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    WtF since when did Luke and Rev leave? If Sony was to bring back Socom, this site would grow faster than a cock in a brothel.
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    Just goes to show you how truly soft the social media era has made everybody. John McEnroe the tennis god said that Serena Williams is the best woman tennis player ever hands down, then when asked why it can't be said that she's just the best tennis player ever overall between men and women he says because if she was to play against men she would be 700th.....the entire internet goes crazy and thinks it's disrespect when Serena even has said on multiple occasions that if she was to play against the men should would get destroyed.

    My point is the entire world is conforming to a very social media relevant era where everybody is soft, nobody can speak their opinion unless it is completely nice with rainbows and sprinkles. Why make this one place on the internet conform? Why turn a bunch of grown men having open dialogue into hurt feelings like we're children?

    TRS has stood the test of time by being what it is so if people have a problem it or don't like it than make you're own or shut up and leave this one
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    this site has such massive potential to being a meeting ground for socomers since gamebattles forums are shit and facebook is ummmmm facebook.

    i wish there was one place for everyone to go no matter their socom backgrounds to talk about the game, talk about a stream they saw, or share some videos of the old days. Being able to do that without backhanded comments that start flame wars for no reason at all. it isnt about being soft or not able to take a flame war...its about not diluting the content the original poster meant to share.
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    In the history of mankind people have always had flame wars and given backhanded comments, let's not act like somehow it 2017 on a Socom forums this is the first time we see this human nature. Who cares? Get over it, that's the way the world is and you nor anybody else can change that so instead of sitting around complaining about some people getting butt hurt from comments online from people they will never meet in real life how about instead accept all Socom members for who they are and we continue to be able to have open dialogue without the internet police always trying to censor something.

    I swear some people online truly give me the impression that in real life when they encounter anything other than sunshine and unicorns that they go home, curl up into a little ball in the corner and eat ice cream while they sing nursery tunes. The WORLD is full of this...wake up.

    If somebody says something you don't like you know what adults do? They either address and move on or they ignore it. Children cry and complain...adults do not.

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  6. hexum

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    i could care less what people actually have to say in a flame war....but id just assume that we are old enough to not post a troll comment just for a reaction. thats more my point.

    children post threads and comments to get a negative reaction...adults do not
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    In a perfect world:

    TRS or some SOCOM Group variation would have complete control of the SOCOM Xlink, SOCOM Remastered, SOCOM Ladders and SOCOM eSEALs pages. These could all combine. There would be a one stop shop where certain people were given admin rights to run certain parts of the page and social media accounts. Everyone would collaborate and establish a vision for the community.

    But, everyone wants to do their own thing. Be their own "entity". Keep it all split up. Maybe people dislike each other. I know there is a lot of pushback from some members of the TRS community about the eSEALs group. It is too try hard or whatever. I know Ali/Chemical Ali who owns the SOCOM XLink and SOCOM Remastered pages thinks TRS sucks for whatever reason. Celerity has had his differences. Redline too. Members of TRS don't want any part of the eSEALs stuff. It isn't whether you as a member like it or not. It could have been a part of the website. @hexum hit up an admin or 2 on TRS to see if they wanted to be a part of SOCOM e SEALs stuff. I guess nothing came out of that conversation. That ninja dude or celerity could help TRS throw up some ladders. But, they want to have their own website.

    Just some examples that I can think of. We've all debated and discussed SOCOM so much to the point that simply visiting forums and talking isn't going to create a lot of activity. The website needs action IMO. It needs a functional reason to come and use the website regularly. Ladders, eSEALs league, SOCOM Remastered, SOCOM Xlink community, Stream HUB where all streamers are live at one spot. I don't know. There are a lot of smart people on here.
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  8. WAR_PIG

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    Well, I kind felt like this is what we have here... I've been coming around here for 5 years now and love to catch up and shoot the shit. Do you need thick skin? Sure. But hell, remember the Sony Socom forums back in the day? haha! Always had trolls and flame wars. I think KMART has a point but would counter that with people also don't need to be an asshole. So, I think with ANY forums you go to should alway have the cafeat... have thick skin and don't be an asshole. LOL

    I still like it here even though you do have to weed through some shit.
  9. RaidenXS

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    Bruh, you're so late Luke is already back....
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  10. K_M_A_R_T

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    It's the internet, people have and will always troll...get over it. I'm so confused with what point you're trying to prove here because every time i address one thing and nail you down on it you try and move the goal post to something completely different.

    If your problem is simply trolling then get off the internet cause there's no place on it that you won't find trolling. Our president who is 71yrs old even trolls on the internet so WTF do you expect from this place? You expect us to be the one pure breed online or something?

    And to @WAR_PIG I completely agree that people shouldn't be assholes but at the same time when you encounter an asshole in real life what do you do? You address them to handle the situation or you ignore them so why does that not apply online when it applies in real life? There's never not going to be an asshole.

    I feel like we're implying that TRS encourages people to be assholes or something and that's completely not true. The ONLY thing TRS has ever done is hold everybody accountable to the same standard and not completely censor us.
  11. ChicKeN

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  12. DreaMz

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    it's about being a productive community, everyone behind each other, that's what this site was created for. ook at it now..
  13. DreaMz

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    ya imagine all the website guys working together instead of against one another, we'd have a bad ass site. hell this site could have a separate spot for the ladders/eseals league, and we could really get SOCOM on the map again. Idc who owns the site, as long as we're all backing each other, how can you argue with that? ya people like different socom's hence 1/2/3/scon/s4 maybe idk, wtf does it matter? we just want something good to play again. it's not going to happen if people are too stubborn to admit they were wrong. I love admitting i'm wrong. I do it every day.
  14. hexum

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    not getting baiting into a flame war with you but what does "every time i address one thing and nail you down on it you try and move the goal post to something completely different." mean?

    Ive never seen you reply to one of my comments before. On top of that, your response of "WELL IF THIS WAS REAL LIFE WHAT WOULD YOU DO???" isnt a good response for your side of things. but do you.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I've advocated for a containment area for S3/CA/CON fans for years.

    I think it would be great if they had their own separate section to congregate away from the more refined and patrician S1/S2 fans.

    That way, we dont mix S1/S2 fans:


    with S3/CA/CON fans:

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  16. S_L_I_C_K

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    this is how i rank the socom games.

    1. socom 1
    2. socom con
    3. socom 3
    4. socom ca
    5. there were no more socoms

    so what section does that put me in?

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    No S2.........

    our sun my disgust.jpg
  18. RaidenXS

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    So which do you like? S3, CA, or CON? Cuz you're nothing like that top pic.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

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    So you hate lag and hit detection issues that much?

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