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    No I havent. I just cant spend the time on games like that. I would have probably loved them when I.was younger and more time to piss away, but I just cant invest the time on a choose your own adventure type video game.

    Although I do think the concept is terrific and a nice counterbalance to the mainstream ADD type games.
  2. ChemoFreak7

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    Can beat those games in about 3-5 hours dude. Basically it's like playing a longer movie. It's for those of us who like a break from the action and shit and just want a good story. Grab the first one on sale right now for like $6 if you can. You won't be sorry.
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    That's one of the awesome things about video games, they have evolved to become so much more than just jump, run, shoot type of affairs. Telltale is really good at using the interactive elements to really suck you into a story. As a Borderlands fan, their take on that world was really satisfying. They brought in new main characters into the existing universe and tied it all together perfectly with the established lore, while showing you that your choices had enough weight that going back and playing again while taking a different path would totally be worth the replay.

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    Loved it
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    Yeah, they are the best at what they do, no doubt. Jurrasic Park was good, so was Back To The Future, The Wolf Among Us, Both seasons of The Walking Dead kicked ass, the spinoff story 400 Days was pretty tight. Season 3 looks extremely good, and on and on.
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    That was them point and click adventures, right? Been playing "Everyone's Gone to the Rapture" and can't figure it out yet. I know its not one of them types, but it reminds me of them with its interactive storytelling.
    Curiosity still has me wondering what the image was that is in your signature that no longer appears.
  7. ChemoFreak7

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    Season 2 looks like it's about to go full Silent Hill!

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    Cannot wait for Season 2. This show was awesome. I have never seen a show hit the nail on the head with regard to recreating an time era. They so perfectly did the 80s. If you like Netflix originals the other one that is off the hook good is Sense8. Check it out if you haven't yet.
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    I was pleasantly surprised about Sense8. Can't wait for season 2. If you like martial art type shows. Into the Badlands was a show I am also waiting for season 2. It's on AMC.
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  10. ChemoFreak7

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    I'll be checking out both. Sense8 i think i saw on Netflix.
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    So I FINALLY got around to watching this. Binged it yesterday.

    And you are absolutely right. Terrific show, and great recommend on your part.

    Its like Back to the Future, Twin Peaks, and The Goonies all had a baby together and it became a TV show. Terrific atmosphere, great pacing, and great acting by all involved. Excellent show and I am really looking forward to season 2.


    The producers of this show would be smart to shoot as many episodes as they can and try to work fast. Even shooting 2 seasons worth of shows each year. One of the biggest problems with TV shows that feature pre pubescent kids is that they will all start to grow like weeds in a couple years. If they intend to have 5+ seasons these kids are going to be college age in the later seasons and I'm not sure it would suit the vibe of the show.
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  12. ChemoFreak7

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    Glad you liked it, i can't fuckin wait for season 2. It's definitely tough having kids on a show if you want it to keep going. I remember The Wonder Years having this problem, back then though networks were more gunshy with teenagers and sex situations and that was that. I always wanted one more season of that damn show!

    I think Stranger Things can avoid that by running 2-3 seasons of a story then switching it up. The title Stranger Things has me wondering if they intend to do that at some point. It would fit a multi-story style similar to American Horror Story but if they did it as trilogies... that would be interesting. The downside being, if one season bombs wtf is the point of a follow up? I think that's why we haven't seen anything like that yet.

    I honestly think they won't run the show into the ground and will wrap with 3-4 seasons anyways. But pressure from Netflix will be REAL! Many great things have been utterly ruined by networks and greed. A solid case in point?

    That guy is kind of a giant tool, but the video accurately depicts how to dick up something made out of pure fucking gold!

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    Well just thank God that AMC isnt making the show. Otherwise the kids would be in their mid 30s by the time they advanced the plot 2 years.
  14. ChemoFreak7

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    LMFAO ikr.
  15. PRE_-CISION-_

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    Being forced into watching this against my will sometime this week. Have to let you know what I think

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I'd be surprised if you don't enjoy it. Its quite good.
  17. R.Cypher

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    Definitely looking forward to season two.
  18. ChemoFreak7

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    That new trailer for season 2 though! GOT DAMN!
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    Not to mention with AMC you'd have 3 minutes of show then 7 minutes of commercials lol. That's what eventually soured me on The Walking Dead. It was like you were watching a show called commercials and every once in awhile they would break in with some Walkind Dead clips. The show itself felt like the commercial breaks.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Between Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead, AMC has used about 85% fluff and filler to drag both shows out for maximum revenue. The Walking Dead is a fucking joke at this point and anyone who isnt hoping Negan slaughters Ricks group should have a fucking lobotomy. Its so pretentious and unaware of how laughably bad it is that I have trouble thinking of anyone who is unironically a "fan" of the show as anything other than a total idiot.

    Better Call Saul is even worse as far as pacing and plot advancement goes. Its had 3 seasons and he hasnt even assumed his "Saul" persona yet. The final episode this year was literally an hour of absolutely nothing happening until a cliffhanger in the last 30 seconds that could be seen coming a mile away. Its beyond my comprehension that they actually edit and air that show in the state its in every week. No sane person involved in television production could watch an episode of that show and think it was ready to air. The entire 30 episodes could be edited down to 6-8 episodes easily and not a single thing would be lost.

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