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    I come here to offer my apologies to anyone who has been misled or ticked off from the way I have acted / posted in the past. Myself and I am sure many others are looking toward a future where SOCOM makes it return and to do that we are all needing to be on the same team and resolve our difference or set them aside to get the job done.

    I realize a lot of you have your own opinions of me and have their own idea of what has happened between several individuals in the community, but although some things should not have gone the way they did we are still gathering more of the SOCOM community now and moving on past drama and focusing on what is right for the SOCOM community.

    Concerns you may have:

    'Celerity Gaming' - Although yes I have posted that name or my channel around groups and forums, the end goal is to grow the community and as hard as you may not want to agree, I was trying to grow a larger following to do simply that get the word out further that SOCOM is still here and we can do something about getting a new one, what i read recently no one just streams/makes videos for fun - they are obviously in it for growth. Although that may be true, the community is something I have always communicated with and wanted to bring back to playing SOCOM.

    Yes, I did just post videos here and put a short description in the title or under the video, I get it this is a forum and thats not how you should represent yourself in a forum, some people have different opinions on whether they would like to listen to something or read something and having to write out everything I just made in a video defeats the purpose of making a video about it. Either way I dont plan on copy pasta videos in the SOCOM on anything going forward unless its absolutely vital to the community (any video im not saying my videos alone).

    'PS4 Community' - Yes I understand there was a SOCOM Fans Ps4 community made around the time Sony launched the Ps4 communities, You can believe me or damn me to hell I really do not care going forward, all i am concerned about is getting the word out about SOCOM and sharing that with everyone we can possible, the SOCOM Remastered community I made on ps4 was actually made on the same day as the SOCOM fans community, and what ive read my fare share of banter on here about how the SOCOM Remastered name was only made on twitter and that it should of been made on all platforms well thats exactly what happened, I made it on Ps4 and kept up with it on PS4, when communities first launched you couldnt even search for them you had to manually add them and I did that for a solid month when it first launched, we grew and grew from there and I plan on striving toward on new SOCOM under the SOCOM Remastered name with others on ps4 who help manage the page. It was til I had come to TRS later to see Precision (i believe) made the PS4 fans community, there was no intention of stealing anything, also I had a talk with him that week basically and also am a moderator on that community.

    Facebook page - The facebook page was made by another member in the community and I was given moderation rights to post on it which I have been making 99.5% of the posts, Bigfry shot me a message to get mod rights and I told the owner to get it for him, so that took a bit of time to get him the mod rights, but thats basically that for fb.

    SOCOM Rivals (clan ladder / donation thingy) - Okay yes this one there was no communication at the start what so ever, but bigfry and I did message back and forth with it and there was some miscommunication after that about how they did not want to be affiliated (with the ladder site) which is understandable, it was a foolish decision to add donations to the page under a name that is associated with many members of the community and i apologize about that, the donations for the website going to SOCOM Rivals are for hosting and domain, and there was also an external link to help fund the people over at TMBA (the ones doing the private servers with Sir tortis aka darkforce)

    Going forward with the SOCOM Remastered community the clan ladders are a non issue and will not be advertised what so ever.

    We now plan on live streaming directly through the facebook group which has already done wonders for growing the community and we are strictly focusing on the goal at hand growing the community and getting a new SOCOM.


    Past is in the past, growing the community to get SOCOM in future, setting aside differences, Hope everyone can come together and not fight about anything,

    We all just want a SOCOM in the end.
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    Every journey begins with a single step, I think this is one in the right direction. Lots more steps to go.
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    Takes some stones to come on here and post this. Speaking only for me and no one else, I appreciate that you took the time to come here knowing you may get some flak and apologize. Thank you for owning up, and for outlining plans for the future, Celerity.

    I hope you continue to post here, and to post videos. Just PLEASE stick around to discuss content if you do. Don't refer us to any links; just be candid and open to converse. Engage in discussion with us. That's all I personally ask...

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    This is exactly what you guys wanted from the man. It's time to put the past in the past for the sake of making our voice as loud as possible.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Well said.

    Gonna need you to send me some nudes before I fully forgive you though.
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    Personally, I appreciate you coming here and doing this, Celerity. Apology duly accepted. Having said that, I'll go ahead and apologize for the time we roasted you on The Hater's Ball stuff, comments here at TRS, as well as over on the Facebook page over the past few days. If you're willing to apologize, then I am as well. It's only right.

    As long as you're willing to put the SOCOM community as your first priority above anything else, then I'm 100% behind you along the way. All the best.
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    whats your snapchat
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  9. o3Celerity

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    thankyou for the humble response
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I can confirm he delivered! Wow, I would think you were a moose if you had antlers. What are they feeding you guys in Canadia? And where can I get some?
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    Glad to see this, here. Thank you for coming and engaging us here, Celery my boy, now we can all go oot fer a rip and haul some donuss back in my truck b'y oh fuck yeah bud
  12. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    Take off, eh?

  13. WAR_PIG

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    Respect. Mad Respect.

    @o3Celerity Thank you sir.
  14. PAUL-AWOL-

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    I respect the efforts and I hope some one at Sony notices.

    NOW !! I Gotta say it,, who in da fok puts their whole damn picture on a forum as an avatar.. It's like bam! all up in your face.. I can say it is better than your last Snow Flake home made beanie pic you used to have up.

    Do your thang chicken wang and this shit should have never reached this level of bullshit in my opinion,, it's just a video game with on-line names and occasional faces from turds who love Socom.
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    Good words, @o3Celerity @Swill et al.
    Still, none of this would've been necessary if you noobs hadn't pulled out the M60 and the I-dub.
  16. PAUL-AWOL-

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    The Tilly is why I quit Socom Confrontation, so I feel ya on this.. Fkn noobs always ruin Socom!!!! :eek:;)
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    All kidding aside, thanks for coming here and putting this shit to bed @o3Celerity . Gotta respect a man for showing up and saying his piece. Props from me and I will echo @Swill in saying I also apologize for my less than flattering comments about you in the past. It takes a nice set of brass balls to come into the lions den and face the music so you get my respect for that.


    Henceforth I look forward to all of us working together towards our goal.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    ^Class. From the original poster and from the response.

    Lets all take a lesson from this and move forward positively.
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  19. Focuzed

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    I've always kept out of any drama that didn't directly involve me, glad I have. Celerity, good shit on owning up to your mistakes like a mans man baby! Only thing left for us to do is get this fucking Socom community back together! Next we figure out what the fuck to do now............ where to go from here............. Oh btw BB, I checked DM's, no nudes. I will need them soon. K Thx Bai
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    Good post Celerity.
    If you promise to separate your private activities from your career and monetary related activities you will gain all my respect back. Because...I mean we both know your Socom knowledge and your game related opinions are legit and spot on.
    That whole social media world is way too fast and I know you are addicted to it, so my advice to you is to maybe slow a bit down next time before starting something new. Keep it a few days in your head before letting it out and things will be way more effective. Community over self-interest.
    There was a lot of shit in the past that enraged me but it's time to close that bad chapter and to bring our relationship back to good old "H-Hour Alpha forum" level.

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