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  1. SkiMask

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    Bottom one. Fuck if I could find that pic and I searched! Not that I needed the wide mouth of it, but rather, the size. Fit right between the legs and steering wheel in perfect harmony.

    I think it was still a damn litre though. Fucking litres.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I learned the hard way that Gatorade Lemon-Lime bottles are a bad idea to use as piss bottles a couple times......

    As far as collections go, get on my level son.

    bottles on shelf.jpg


    Looks like what my craft beer is probably going to be if I ever get into that hipster fad
  4. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    That looks like Budweiser, Miller, or Coors. Hipster actually go for these types of beers. Add PBR to that list as well.

    Craft beers are for connoisseurs, not hipsters. They normally can't handle the awesomeness of a well made libation, sir.

    It's like coffee, too. Connoisseur = Intelligentsia; Hipster = Tim Horton's
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  5. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I think he means the fad of actually making the shit. Cause that is HIPSTER AS FUCK! no denying it.

    But YES a Connoisseur does toe a fine line when they get into more than just sniffing the glass and hose 'er up to hops mash and whatever the fuck ingredients it needs with Culligan bottles, corks and shit, Riiight?

    Who knows I am sort of jealous, really. Can't have any of it and well; fuck you all for that.
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  6. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    I needed a build up to the Timmy Ho's comment, so that's where I went. It's been a while since I have posted on here, so I had to re-learnify myself.

    If I had the time to make my own beer, and the money to make it a career, I would. But seeing as that is not happening, I'll stick to buying it.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    The pendulum is swinging back. The PBR drinking hipsters are slowly migrating back to the craft beer market.

    Hopefully a war will break out between the hipsters and the connoisseurs that will wipe them both off the planet. Leaving the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Masterrace as the last man standing in the culture war.
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  8. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    That "war" you speak of will be Beerfest 2...

    >Choose One
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  9. RaidenXS

    RaidenXS Demolition Junkie

    Is Zima still a thing?
  10. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I thought I heard it was making a comeback. Just what we need, more malt liquor and high gravity bullshit sold in deuce deuces for a buck and a quarter. I'll have 10, please.

    Looking back at the two Task Force screenshots posted on Precision's PS4 group on Monday has me thinking twice about the character size. It isn't as skinny or small as I originally thought. Maybe that was just Project C? Gonna have to look at it all again real quick especially considering what's just on the horizon.
  11. SS_CUBS

    SS_CUBS Butterstick

    I'll be 100% I didn't read all the posts on here, but I just joined to share my own personal socom inspired work. Which I will share when I hit the post limit on making a thread lol. But basically I'm working on mods for NWI's new IP. And the whole reason I got into it is because I saw redlines stuff and thought it was awesome that he was able to get some ps2 remake stuff out and playable on another game. I too had Source maps that were from a WW2 PS2 game that I wanted to make into something similar. I really didn't have a lot of intereast in modding at the time of working on anything like what he was doing and was just a casual player of the mod. I had my own UE4 ww2 fps/tps I was working on at that point anyways.

    However once NWI announced Day of Infamy, my co-developer and myself realized we could literally do what he did with socom with our old Source engine content. So immediately I contacted redline, he came off as really enthusiastic and sincere about everything told me that he was going to try and bring resurgence to day of infamy, which I thought great get to make my mod and play resurgence ww2 all on the same game. Well this was back in August I was glad he was enthusiastic and seemed to be all about what we were doing. I decided to ask him a simple question over discord on a Tuesday at like 11am. I was always professional in my questions and learning to build something for the company he was working at. I literally asked him a softy too that I kinda just wanted to see if he would be as helpful as he had said he would be. The guy basically went ballistic on me and yelled at me for disrupting his working day and all this stuff. Mind you this was on discord and was totally open ended and not expecting any sort of immediate reply.

    It was kind of a defeating thing, as some one just starting a new project had this guy who made awesome socom mod. Just kinda lose it on you for asking a question in a discord server. Luckily everyone else at NWI is amazing and some of the most talented and accessible people in the game industry. We knew we could create our content our way(and have done so) with out any help we were just trying to gauge our obstacles. After reading the things the guys done to the community, seeing the end resurgence play out like it did, and hearing from some of the others in the NWI mod community. I guess it was resuring to see that this was commonplace for him.

