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Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by RaidenXS, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. RaidenXS

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  2. Almericus

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    Maybe with Task Force but Proj Con is dead... remember? I guess this is Steam attempt filter the shitty asset flip 'games' out of the spot.


    Check out @PC_SourPatch's Tweet:
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  4. Eagle_F15

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    It will not be a problem for Project Con.
  5. Focuzed

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    Task Force is being developed by a company, Tracer Interactive. Although Task Force was greenlit months and months ago. Prior to this "change"
  6. Eagle_F15

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    I wonder how much influence or backing Task Force is getting from Tracer interactive. Kind of interesting in most levels of design from company name, characters to gameplay it resembles Insurgency.

    -Tracer Interactive/Focus Interactive
    -Characters resemble each other
    -Movement almost identical(there working on them)
    -The change to UE4(look out for Insurgency at E3)

    Reason I ask, is just the fact that if they have the backing from them to venture off on there own to make a TPS while they release Insurgency on console to focus on that, no pun, and after console release will they get more backing? That would be huge!

    Unless this is all redline and just coincidence of the comparisons above!
  7. Animal-_-

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    As far as I can tell from a few quick searches, Tracer Interactive is Redline and Co. and was what they named their group to work on Task Force. I can't find any evidence to the contrary nor can I find any evidence that it's an actual company and not just a name they came up with.

    If it's their intention to make it official and start selling product on Steam (their website states a prospective date of late 2017 for Early Access) I would highly recommend they incorporate as soon as possible. Unless of course one person in their group is okay with taking on the burden of filing and paying the relevant taxes for any sales they make for Task Force on their personal return.
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  8. Buchanans

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    I don't see how this makes much difference. If things need to be structured as a company and certain standards achieved how is that a hurdle that people couldn't overcome? If they can't do that then I'd argue they probably wouldn't made it anyways.
  9. 1UP

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    Doesn't seem to say that anywhere on there.

    The only thing that is required is a bank account, tax information and who you are.
    You should see less shit games that were made to farm the trading cards. They changed the model a bit. With green light Developers only had to pay the $100 once while on Direct it's per title. Now that's not a lot of money but it might deter some of the spam games that were popping up.

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