Thinking of getting a PC to get away from aim assist.

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by NumbLeg, Apr 29, 2017.

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    I have been hating aim assist ever since I first discovered what it was and ever since then I have only been buying and playing games where there is an option to disable it except for Uncharted which I held off on buying when I decided I was going to play it because you can't disable aim assist, but I ended up getting the collection on PS3 and The Last Of Us which is the first game I ever pre ordered. I hate when I hear you can't play with a controller without aim assist because it is completely false and there are a lot of people who know this but there are still some people stuck in the mud with that thinking and some people who don't even know what it is and some people you will say you play without aim assist and you don't need it and they think it's some sort of thing where your saying your better than them but it's because there noobs and they literally don't know you don't need it and it actually makes you worse.

    So in the future I will be getting a gaming PC to get away from aim assist. I used to just disable it and that was it, I would play from there and wouldn't even think about the other people using it but I realized when I got BF4 for PS4 that I was pretty much done playing FPS on console especially when the aim assist is ridiculously strong, not because I can't win and do well against people using aim assist but because it's just a joke and the gameplay becomes super bogus. I'm convinced that aim assist will never go away in console multiplayer, the most I could hope for is separate lobbies like Rainbow 6 Siege. The thing is I don't mind playing against people using aim assist but I don't want to anymore especially with the super strong aim assist because it just feels bogus, it would feel less bogus playing against people if it was just the slowdown aim assist where you swing your reticle over someone and it slows down and that was the only aim assist there was, none of that snap to lame assist where you aim in and it snaps right onto someone even if they were on the left edge of your screen or that lame follow aim assist where you aim in at someone, it snaps to them, you don't even touch the right stick and it just follows them around. I would say I wouldn't mind playing against people if the snap to, magnetism and slow down aim assist were there in a very small amount but what's the point in that if it's going to be there it's got to be there so noob timmy and sarah can play with there eyes closed.

    R6S is on sale right now on PS4 and I'm going to be picking it up after debating for so long on whether I want to or not. I saw Turbans post on twitter of a clip of him playing and that made me want to get it and then there was a free weekend with the game on sale as well and it took me the whole weekend to download it, plus I was getting connection errors upon starting the game up though it wasn't fully downloaded and I think it downloaded enough for me to search for a game and it just infinitely searched and that was going to determine whether I got it or not and instead turned me away. I could at least look at the possibility of even buying it because it has no aim assist in ranked.

    Any PC suggestions?
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  2. xCaZx-

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    I think you will have a hard time hitting 120FPS on max settings with most modern games on a $700 PC.

    That said, You can get a decent setup that will allow you to play most games on reasonable settings.

    1. You can get more for your money if you buy the parts and build it.

    2. If your not comfortable doing the research and building it yourself than your best bet is probably a pre-built setup from somewhere like newegg.

    The cool thing about PC gaming is you generally can upgrade or make changes to whatever setup you do end up buying. So, even if it isn't a perfect build, its something you can upgrade and improve with time. Honestly, I would look into building it yourself, it can be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun.
  3. xSneak

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    $700 is too low of a budget unless you want to get used parts for the build.
  4. NumbLeg

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    Yeah I edited the $700 out, it's what I figured, I haven't looked that deep into it just looking for suggestions. If I want more than 60fps I would also have to get a new monitor and if I get a new monitor 1080p 144 Hz because I would like to play at 120fps and above, I don't want to get that and in a short time get 1440p 144 Hz. I guess I could stick with 1080p 60fps and just roll like that but I do want that 120 and above fps. I will definitely build my own and it does look fun, I think the challenge is deciding.
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  5. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    The 120FPS and the refresh rate are not really the same thing.

    A 120hz monitor (or higher) does make a big difference as far as making the game play appear smooth. It has the same effect for television service. I still have a normal 60hz (I think) monitor but I plan on upgrading soon.

    As far as a $700 PC. You can get something that is going to play most games today on moderate settings for that price range. It may not include a monitor, but it will play the games. I was only pointing out that you are not likely going to be pulling down 120 FPS (max settings) on most newer games with a $700 PC.

    I should also specify. You can easily get 120 FPS on something like Counterstrike or League of Legends.

    $700 is not a terrible budget, it really isn't, and it would give you an opportunity to test the water for PC gaming to see if you want to invest more or stick with console. Personally, I never thought I would game on PC, but now that I do I prefer it.

    If you do end up getting a PC. Download Steam and keep an eye out on the sales. You can pick up some really great games for super cheap.
  6. NumbLeg

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    I know but they go together, you can have a 144 Hz monitor and play at 144fps and below or higher but there is no benefit when outputting more FPS than your display can refresh at. It's more expensive if you don't buy something and settle with it though, I'll have to decide. I might just do 1080p 60fps though to start and stay with my current monitor.

    I knew about Counterstrike and it being easier to run games like that. I for sure want a gaming PC and the biggest reason is aim assist, it bugs me so much and nothing is more bogus, it doesn't need to be there and it shouldn't be there. It's like riding a mountain bike with training wheels on it and you can't take them off. I've known about Steam
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  7. xSneak

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    If you want the cheapest system for ~120fps at 1080p, i'd go with a 144hz freesync monitor and an amd rx 480 gpu. Cpu: 4 core intel i5 or 6 core amd ryzen.
    This would get you around that frame rate if you keep the graphics settings to high or medium and not ultra.
  8. Murphdawg1

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    It's common knowledge that aiming with a controller isn't going to be as precise as aiming with a mouse. That said I don't really care either way about aim assist, sometimes I'll turn it off in a game and others I will totally forget about it.
  9. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    That isn't entirely true. As an example, cable providers equipment generally outputs somewhere around 30 FPS. However, if you own a television with a refresh rate of 120hz you will still see a noticeable difference.

    The two are not one in the same.

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