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    Finally now that i can make a thread. Hello TRS its been awhile since iv been in a Socom community and its awesome to be able to finally tell you about a project we have been working on this year. In late 2013 we formed Digital Night Studio and started searching and learning our way around different game engines on the market, within doing that we started to miss getting on Socom late at night after work and having a good clan war. Slowly we started talking about and somewhat started to design a game with the feel and game play of Socom 2 we called this project "Terminal Phase". At the beginning of this year we started working closely with Helheim Game Studio to turn their awesome apocalyptic physical trading card game into the online mobile platform which will be released at scarefest this weekend, we also decided to also show some game play of Terminal Phase while we are there. I want to give TRS the first look at Terminal Phase and i also want the community to help mold Terminal Phase into the we all know and spent many hours on back in the day, we cant make another Socom game as great as the series was and i doubt anyone other then zipper can but we can at least come close and maybe even add a little more...but that's up to you all to decide. Everything we want to change or do to the game will be voted on and discussed and unlike certain game developers (i think we all know who im talking about) we want to hear both the negative and positive feedback to help us fuel and make a great game.

    That being said Terminal Phase is still in maybe a little pass "Proof of Concept" mode. There still is tons of work to do but we are working as fast and as hard as possible to get this game to a closed beta which we are shooting for December maybe a little earlier if all possible. I bet at this point your sitting there thinking thats to long to wait or yea yea we have herd this from "Insert Name Here". Well we will be doing videos, live streaming, polls on the forums, and giveaways threw the months to help with the time and as far as what you were told by the other guys dont let that game get you down.

    Enough rambling on here is some screen shots.


    We still have alot of work ahead of us but we will get it fast. We have some videos we are working on now to get a better feel of it. Feel free to message me on Skype: digitalnightstudio with any questions or concerns and i will probably get a voice server going so we can all jump on and talk about the good ole days aswell. Thanks for taking a look TRS
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    I noticed you didn't link the Kickstarter. I feel as though these images are very deceiving as to where you're at in development. Not saying that's intentional, but I think that gameplay trailer on the Kickstarter says it all..

    Edit: Here is the Official Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/248167657/digital-night-studio

    Also, I noticed you didn't list the platforms of Development. I think it would be beneficial for everyone to hear your goals and long term plans for this, especially if you want us to donate money.
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    My issue isn't with Quality of Video, but Quality of mechanics, which as far as I can tell, there isn't much. I know you said that you are a little passed POC stage, but when we spoke, you had said you are going to be in Closed Beta By December, which I just don't see how.
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    mechanics do need to be polished up no doubt about that which does not take long at all i think someone was just trying to get a quick video.
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    I like.....the effort.
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    If this is for mobile, your POC looks pretty good.
    But I think you should have introduced this, set the stage with gaming forums, then ran the Kickstarter.
    Raising that kinda money now will seem kinda impossible.
    The only hope for you now, is to hammer this Kickstarter link out on Twitter, or other social media sites.
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    Yes the game will be start out with mobile devices, now mobile devices also opens up alot of choices phones, tablets, android mini PCs, and raspberry pi as well when we first started i thought it would be awesome to be in a clan war no matter where you are at, but we are also going to release for computer unless we can get funded and we will go all out. We had to open up a kickstarter because of the Survive TCG it is being released at Scarefest Con in lexington KY but we also decided to add Terminal Phase in there aswell and i dont see us getting funded first time around.

    Now here is a question for you guys. To grab the newer generation. How do you all feel about a clan point system, each clan war you participate in (if your in a clan) and you can use the point towards somrthing just a thought i want your guys in put.
  9. oni64

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    You also have to realize that a lot of people who backed a kickstarter on this site, might not want to donate to any community driven project. Been there-Done That mentality. So with that in mind, I wish you guys luck. I'm not really a fan of mixing socom with zombies, but who knows, you might get people who like that somewhere.
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    The video on your kickstarter is horrendous. If you really want people to donate to this project and take it serious I would suggest you make a clear outline of your plans and explain what this game is all about and where you want it to go. Clearly you are trying to appeal to the socom crowd but as a socom fan I'm not even sure wtf you are doing... zombies and socom? All your thoughts are spread out randomly it's hard to see the bigger picture. Overall your campaign and game is throwing off a high school project kind of vibe instead of an indie game start up... good luck tho.
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    good luck on your KS.
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    I totally agree with you on this. The zombies are going to be for a offline mode "Bored Mode" as bigfry called it. If no one likes it then we will take it out no big deal.

    Yea the kickstater video is horrible due to the program used to capture it and we are working on alot better one now. and the zombies is for offline play and something we added for Scarefest Convention this weekend. If no one likes the offline zombie mode we will take them out no big deal.

    Thanks alot dizee

    So what do you all think about a clan point system. If your in a clan and you participate in clan war you earn points and you are able to use those points for stuff.
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    I hope this doesn't end up like Kobra studios socom project, what kind of proof of concept are we talking about? I hope it isn't the kind where almost all of the kickstarter money is used on it and then the game development will start from square one.

    Just a few questions some may be very far down the line but i'm just wondering.
    If you make it to the PC platform will you release the game on GOG? I'm not too much of a fan of DRM. Will there be local-wifi play with mobile devices? Is there going to be split-screen support with PC and consoles (REALLY far down the line i know)? Lastly, will there be gamepad support? I mean, it will take a lot of effort to bring this consoles so gamepad support should be on PC as a contingency plan I know that it is planned for mobile devices.

    I'll purchase the game when there is a playable build that seems worth while, is accessible to me and is a lot better than H hour since i don't like that game even after how long they've spent on it.

