Strafing and Gunfighting Video (H-Hour)

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by rev, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. rev

    rev picard is lord

    This one has been in the private forums for a while, it was publicly released a few minutes ago...

    Can't wait to see the mechanics and animations once more funding is acquired.
  2. Stealth

    Stealth Foxhunt

    lol, that ain't strafing.
  3. rev

    rev picard is lord

    for once we agree, definitely isn't strafing.
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  4. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    I don't think this was a good idea to release this video to the public...
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  5. rev

    rev picard is lord

    Everything is coming together nicely, but they need to get funding and clean up the mechanics and animations before releasing anymore videos...

    To the thousands who don't know what SOCOM is they'll think this is complete shit.
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  6. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    Exactly what I was thinking. At the very least they need a disclaimer at the start of these videos, I can't imagine someone who gets introduced to hhour through that video having any interest in the game
  7. Suade

    Suade Vanila Gorila

    Im using a shitty headphone set with one headphone mono but I can't make out much of what the Monster Truck voice over is saying.

    Other than that I think it looked ok, what is wrong with the mechanics?

    The user appears to be turning left, stopping. Turning left, stopping. Not a constant circle.
  8. UnSeenDeath88

    UnSeenDeath88 Butcher Pete

    That is not the strafing battles of socom I don't know what the heck I just watched.

    XPSYCHOPATH410X Breach Bandit

    Ugly.............. Very Ugly...................
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  10. Stealth

    Stealth Foxhunt

    I was gonna say, "WTF were they thinking lol!?"

    Probably some kind of reaction test, looking for feedback of some kind.
  11. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017


    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    I have zero concerns about Sears once he is provided the proper resources. But as an advertising and marketing professional, I have been cringing for almost two years now.

    A bigger budget for SOFs will hopefully do more than just help the dev team.
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  13. Murphdawg1

    Murphdawg1 Requiem

    Yeah it was hard to understand the voice over guy but I did hear him say 60 frames per second so that's cool. As for straffing, I honestly hope people don't resort to that straffing battles remind me of the quote from Morpheus when he's telling Neo about the agents. "I've seen men empty entire clips and hit nothing but air."
  14. Eminem

    Eminem Devil's Road

    wooooof yeah, definitely not strafing lol. Can't wait till they get an investor and we can really see what they're going to do with what they have so far..
  15. Xx_ICE-PICK_xX

    Xx_ICE-PICK_xX Boob Connoisseur

    i see that bashing! hey the little people get to see the video now. be happy and shut up! :)
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  16. Dirty_Walter

    Dirty_Walter Requiem

    Does SOF know what strafing is? Thats funny. They made a video parody about it but dont seem to quite know what it is. Whatever, Strafing is fucking stupid anyway.
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  17. Your Sins

    Your Sins Navy SEAL

    I think it was meant as an April Fools prank. Just a thought, I could be wrong!
  18. rev

    rev picard is lord

    It was used as one, but it's original intent I don't think was to be an april fools prank.

    This was released about a month ago in the private forums...
  19. Your Sins

    Your Sins Navy SEAL

    Oh my bad, I don't have access to the private forums. Disregard my last post, sorry!
  20. /SS/ PEIPER

    /SS/ PEIPER Finisher

    I wish I could win $100 million in the lottery.
    I would take this project over, pay Sears handsomely, and I fuckin guarantee you we would get what we have been waiting for. There would be no doubt about it. There's a couple people from TRS I would like to have around too to make sure I didn't fuck anything up, lol..
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