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    ya that new walking dead trailer looked awful lol. the show has been like 75% filler since season 4. you get episodes where all that happens is they fight over a can of beans and shit. only reason to watch it anymore is for negan and his charisma, but they still have tamed his character big time from the comics to not offend the PC crowd. Friends got me to watch Breaking Bad on netflix and I thought after the first season it was real stupid, with the last season being borderline awful. I have no interest in watching better call saul.

    I just binge watched "The Son" on amc ondemand and I have to say, I enjoyed it quite a bit. 10 episodes, only 1 of them was pure filler BS and Pierce Brosnan is a awesome lead actor. Looking forward to season 2.


    I agree, and the reliance on the string along in the later seasons was horrible with the Glenn fiasco where they don't let you know if he lived or died for like three weeks when he falls of the dumpster, and then end of that same season not letting you know who Negan killed. But the stupidest thing of all was how they got caught by Negan in the first place. This supposedly experienced group who learned from experience with the Governor's group, and that cannibal group, and what not knows that some big faction called the Saviors is out there to get them, and they all decide to split up and leave Alexandria for different reasons when they all started getting caught. The only thing good that came out of it was the premiere of last season where you see who Negan finally killed made for some good reaction videos where you could laugh at heartbroken TWD fans on youtube lol.

    But the later seasons just have no balls and all the stereotypical string along tactics hollywood uses. In the early seasons it was like Game of Thrones where you felt like a main character could die on any given week. Now it's like they won't risk it till season finale's or midseason finales. And in midseason finales they usually just make you think someone is dead and it turns out they survived. It's become predictable when you can expect to see someone die and that it'll be a ton of filler leading up to it.
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    Negan not killing someone at the end of that season is what made me stop watching, I still haven't seen this most recent season (my coworkers have spoiled some key points though) and I haven't heard anything about it that makes me want to waste my time with it. It struck me as such a corporate greed, hype up the next season move so I just hung it up. Especially with how they ended up killing two people, they could have totally killed one at the end of season 6 and then the other at the start of 7 as the surprise.

    Personally I would have had them kill Abraham at the end of 6 with his defiance giving you the impression of Rick's group never giving up and then follow it up with Glenn's death in the first episode of 7 to smash that hope you carried between seasons into the ground as well as keeping it connected to the comic.

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    Its ridiculous how they still try to make Ricks group the good guys.

    >Rick and his buddies brutally murder about thirty of Negan's crew
    >Kill them in their beds like fucking savages
    >Negan generously agrees to let almost all of them live in exchange for just a little bit of taxation
    >They're so savage that they freakout when they've already lost and attack him
    >Rick is so bloodthirsty that all he can say is that he's going to murder Negan in cold blood after only knowing him for twenty seconds
    >Ricks kid sneaks back to Negans compound and kills a bunch of his men
    >Negan brings him back completely unharmed and makes him spaghetti
    >Feral cunt from Ricks group tries to murder Negan
    >For punishment Negan kills only ONE of Ricks group, who happened to be the fat bitch in charge of the food who was hiding food from the others
    >Someone from Ricks group then approaches Negan about backstabbing Rick, killing him and taking over Ricks group
    >Negan then disembowels the traitor who wanted to kill Rick

    How the fuck is Negan the bad guy in all this? He was well within his rights to kill all of them for the borderline genocide Rick's group had committed until that point. If I was Negan I would have slaughtered every single member of Ricks group aside from females under 25, who would be imprisoned at the compound and used as breeders. Negan has done absolutely nothing wrong and it amazes me that hes supposed to be the villain.
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    Forgot to mention.

    Rick is also a giant cuck who is raising a kid that was spawned of his best friend banging his pig of a wife while he was laid up in a hospital. Doesnt get much more Beta than that.
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    I mean when you put it like that.
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    rick was never a good leader anyways, shane was that before rick killed him. ricks a shitty leader and TBH the only person i like in ricks group anymore is Michonne but i imagine that they will fuck her up somehow since she took andrea's spot from the comics as ricks love interest.

    but yeah they are scared to kill off any main cast anymore lol. they wont kill off darryl because they wont be able to sell darryl shirts and coffee mugs to the soccer moms anymore if they do. cant kill off rick or carl cause of plot armor and they are the series main characters. maggie is safe since shes gonna take over the hilltop. carol is the only one main cast member left who will probably get popped sooner than later. if it was up to me i would have killed carl off a long time ago. i know how hes apparently a badass in the comics but they seriously gave his role to a god awful terrible actor and i cannot stand that kid.