    I'm ok with the zombies just don't make them your main priority although i'm sure you are already doing this. Battling against soldier enemy AI would be great and friendly ones too, i assume that would take more effort though.

    As for the clan point system idea that seems alright as long as the stuff you earn from it won't have an effect on gameplay or be used to earn skins since if you do that some people might have a skin that gives them better camouflage on one map which gives them an unfair advantage IMO.

    Good luck.
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  14. DNxStudio

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    Im not sure what GOG means so you will have to tell me before i can answer that one. Yes there will be local wifi play on the mobile devices. funny u mentioned the split-screen support for PC and consoles we talked about this the other day and we to want to make this happen this will be down the line tho. yes there will be gamepad support for mobile devices and it we currently have it working now. No zombies are not our main priority, zombies where added to the game because we are showing some game play this weekend at the Scarefest Convention. Thank you for your feed back on the clan point system im coming up with some new ideas that way we can pull in the new generation they never really had the chance to experience what we did with Socom. Spending the clan points im thinking maybe something todo with clan upgrades that way it has nothing todo with gameplay. Thanks for your questions and concerns Sockem if you have any more please feel free to ask away.

    This day and age almost everyone has a Android phone, tablet, iphone, ipad, or some kind of smart phone, not everyone has the latest and greatest console we want everyone no matter where they are to be able to experience the team work and strategy it took for win clan wars. If your at your house plug your phone to a charge, plug your phone in to your tv with a audio out cable, link a blue tooth controller and blue tooth mic and your ready to roll. If you are out in town somewhere and its close to war time find a seat and connect your controller and mic its go time. We will be testing other devices as well such as chromecast, raspberry pie, and android mini PC, which all test devices will be given away to kick start backers, and last but not least we will be doing a giveaway for a Kor-FX Gaming Vest.
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    Thanks. I was also wondering if there was gamepad support for for PC, it's nice that splitscreen is planned for PC not many developers take advantage of this.

    GOG (Good Old Games) is a digital distribution service like steam but without any DRM so when you download the game you own it completely and won't require an online connection like steam to access it. They are also in the process of implementing GOG galaxy an optional service that is used for the purposes of gaming online with that game (it is possible to play online without galaxy but galaxy is there for convenience to certain PC users so they can get automatic updates and not have to worry about backing up save files etc) and will have cross-play with steam servers, they don't have early access though and i'm not sure how submitting a game works, it would definitely get more attention for the game.

    Will a controller be compulsory for the mobile versions of the game? I wouldn't recommend doing that.

    IF this game ever goes on other platforms what platforms will have cross-play with each other? It would be ideal if
    each PC OS (windows, mac and linux) could have crossplay with each other but not have cross-play with any other platforms since they will have an unfair advantage. IOS+windows phone+android had cross-play and possibly with sony's/Nintendo's upcoming handheld.

    You could also have crossplay between consoles as well although i'v heard apparently microsoft has different rules regarding online gaming which might mean xbox would be left out of crossplay and if nintendo's upcoming console codenamed NX has a weird default controller you may have to leave that one out too since it would give players on the other consoles an unfair advantage, i wouldn't add cross-play between mobile and consoles or handhelds and consoles since the mobile users might not have a controller and they would be at a disadvantage unless you can only play the game on mobile with a controller, i mean, adding cross-play between handhelds and mobile devices is kind of pushing it since handheld users would be able to beat mobile users who don't use a controller and mobile users will have an advantage against handheld users if they use a controller but it probably won't be that noticeable for them sine not every user will have a controller.

    Cross-play isn't vital but i would recommend at least giving different PC operating systems cross-play and cross-play with ios, android and windows phones.

    I'm cool with zombies btw.
  16. DNxStudio

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    We wil have to look into GOG sounds like something we would be interested in. Controllers will not be a must have there will be on screen controller as well. As far as cross play android well be able to play with IOS users, and would be PC to PC only then, sony to sony because Microsoft wont allow PS to Xbox.
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    Will the game be released on windows phone and will there be controller support for PC?
    Is cross-play possible between windows phone, IOS and android?

    Yeah i read up on on the PS to xbox cross-play and your right about that, they did allow cross-play for FFXI between PC, xbox and PS2 but recently they have refused cross-play unless it is with xbox and PC but that wouldn't be a good idea for a third person shooter. I guess skipping out on handheld cross-play is a good idea but would there ever be a handheld version if possible?

    There is a rumour that nintendo's upcoming console will have cross-play so maybe PS to NX could be possible but it is only a rumour and sony has never agreed to cross-play with another console as of now with the acception of FFXI but they've never refused it either to my knowledge.

    By clan upgrades do you mean that there could be points to get into different tiers to show how good you clan is so the higher the tier the better the lan?

    These are all my questions i'll stop bugging you now, but i will be watching your progress, i'll let the other SOCOMers give feedback for the actual gameplay since they know more about SOCOM than i do, unless i feel like i really have to but i doubt that.
  18. DNxStudio

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    We will try and release for windows phones, and if they can be cross played between the other we will for sure do it. Thats a good idea for the clan upgrades its still in the thought process right now. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want thats what im here for, there is a saying "you dont want to see the sausage being made, you just want to eat it" but we want you all to help us make the game so here pretty soon we are gonna start setting up polls asking 2 things you want to see us work on next. Once we finish we will post a video and see if you all think it is good enough, if it is we will move on to the next 2 things. Keep the questions and concerns coming we want to hear them.
  19. Tawok

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    Yikes man, mobile? I can barely get into a turn based mobile game like XCOM, let alone an active shooter. Be interesting to see how this pans out.
  20. DNxStudio

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    Do you play on a phone? And what operating system?

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