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    That's a fair point. I may have used the wrong example to outline my statement. When all that was going on in the SOCOM space was H-Hour and Redline Project #45, it's kind of like being in a room with sick people. Can't really fault anyone for talking about that and inevitably getting down and dirty, I just hope now that's avoidable.

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  2. INKS

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    Game was Greenlit today.[triangle]
  3. Dresden

    Dresden Green Up

    I also just noticed this on their steam page. I wonder how this will play out.
  4. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    PREDICTION: Sell 100 copies or so. Flop. Then Redline will melt down and delete the game off steam.
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    If only he could create a backdoor into Steam and then boot Gabe Newell off his own platform. RING OUT
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  6. Almericus

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    No need. Twitch competition on selling video games will probably reach him in the backdoor if you know what I mean..

    Totally for it. Hopefully they'll aim toward better quality control over the games out there.
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  7. Dresden

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    I was really disappointed when I saw source go and then resurgence right after it. Not going to get my hopes up for this one but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    Big fry seemed eager about it in his preview video.
  9. Bigfry

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    Because its a SOCOM game.

    Like Redline or not, Resurgence was fun, and so was the changes he made to SOCOM Source to make the guns fire and shoot correctly. The dude has talent.

    Is he going to squander that talent? Absolutely. Past history shows that he will. Will I be there to watch it crash and burn? You bet your ass.
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  10. LesbianSeaguLL

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    In the end it is redline but i'm not going to discount the others (core group of badmins) around him that will assist in the demise of it. As I have stated here ad nauseam here those people do not truly want a growing competitive community.
    Hell they aren't even dedicated players themselves... Redline threw them under the bus while blaming the community for the failure of resurgence.

    They'd rather play a couple nights a week and just cry when players who actually play a lot are significantly better.
    Which is a really shitty approach for ADMINS.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Jesus Christ. The E-begging and shilling is going to reach levels beyond human comprehension with this shit. An endless ocean of NEETs broadcasting to an endless ocean of NEETs all begging for likes, subs, donations, and now purchasing of games so they can get a % of the sale so they can try to finance their lifestyle of sitting on their ass broadcasting from their parents basement.

    Inb4 someone points out a few highly successful streamers as anecdotal evidence. The vast overwhelming majority of these people are on some type of government assistance and the only reason they shouldnt be sterilized is that its a foregone conclusion that they will never have physical contact with a female anyway, so why waste the money on sterilizing them.

    At some point the government might need to step in and just not allow basements to be built in houses anymore so these electronic parasites have nowhere to set up their lair. If we force them to expose their pink, blubbery skin to the rays of the sun, perhaps they will turn to ash and we can save the next generation of men.
  12. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    I know there are some people who are amazingly successful, but I think the overwhelming majority are bringing in less than $50 bucks a month, all while pretending to be some big time professional streamer.

    I don't understand the obsession with watching streamers, I do enjoy some youtube content from some funny people, but just watching someone play is boring (to me). That said, I do venture over to Twitch while bored at work, and I am usually shocked to see ($50 donation, $5 donation, $2 donation, $100 donation) it's just crazy that people are willingly donate fairly large sums of money to these people.

    But hey..if they can make money playing games than more power to them.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Its almost COMPLETELY identical to the internet poker boom from '04-'09.

    Small group of teenagers and 20 somethings become highly successful at new medium and get a bunch of exposure.

    Absurd amount of teenagers and 20 somethings say "Hurr durr! I can do that too!"

    Market is flooded with dead money while the top 5% of players/streamers feast on the wave of popularity.

    A few years later the poker "pro"/streamer realizes living like a chump grinding out tiny amounts of money has been a colossal waste of time.

    It looks so tempting to the NEET that they can sit on their cottage cheese ass and "Just play games all day!" But the reality is the effort put into trying to not work for a living ends up being more work than actually working for a living would be. The main difference is at least these streamers arent risking their bankroll like a poker player would, but the foundation of the desire is the same.

    As you said, God bless anyone who is able to pull it off and more power to them, but the vast majority should just be gassed.
  14. Animal-_-

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    How is it that you can can follow the highlighted with a completely unsubstantiated claim about most streamers being on government assistance? Like psychologically speaking, how do you hit the reply button after typing that? Unless that whole statement was just a troll.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Im currently involved in a research project about streamers in conjunction with 3 Universities in my area through private grants from several online streaming services.

    I can confirm that the data we have uncovered shows us that over 84% of Twitch streamers from the US are on some type of Government assistance, and 97% of Canadian Twitch streamers received Government assistance in 2014 (Thats the most recent year where data is available).
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    This is going to sound like me being skeptical, and to a point I am, but are there any articles or areas where this data has been published yet? I'm both entertaining the idea that this is true while hoping that it isn't, if that makes sense. Also, your first sentence mentions grants from streaming services, but the rest of it is about government assistance. Googling "twitch streamers government assistance' did lead me to this: https://www.razerzone.com/supported-streamer

    Not so much monetary assistance, but discounts and free resources in exchange for advertising Razer products to the viewers of one's stream. Pretty par for the course, really.

    Anyways, I know that a lot of your comments of Twitch streamers are sensationalized for the sake of comedy, but I fail to see how streaming is any different from podcasting, or vlogging, or any of the other shit the internet has invented where the content is almost solely focused on one's personality. For many it's just a hobby, but some people can do it well enough to get the big bucks. Kind of like sports. Actually, I think we should refer to all Twitch streamers as athletes from this point forward. I mean, do you have the stamina and the mental fortitude to pull off a 24-hour Goldeneye marathon? Didn't think so. #woke

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    We are hoping to publish and get peer reviewed sometime in 2018.

    Our team has been closely monitoring 73 established Twitch streamers who agreed to give us unprecedented access to their lives. In addition to that we have conducted interviews with and sent out questionnaires to an additional 316 Twitch streamers throughout the US and Canada.

    I cannot divulge the names of these streamers at this time obviously, but some of the data we have collected is quite interesting. I will list some of the things we found out. TS will serve as an abbreviation for Twitch streamers from now on.

    79% of TS masturbate more than 5 times a day

    87% of TS live in an underground room like a basement or a detached domicile like a garage.

    89% of TS report having fantasized about Furry sex.

    94% of TS own a fleshlight.

    63% own a dragon dildo.

    21% use the dragon dildo on a daily basis

    The average amount of time since the last time a TS was outside: 9 days

    The average amount of Mountain Dew consumed weekly by a TS: 37 Liters

    The average number of piss bottles in a TS room: 19

    Average number of sexual partners for a TS: 0.07

    This is just some of the data we have collected. There is still a lot of work to be done.
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    My word, these statistics are... informative and certainly indepth. As a Nova Scotian, I am particularly interested in the data regarding piss bottles. Have you considered expanding the questionnaire to include inquiries about the piss bottles themselves? For example, the average storage capacity of the jugs used, and the average percentage of that storage capacity TS are comfortable with filling before capping it off and starting anew. I look forward to the journal.

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  19. SkiMask

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    I much prefer a Mt. Dew wide mouth Big Slam over any other piss jug. They were the perfect "Road Bottle" and one I believe that woman astronaut would've used had she been a male. Instead she went with the diapers where a man would've needed a simple Mt. Dew Big Slam and a Circle K to complete said journey to Canaveral to confront a lover.
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    You talkin about

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