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    I just realized EagleF15 and GoodFellaJay have the same names. Are they the same person?!?
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    I'm behind MacIsGod, who's behind me? remember never leave your friend's behind.
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    i do.
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    socom 2 could have been the best. but the fucked up hit detection pissed me off to no end.

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    I dont really subscribe to that philosophy. I will always have a friends back as long as there is almost no chance of anything bad happening to me, but if there is even the slightest chance of any harm coming to me I will run away and save my own ass while leaving my comrades to their fate.

    It reminds me of a funny story that happened to me years ago.

    I had gotten in some trouble with the law and was required to perform community service. One of the local hospitals had a program that allowed people to do their community service with them. So I went there and signed up. I thought, it cant be that bad, maybe I'll get to bang some nurses or find my way into the hospital pharmacy so maybe it would turn out to be a good thing.

    So anyway, prior to getting signed up, you get interviewed by some hack from HR and have to sign some papers. So while going through the papers, she explains to me that one of the papers I was signing was that I agree to help hospital staff move patients to safety in case of a fire or some other type of emergency.

    I informed her that I wouldnt be signing that document, because the work I was signing up for was maintenance/stockroom type shit and I had nothing to do with patient care.

    She then said that all employees and volunteers at the hospital sign these papers and agree to help get patients to safety in the event of an emergency.

    I again refused, and told her not only would I not help patients if there was a fire, if I thought it would provide me a better chance of running away to safety, I would gladly push people in wheelchairs and throw newborn babies AT THE FIRE in order to escape.

    She just stared at me for a few seconds and then said "Youre kidding right?"

    I said "Absolutely not. If 50 people and babies have to die in a fire in order for me to avoid even the mild discomfort of a 2nd degree burn, Im completely fine with that."

    At that point she stood up from her desk and said "Youre the most horrible human being Ive ever met and they should have put you prison for whatever you did instead of giving you community service." and walked out of the room.

    About 5 minutes later 2 security guys came in the room and asked me to leave.
  6. Focuzed

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  7. S_L_I_C_K

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    bad choice of color for your highlighted part.
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  8. Focuzed

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    I can read it just fine. Are you color blind and can't see that specific shade? If so then I apologize. At least enjoy the gif
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    Is that fusia?
  10. DreaMz

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    lol ur a clown, but i get it, i support that idea
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    It appears to be on the Fuchsia spectrum, but is closer to Fashion Fuchsia than pure Fuchsia.
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    I hope everybody understands that at the point of H-Hour everybody was under the TRS umbrella...after it all fell apart is when people went their separate ways and continue to go their separate ways. TRS welcomes everybody but its funny how when certain TRS members made a push and focus on getting more people on XLink and to the streaming of Socom on Twitch that out of nowhere comes some people who want to jump the gun and run their own website for ladders and tournaments.
    They weren't part of the original group of TRS focusing on it but somehow they want to try and capitalize on it because before then why hadn't somebody already made eSeals or a Socom ladder? Because there was no interest.

    That's always been the problem, too many chiefs and not enough indians. Too many people just want the credit and spotlight instead of being a part of the community and contribute to the greater
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    The proper term is Native Americans you racist scumbag. This is the exact toxicity that is killing this website.
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  14. PAUL-AWOL-

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    Socom tough guys who wanted to fight you in person, lobby loud mouths, Clan hoppers, E-Seals rank ups, Code 9 Scrubs, lag switchers, glitchers, 4 letter tag whores, team killers, vote you out Clans, Socom drama queens, Socom girls who caused drama in Clans, quick snipers, S2 Elitest, Socom CA Elitest, Socom Con delayed, Socom Con caused yellow light of death, Tilly scrubs, run button, cheaters on Socom Con and Socom 4 killed the franchise.

    If you're still here through all of this and play using Xlink to this day,, just shut the fuck up and admit you love Socom. Takes a different kind of gamer to hang in there for something that is almost 15 years old. Amazes me how people can still argue about a game we all love.

    Socom 1, 2, 3, and CA were the best shooter games ever made and I played them all one after another like a Crack head and didn't care about other games or which was one was better,, even though Socom CA is no doubt the superior game,, lol!
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    Stop acting like a fucking retard.gif
  16. K_M_A_R_T

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    I came in at the end of Socom 2 into Socom 3 and CA era so had I known something different I could be a Socom purist but at this moment in time Socom 3/CA has me
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    It sounds like somehow you think these people need TRS's permission to do something for the community in a way they see fit. I disagree. While I would love for those people to come here and get this corner of the fanbase involved in what they're doing, we in no way have exclusive ownership of the approval of ideas. As long as their intentions are pure and they're not blatantly stealing ideas then I say the more the merrier.
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    i dont think he is saying they need permission, i think he is saying it would have been nice if all these separate entities would have grown from and been a part of TRS but instead you have 20 different people going in 40 different directions with their own ideas. it seems as though everyone is more interested in growing their own brands rather than pushing socom. take for instance the idea i floated to you in private about streaming, you and i both know that would never fly and nobody would get on board with it even though it would be a better way to get the streams out to the masses.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    guys in sauna.jpg

    I would DEFINITELY be down for that, but it really should stay a private conversation.
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  20. S_L_I_C_K

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    that is hilarious...let me fix that real quick.
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