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Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by rev, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. rev

    rev picard is lord

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  2. oni64

    oni64 Third Person illusionist

    Project confrontation? Seems like there is another unity project in town. But, can it run wolfrun?
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  3. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    So. Im looking at their Greenlight page.
    Here is one of their images.. Notice the player name? @Yammerhammer128 is a playtester. Interesting...

    I also noticed that the crosshair is the one from the Insurgency mod. Interesting....

    And then it all clicked. RATMAN is another tester. The same RATMAN that hosted servers for SOCOM Source and worked with Redline during that time....

    Combine with the rumor that Redline was let go from NWI last year... I have a STRONG feeling that this is Redline. Even the website looks crisp, and has the same layout as the site he used for the Resurgence ladders. This SCREAMS Redline.
  4. xSneak

    xSneak Chopsticks

    It has to be redline if those two are involved. I would guess anyone from trs has been preemptively banned. I don't care how good of a game he makes, I am never going to support this scumbag.
    Fuck off redline.
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    What's the over/under on the meltdown occuring before it's even confirned to be Redline running the show?
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  6. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    Stay far away from this shit trust me. Both of them were in my comment section talking the most shit when Redline was exposed for what? The second time? I trusted the cock sucker, gave him playtime on my channel and when he shit all over us, he sends his shills out to preach his bs.

    This is Redline, this is Redline ALLLLLLLL FUCKKKKKINNNN DAYYYYYY. Count me out.
  7. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    Just got it confirmed that this is Redlines project.

  8. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    Yup, over before it starts.
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    If I may ask, what was the nail in the coffin? I know the evidence discussed in the video was great cause for suspicion, but even then you still left room for other possibilities.
  10. rev

    rev picard is lord

    I knew it was red when I posted this, wanted to see how long it would take you guys to figure it out.

    Just going to the website and seeing the background used is a dead giveaway, same as SOCOM SOURCE.
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  11. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    I received an email from someone who was trolling Bmilitant, and he slipped up and said something along the lines of "Redlines new game" which confirms that this is it. I received that this morning after my video went up!
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  12. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    You'd think Redline would take his skills to profit on some other desperate community after being a consistent fuck up for years. Stealth has more respect around here than Redline does.
    Red is such a half asser. Of all the hardcore coding he does, he can't be bothered to spend half an hour writing fresh styles. Talk about clown shoes.
  13. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Gonna try my best with the hypotheticals here so as not to offend. Just need a quick rehash so I don't spread incorrect information. Also, this is such a soap opera at this point I think TRS owes the SOCOM Community some semblance of the truth to how these come to be and what exactly they are. I swear if I wasn't banned from the PS4 "SOCOM NEXGEn" Group, a month from now someone is gonna say "Resurgence" is back on and Full Steam Ahead!

    Was this shit stolen from NWI's Insurgency's DLC called "Sandstorm" which was to be Insurgency's 3rd person "mod" or DLC that was never actually released on the game variant they referred to as "Resurgence" which basically was to be Insurgency with a 3rd person view? Resurgence was that game and Sandstorm was to be the DLC or patched debut of the SOCOMesc maps, modes, music and shit, right?

    It never came though officially, right? They just sort of stayed in "beta" mode, correct?

    Or was "Resurgence" the DLC that was released and THAT had the 3rd person mode and "Sandstorm" was being worked on in tandem for the next DLC or patch, for Resurgence AND Insurgency and was eventually cancelled?

    Then eventually the card table folded and it went kaput for the 3rd time? Again the Community was blamed for "lack of interest" by the creator. Then a month or two later it pops up again in a YouTube video of their version of Vigilance. It's tagged with "SOCOM" and "H-Hour". This time though its "volunteers" and Community members have some version of a "mod" and yet the guns sound explosive and all SOCOM elements are gone except for some bare bones shit.

    In either case, was this what was supposed to be? Did they "take" that add-on content that was to be released at some point and bring it with them and are running it off the Source Engine again versus whatever Insurgency uses?

    Answer to that not withstanding, THIS HAS ALWAYS been a project which needed to be modded from a game that was close to a SOCOM, just needed the TPS element added. Employee hired and provided that content and TP view and also built the stat tracking website companion, correct? And the maps were just previous re-creations of existing SOCOM maps by using a really archaic method of understanding "grid squaring" and crawling around tracing and porting assets, terrain, etc to get as close to the original scale as possible, right? And so if an employee left a company wouldn't that company retain all IP that was worked on despite said employee coding and creating the work product beforehand?

    Isn't that work product still the property of the company and not the employee? Isn't it usually only the employee's if they "bring it with them" when first onboarded and have that as part of their contract?

    Now with all that being said, if maps and a crosshair combined with some tweaking of values to a Insurgency IP and what was brought forward amounted to a sort of theft in the first place, isn't the person working on this now be considered a thief in the truest sense? And further, why would I support that?

    Curious rev are you supporting this? I know you were a fan of Resurgence and Insurgency and so I am curious as to how you found out about this project in the first place? Did Red or one of them reach out? Even if it's all just Redlines actual content, are folks considering supporting the 4th effort to get this thing going, again?

    Yammerhammer128 feel like talking on this at all? I totally understand if you didn't.
  14. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    From what I'm hearing, @rev is the one who did the UI for the game.
    Care to comment?
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  15. rev

    rev picard is lord

    That's not my UI, lol.
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  16. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    looks like you have a good topic for the podcast this week @Bigfry [​IMG]
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  17. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    I can't answer most of that but according to the website they're using UE4, not Source.
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  18. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    I've been told that Rev has something to do with this project. Was sent this. Looks pretty good.
    @rev Could you comment on this? This looks like work you would produce.
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  19. everythingred

    everythingred I once had fish tacos when I was drunk

    Wow! I was initially hyped and then saw who's making it. Disappointed.
  20. RaidenXS

    RaidenXS Demolition Junkie

    He should just try to make a new IP. Completely new. Maybe he could put his work to good use? He needs to band up with a CD to apply his skills. Depending on the CD he works with, maybe he can learn things not taught in programming school and stuff. In the end, I wish him the best of luck.

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