    Ultimately I wish the guy a lot of success. I think he's talented enough to do it, if he can finish the project he needs to be managed properly and not have outbursts. Pulling content that you've released is childish. After he pulled it his ins socom stuff. I worry that he'll keep doing it. I guess he has that rep far beyond things I really care about. Non of that content is his intellectually even if he made it. I have 5 remakes we did from another game they're remakes we made them we don't own them. Still if he focuses and matures and makes his game right he's gonna have a hell of a product. Also maybe learn how to scale textures too.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Redline is a scumbag with SEVERE mental issues. There are literally so many VOLUMES of accounts on here of his insane and malicious behavior that there is no point in linking them all because they are too numerous.

    Bottom line, avoid the guy like he is Plutonium and NEVER, EVER, try to exchange work product with him.
  13. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    It sounds like this guy basically lives on the verge of epic meltdown status 24/7. There is literally no point in supporting anything he does, even if it looks good, because the dude is inevitably going to throw a fucking tantrum and pull the plug then move onto his next project.

    It's guys like him who could be successful but they sabotage themselves at every turn because they don't know how to work with others. Its difficult for me to even comprehend how big of a tool someone has to be to pull the crap he did here.
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  14. oni64

    oni64 Third Person illusionist

    The game should be avoided if there's money involved this time around. No need to fund a charity for meltdowns.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Dude he had Carte Blanche to promote/plug/advertise any project he wanted to here.

    His work was universally praised and appreciated.

    And it STILL wasnt enough for his ego.

    The guy is just dysfunctional in his personality hard drive. Theres nothing you can do with people like that. You just have to ruthlessly cut them out of your life because of their toxicity.
  16. SS_CUBS

    SS_CUBS Butterstick

    I find it funny all the guys that I talk at NWI(given they were hired to work on day of infamy) dont seem to have any idea of who he really is or what he did. I thought resurgence had some serious potential, when they release Insurgency: Sandstorm on consoles next year I'd like to see 3rd person elimination in that game. They have a base that the socom community is now familiar with and going to a platform that needs a socom style they can really capitalize on some stuff.
  17. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    I guess my only problem is that it's unfortunate that redline did what he did in the past because his coding skills are definitely top notch in lines with what we would from a 3rd person like Socom game. Same as Project Con, I feel like the people working on it have Socom roots and are trying to provide a product we all like.

    All in all I guess what I'm saying is that right now from what we know these 2 games between this and ProjectC are the closest resemblance to what we've been asking for and yes Redline has screwed over the community in his own interests but at the same time unlike what I'm willling to do with SoF I can forgive him.

    This game and the animations look the closest to Socom especially finally a leaning feature, I'm going to give the game a chance and try to mend all the different scattered factions of the "socom" community back together again. There's not enough of us to keep splitting up our numbers and strengths.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Its not about "forgiving" him.

    He has a mental illness that makes it impossible for him to bring any of his projects to completion because he has something wrong with him mentally.

    Nobody is mad at him, we all just realize he is a toxic human being with a severe personality disorder.

    If you are bitten by a feral dog, do you forgive the dog and then allow it into your house?

    Or do you just stay away from the fucking dog?
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  19. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    The difference with your comparison is that we aren't dogs, we are human beings that evolve, change patterns, show empathy and are cognizant of things that dogs are not.

    Does he really have a mental illness or do we throw that word at him the same way that we do with Suade because he doesn't act in what we view as a "Normal" way. I was here the last time Redline back ended the website and I was here during the Socom source era but the same way as I view life I would approach this situation as well and try to make things work if possible.

    If we can agree that SoF is a completely different situation than Redline then I would hope that we can agree that between this project and ProjectCon we see some really good games that have the potential to give us what we wanted all along and me personally I'm not going to stifle another mans project when it looks so good and he hasn't affected me on a personal level...all pettyness.

    I feel like obviously you're going to disagree which is fine I just look at the glass half full with him and you see half empty
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  20. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    Ok then...

    You are downtown...and a crack head waves you over offering a free rolex...then stabs you.

    Do you..

    A.) go back to that crackhead once you are released from the hospital to try and get a free rolex?

    B.) avoid the crack head cause you know he fucking stabbed you?

    If you want to support redline...by all means knock yourself out. Expecting people here to just forgive the fucked up shit he did is ridiculous.

    This is the same guy who took away access to the mod he created because he didn't think people appreciated him enough....dude is a wack job.
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