The official "Lets laugh at LeBron James and Cleveland in general" Thread

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    I remember this exact match.

    Cough, cough, 91 Finals, cough cough. Jordan was the superior player. Johnson needed other players to perform in order to win, Jordan could do that shit by himself. Johnson was great, but he couldnt close like Jordan and Jordans athletic ability was light years ahead of Johnsons which allowed Jordan to single handedly take over games in a way Johnson could never do.

    In reality, LeBrick James is literally the complete fusion of Johnson and Jordan physically. He has Johnsons size and Jordans athletic ability. Unfortunately for him, he doesnt have Jordans borderline psychotic will to win. Hes too busy doing corny pregame dances on the sidelines looking like a fucking 13 year old and doing self aggrandizing chalk tosses into the air prior to going into the game to worry about shit like actually winning titles.

    Can you imagine Jordan ever dancing around like a twink prior to a game? Lol.

    The most amazing thing to me about Johnsons career was that he was able to play at such a high level in the late 80s while infected with AIDS. Gotta give him credit for that. They only started testing for that shit the year he announced he had it in 91. That means he had that shit brewing in his keister for awhile.
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    Agreed, but before that first Finals, Scottie was honestly a nobody. 3 Years of Michael bringing it out of him is what made him who he is. Scottie even admits that himself. He came into his own that Finals, not even that year. Playing with Michael, finally getting over the Pissed-Ons and playing against that Lakers team, you finally saw it click.
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    Cough Cough which is why I said even though debatable, I give the nod to Michael every time. Like you said, Michael could do things physically that Magic could not do, and he could single handedly take over games. That psychotic will to win is what made Scottie and Horace blossom the way they did. He pushed guys in practice to be the best they could be, even going so far as to fight you (Steve Kerr) if you did not perform in practice.

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    I meant that as a reply to Eagle. My bad.

    He also destroyed a lot of his teammates though, lol. Stacy King comes to mind. He was absolutely savage on scrubs.

    This series was the pinnacle of the NBA in our lifetimes:

    It will never return to this level of greatness again. Still had a relevant Bird and Magic, all the stars drafted in the early 80s were now in their prime, Barkley, Drexler, Jordan, Olajuwon, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, Mullen, Robinson......The list is endless. The league will never be that good again.
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    Agreed. A lot of that reason is because of the one and done situation. The 80's and 90's saw guys come ot of college ready to play. Now, nearly everyone that comes out in the draft is a 4-5 year project. Not everyone, mind you, but most of these guys take a while to blossom. I don't blame the college coaches either. It's the environment. A guy like John Calipari is paid millions of dollars to WIN, not develop talent for the NBA.

    Stacy King, or Brad Sellers? Stacy had a decent tenure in Chicago. He was never going to be anything more than he was, and when called upon to make a play, he did. Brad Sellers on the other hand was ran out of town as soon as he got there. He was a fuckin Class A scrub. Jordan didn't want him to begin with, asked Jerry Krause to draft one of his guys, and Krause did not listen. That was the beginning of the end for a good relationship between Jordan and the front office. Jordan was criminally underpaid his entire career in Chicago, except the last 2. He did it on purpose cuz he knew he made a ton of endorsement money, so he sacrificed salary to get guys here. Last 2 years here, he made over 30 million per IN SALARY, and that was in the 90's. That was some sick cash.

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    It all makes sense now.

    brad sellers.PNG

    You cant make this shit up.

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