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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Tawok, Nov 13, 2014.

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    If you are looking for 90's dance music that is actually kind of fitting for playing SOCOM, I suggest Super Sharpshooter by Ganja Kru. If I was at home I'd link it to you here, but I cannot access YT on my work comp...
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    I'll be there as quick as I can. Have to make an appearance at a bonfire and entertain 'adult discussion' for a few moments, then I'm out that bitch! Shooting for 10.

    There is always a ton on right after work if some of you want to put in the reps. Between CA and SOCOM II, we got a TON of game to play. Maybe a server should be opened and increased player count? Not sure about all that as I never experienced it, but I know @Dominator94 has mentioned it in the past.

    Can't wait.

    Anyone post it up in the PS4 Groups? @PRE_-CISION-_ ? @Celerity ?
    1:32:38 or roughly thereabouts.
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    As terrible as Reddit may be for getting traction, every once in awhile someone picks up what you are putting down.

    Response to one of my comments in a political thread there. I said if it "Ain't SOCOM, ain't trying to hear it" or something along those lines. Got a bump and a reply. Added it below:
    Love me the SOCOM community. Wherever they may be...
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    The dance party episode is live

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    Found a sheet of acid gibberish sir?
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    Is this where I post Youtube videos for a shameless plug?
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    this is my shameless promotion thread. Only I may beg for views and attention here. I also permit third party attention begging on my behalf.

    i actually don't give a shit, share away dude.

    You always dream about your 3000th post, and want it to be something special. I chose my 3000th post to be... this. My feelings are mixed.
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    Alright then, I'll just leave this here. O think you'll like it Tawok.

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    I laughed out loud when you were getting lit up and you HURGGGGHHH'd to safety.

    God damn, I wish you played on PC. We could have a gay old time.

    On question, do you overlay the SOCOM themes because of the copyrighted music? Also where's the sexy voice narrating? I think you have potential to make dunkey-like videos where you shoot the content then commentate over it in post.

    Final thought: Seriously play on PC already brah
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    I just use the SOCOM music because I have a bunch of it imported onto ShareFactory, from a file dump someone shared on here long ago. I like it because there's short cues, lomger ones for the round starts and stuff, and a variety of moods reflected in them. Spme of them are triumphant, some are subtle, and some are even kind of like a horror movie because Inon busted out the waterphone. As for copyright, I'll probably stop using them altogether if my channel were to take off. There'd be as much of a case for copyright infringement if I ever made a profit on these videos whether it's the OST or licensed music.

    Also, I alternate between the text annotations and voice commentary. Most of my Rainbow Six videos have live commentary, while a lot of my GTA videos have the text. Just experimenting and seeing what works.

    I also dabble in machinima over straight up gameplay. This will undoubtedly go down as my finest hour in filmmaking:

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    I admire the deep respect you have for filmmaking. And that machinima is a masterpiece.

    PS. I still wish you played on PC

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    I made a sequel, too. May end up finishing the trilogy sometimes.
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    I can only watch it if there's a gratuitous amount of thrusting.

    Speaking of GTAOnline, my heist series is going relatively unnoticed. Give me your views and likes

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    Oh, there is.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for hosting that Coop last night. I had a lot of fun playing SOCOM into the wee hours. Gonna put in that work over the next few days so I wont be the Boomer anymore. Promise.

    That fall off the bridge was unacceptable.
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    Don't feel so bad about the fall, I dove right after you thinking for some reason I could survive a slightly lower fall.

    Really though you blew my face off in that one mission with your m79
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  20. SkiMask

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    Thanks again for coming out boys. Not sure about tonight, but I am definitely there Friday.

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