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    Dont even get me started on the shoehorned Rick/Michonne bullshit.

    Yea like you said, Darryl is a joke, Carol is an even bigger joke, Carl is just laughably bad, and the rest of the "major" characters are a bunch of totally uninteresting slobs. The entire show is so horribly cast, written, and produced I watch it simply for comedic value anymore.

    Im not joking when I say Negan has become the protagonist. Its like in professional wrestling when they try to put somebody over as a heel but the crowd still cheers for them and boos the face instead.

    This shitshow has been trudging along since 2010 and NOTHING of any significance has happened on a grand arc scale in that universe. All theyve done is go from one setting to another with the exact same "We have to fight!" scenario with different bad guys and different cast members being picked up and dying off.

    The more I am thinking about it as I am typing, I seriously cant think of a worse show thats ever been made in the history of television as far as hype vs actual product. Sure there have been WORSE shows, but I cant think of a single show that got so much praise and was so ridiculously and obviously shit. Fucking 8 seasons and NOTHING has happened on a macro scale.
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    I was really hoping after the first season and them finding out everyone's infected and then the Washington trek storyline that they would push towards a larger cure type of plot that would really start to bring the future of humanity itself into play. But you're right, it's just become this "what's the new local bullshit that the Ricktatorship is going to fight against" story that they keep rehashing over and over and It's boring and completely unsurprising now. It's basically a soap opera on cable with zombies and gore.

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    And the Zombies are completely nerfed. They arent even a threat. They are slow, completely situationally unaware, and easier to kill than a chicken. Looking at the Zombies objectively, a healthy adult male in moderately good physical condition could kill hundreds of Zombies with a Samurai sword. The only way they would ever kill you is if your arms got tired or you tripped and were just overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

    Im not a fan of sprinter Zombies like from 28 Days Later, but there should be at least some amount of tension when Zombies appear in this show and there just isnt. Whenever you see Zombies appear its always the same shitty CGI and no chance whatsoever that they will do anything other than die easily.

    Its just so fucking bad. I really could go on and on all day about how bad this show is and how shitty its fanbase is as well.
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    My favorite zombies are from The Last of Us. It's based around a version of the very real and creepy Cordyceps fungus that mutates to infect humans.

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    Zombies like that would result in almost 100% human extinction everywhere on the planet. The only places that could survive would be certain islands and people who could make it to arctic regions. They are just too OP. Anyone in an urban area is dead. Period. I dont care how bad ass you are, you aint surviving Zombies that run at a sprint every time you make a sound. You would be exhausted and overwhelmed too quickly.

    I read a great article somewhere about how regardless of how mutated or whatever type of virus they had, they simply couldnt be effective in the arctic due simply to tissue damage from the temperature. Even if they are immune to pain, fatigue, etc, the freezing of their skin and resulting frostbite would just continue to rot off their flesh to the point their limbs would just fall off.

    The only nightmare scenario that develops there is if they can pass the virus onto polar bears and Siberian tigers, wolverines, and snow leopards. Im not sure, Id have to think about it, but at the moment I cant come up with a more horrifying scenario than the worlds arctic megafauna all infected with a virus that makes them hyper violent and makes them seek out and kill humans. Maybe being dropped in the middle of the North Atlantic at night. Thats the only thing I can think of more terrifying than the first scenario.
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    You feel the way about Negan as i do about Shane. Also yes, Rick was a Cuck and his wife was a pile of dog shit lol.
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    Ew is this Stranger Things or TWD? Spoilage keeps me away...
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    Just a quick browse through the comments doesn't suggest anything that hasn't been revealed for months. Catch up scrub!
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    100% agree the Rick/Michonne shit is so forced its nauseating. It literally serves no purpose other than it allows the show to claim their somehow politically correct because their showing an interracial couple (that literally had no meaningful connection prior to when they all of sudden forced their relationship). The exact same thing can be said about the forced gay scenes in House of Cards. They serve no purpose other than the show can go "hey we made two guys kiss! go us!". Its dumb.

    They also have turned Darryl into a beta male..he used to be one of my favorite characters. Dude is just getting punked over and over now.

    The character deaths are a joke now. Glen is a major character death but other than him they literally take joke ass characters and try and build them up into some sort of "main character" all so they can kill them off. The person is generally not a main character in anyway other than they got just enough screen time to make their death somewhat noticeable. (I.E. T-dog, Tyreese, Noah, Fat Girl, ect). Don't get me wrong there have been some big character deaths but most are pretty lame.

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