Trailer Park Boys Is Officially FUCKED

Discussion in 'Mindless Ramblings' started by ChemoFreak7, Mar 15, 2017.

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    So this kind of got started in another thread but i know we have more than a few TPB fans here. I just saw the trailer for season 11... it looks fuckin terrible. I was concerned after season 9, then after season 10 i had to come to terms with the fact that the show jumped the shark. Now this fuckin trailer.

    Don't get me wrong, i'm a fan, i'll always be a fan. But the best time came and went. The creative talent on that show has very fucking obviously left the building! Namely Barrie Dunn and Mike Clattenburg. I'm going to leave a quote from someone who absolutely nails the decline of the TPB and pretty much sums up the rant video i made last year.

    "Without it's original writers from Showcase, it's creator Mike Clattenburg, and it's main producer Barrie Dunn ( Ray ) the show has gone downhill. Netflix literally only revived it due to it's American rediscovery that lead millions to be watching an old Canadian show from 16 years ago. Used to have unique writing where stoner comedy and brotherly comradary felt natural. Now it's just painfully forced and badly written Rickyisms one after another and clitche episode premises coming from Netflix's sub par writing staff. Gone are the days of real guns and half load blanks for realism's sake, now it's airsoft guns and CGI. There is a reason the secondary characters actors are slowly stepping away from the series....-..they realized the show was finished. The Season 7 Finale 10 years ago titled " A Shit River Run's Through It " was the best and only real closure this shows true fans will have. I mean i am an American who discovered the show late in 2010 and even i can see the writing on the wall. New fliming guidelines and restrictions and laws, all new staff and writers...the entire core of the shows production and writing staff was replaced and the only thing that is the same is the actors. I gave season 8 an honest try and kind of forced myself to like it, but after 9 and 10 i just tuned out. To those who still find the show funny i envy you, if you watch an episode from season 1-7 and then watch one from season 8-10 and don't see and feel the difference you must be deaf and blind. In the earlier seasons i was laughing to the point of wheezing, and in the ladder seasons i am actually cringing and shaking my head more than anything else. A few mild chuckles and that's about it. Mind you i am 6-8 beers and two bong bowls deep when i watch, i am not that hard to make laugh or entertain."

    Here is the trailer... it's chock full of AAA American bullshit. Looks like that classic low budget, down to Earth TPB is never coming back boys. I think i'll get fuckin baked now and watch season 2, still the fuckin best imo.

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  2. ChemoFreak7

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    The video i did if anyone wants to see this shit. The audio is pretty trash since it was about 110 degrees in the man cave that day.

  3. Tawok

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    Seasons 8 and 9 were mildly entertaining. Season 10 was a chore. I'm not super hyped about this.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Why does Canadia even have Trailer Parks?

    What the fuck is wrong with them? Canadia is literally like 95% uninhabited forrest and wilderness, yet thoese lazy fucks STILL chose to live in tin boxes and walk out to their mailbox every week for their Dude Weed PM bux instead of building a fucking awesome cabin innawoods?

    Truly useless people. Flawed to the core.


    I'm trying to stay optimistic, but as Tawok said, S10 especially was arduous watching. So many random cameos. You wanna talk Dude Weed shit, Mack? Doug Benson was in like four episodes of S10, and it made me want to brush my teeth with an SOS pad.
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    Glad I watched this when it wasn't so cool and hopped off just before season 3 as back then you had to wait for shit.

    I am so removed from the bullshit I didn't even recognize some of you guy's memes and shit because I realized I watched the show when it first came to DVD over 13 years ago. Oh well, that show jumped the shark a long time ago for me. It was funny when not every swinging dick was quoting it and Super Troopers and shit like that just started getting popular despite it being years old.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Super Troopers started off as the best comedy movie ever made for the first 12 minutes and then just fell off a cliff.

    Heres some hope for all you genetically deficient mongoloids out there:

    The guy from Super Troopers whos sitting in the back of the car and eats all the mushrooms........Is married to the tit cow Christina Hendrix, who was one of the Top 10 most bangable chicks from 2007-2012:

    This guy gets to motorboat them shits every night:

    So hang in there. Theres hope for some of you NEETs.
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  8. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    I really liked season 8 looking back. I was shocked that Mike and Ray had nothing to do with the script, i still felt the same vibes of community and brotherhood. But you could start to see things getting fuckey. With seasons 9 and 10... rewatching them is very much a chore for me. Iv'e seen all the seasons about 4 times, and when you start to approach the Netflix content you really feel the shit winds changing.

    That trailer was FUCKED.

    Nova Scotia is fuckin beautiful. I would move out there if it wasn't for all the damn liberal hippies everywhere. I lived in a trailer park for the first 18 years of my life, and i turned out FUCKED! But that's beside the point! But seriously, we had a tight crew in a trailer park in upstate NY, we all grew up together and the stereotypes on TPB are HILARIOUSLY spot on. Down to the drunken fuck up of a supervisor. Ours was growing dope behind the park utility shed lol, and he was a raging alcoholic that used to ride around yelling at the kids to pick up bottles.

    Place is a fucking cesspool now!

    1-8 is pure gold imo, aside from Conky... fuck that little shitpuppet!

    Damn it's like someone took Lauren Holly and gave her the nicest set of tits imaginable.
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  9. ChemoFreak7

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    R.I.P. John Dunsworth. AKA Jim Lahey. Just found out. I don't see how they can possibly continue now. Too many actors have left or died. Phil Collins died, Jim just died 3 days ago (obviously using their character names) That skinny, elongated fuckin alien Trevor left long ago, Ray took off to continue his legal career, Lucy is a flaming cunt and went full SJW meltdown and quit, then of course my man Johnathan Torrens aka J-roc aka J to the R O mother fuckin C, also left last year following Lucy' departure. It's a wrap boys. Maybe one more season. So enjoy it! It's been good, it's been meh, but it's mostly been good!

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