.

    Just went down memory lane and checked out my old profile, god I was a beast
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    This is why I only play older games nowadays. The games are completely finished, don't require bullshit micro-transactions to complete or enjoy, and they actually have a good amount of replayability. Every time I consider buying a PS4, shit like this reminds me why I refuse to get one lol.
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    It's not nearly as bad as you think. My PS4 is my second favorite console only falling behind the ps2.
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