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    And the most cutting edge of ALL FUCKING TIME!!!

    When was the last time you saw the iris thing in a modern title and in MP no less? SO early for it's time just like Proximity Chat. Boss level shit. You. Know. This.
    The singularity has already occurred. Thankfully TRS will support it and tweet out hexum stream to spread it. They had both sides (on in-game & Discord) and audience heard it ALL. Not to mention the patch used red names to signify who was talking I think? Next level stuff.
    I know. But I still want the dark version and no one will play it with the patch is all. So lose lose either way.

    Shadow Falls is a formidable map for ignorant SOCOMers is why they hate it.

    I support the patch 100% as I always have. Been seeding it for quite some time. I'm glad someone like iKarimster reached out and asked to be put in touch with Harry. I made that introduction and glad I did.

    Wished more collaboration was to be had with this Community. We are so much stronger when united and focused on the same thing--playing SOCOM and spreading the word SOCOM still being played in 2017.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    We'll be playing the 'Wap too.
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    Come on, bro, you're high. :D People didn't play that map because it was too dark to see. I'm not one of these XROADS greatest map EVAR types either. (Ruins, BTW) I enjoyed a few maps people couldn't stand across all of the games. (1-CA)

    Just saying there was a legitimate reason why people didn't play it. Same as Abandoned night. Shadow Falls' layout was fantastic. Not saying it should have been day time, but even a little more moonlight shining through the canopy would have been a blessing for that map. It would have exponentially raised its popularity.

    Now that doesn't mean I think you're crazy for liking it. I love Bitter Jungle, so I understand...
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    we still play every map in its original form, the only maps i really enjoy that we changed on s2 are abandoned/rats nest. but some people like a variety, it's there for everyone to enjoy what they like. just like the halo mod they made. just something different for the people.
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    lol! I think you'll see first hand when you rig up to an HDTV via Component how awesome and bright it really is. ;)
    Good to hear. Gotta have them all. True Random Medley Purist reporting in.
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    Good points. Sidebar: What can't be argued is that while Luke, Rev, War, and Dom were here, production happened and shit got done. IMO, until another TRS team rises to greater production and get shit donery, the old guard owns the expectation bar around here.
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    Fuck this Site""""LoL
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    Never mind generic blanket statements, what is it that was getting done then that isn't now? You mean writing articles about Socom? You mean campaigns to tell Sony we still want Socom? In my opinion that stuff wouldn't be going on no matter if they were all here still or not. Reason being is how many times can you jump on Twitter and tell YOSP we want Socom, how many articles are to be written that rehash what's been said in every other "bring back Socom" article for the last decade? What indie campaign is going on that they would be pushing for people to support? There is nothing. 2011 was the last Socom release, both Socom devs are gone, the franchise is shelved indefinitely, no H-Hour type projects are in the works unless you count that Redline game which I highly doubt they would be supporting. So please do tell me all the things you believe would be going on right now with nothing left to write about or talk about? If a new Socom was announced tomorrow I'm sure the guys here would be active again, talking about it, voicing concerns, spending ungodly amounts of time on Sony's forum to tell them the dos and donts if they want to make a game worth playing again. But in the meantime, what do you want them to do? Juggle bowling pins to keep you entertained until a Socom gets announced which is probably never going to happen? I'm not getting what you are expecting giving the circumstances of where the franchise is at, which is pretty much on it's death bed.
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    I don't have any expectations, I was just sharing my opinion. Ingenuity and creativity go a long way, Tomb.
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    Again, never mind vague blanket statements. What would you expect to be going on here if there was some "creativity and ingenuity"? lol Don't tell me you have no expectations when the loudest complainer about their expectations not being fulfilled was you just a few months back. Not to mention your comment about "the old guard owns the expectation bar" would indicate you do have expectations. Was it just about a website overhaul? If so, how many website overhauls happened to the site when the whole crew was here? Maybe one like 5 or 6 years ago?

    During the SOF studios fiasco your reasons for being vague and not really giving clear answers was about an NDA, but it's starting to seem to me that this is the way you handle every conversation you have. When pressed even the tiniest bit you try to avoid actually giving a clear answer or take any sort of stance on anything unless it's ranting about a website overhaul awhile back. You want to start the fire but then you want to pretend you are just an innocent bystander and act as though it's others who have some sort of expectations and you are just pointing that out. So either tell me what things you think would be different now if the old crew was here that is not getting done with the current crew here or we can't have any constructive conversation because you have us ghost hunting. Looking for a phantom problem that you claim is there but are unable to identify.
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    Some days I think the site has the potential to reach extreme heights ljust look at them numbers!

    Some of you might of thought I was joking a week or more ago about bounce rates and such, but these numbers are actually quite impressive. Why I am surprised no one defended them. That leads me to believe people don't care or don't know. Don't keep pretending shit will stay dead forever or it just might.

    When I peek at the connections of the site itself (there are none) then I look at similar ones (usually will have 8) and I know that a lot can be done. Yes, you could write current articles on SOCOM being played like an eSport by our very Community.

    You could have reviews on current games by our very Community.

    You could gain more revenue to help with the current push to fix the site with minimal effort and minimal cost.
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    The website's user base is always going to be proportional to the amount of people playing the game it is named after. Given there hasn't been a new socom game since s4, it's not surprising a small amount of people are posting on here. The moderation and "toxicity" are irrelevant.
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    I'm more so saying @Animal-_- that prior to TRS making a push towards the streaming movement of Socom there was no want or need for an eSeals...that's literally what happens around here, TRS starts something then other people jump the gun to try and be a part of it but in turn they split the community up even more.

    For the past years NOBODY was talking about making any ladder system for XLink Socom2/3 it's just now that TRS people made it a point to try and get more people online that we have this person over here making eSeals, this person is making this ladder system, etc I just find it tiring because that's the reason we can never get anything productive done around here.

    Whenever TRS has a clear vision of what we want to accomplish here comes some fucktard to take what TRS started and try to make it into their own thing. Just pointless.
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    Where did someone official from TRS talk about trying to start a competitive league? I don't see where anyone stole anything in that regard because we simply weren't doing that nor did we express any plans to do so. Just because someone posts something here doesn't make it a "TRS" idea. Us promoting streams is just us promoting SOCOM content in general and we do it in the hope that others will follow suit and spread the word about those things in their own way, no need to get our permission for anything like that. The eSEALs guys are doing a great job and I hope they continue to grow their ladders which is just one more angle our community has to use to draw more people in.

    If you discuss something in public that you seriously want to do, you don't get to act like the victim if someone takes that and makes something similar and beats you to the punch. You should keep your idea to yourself and your close friends until it's ready or accept that you're going to have to compete with other people for the space you want to occupy. Either way competition can be a good thing if it's a competition of positive ideas. I don't think it's healthy for the community to think of the different websites and social media outlets we use to inform each other and discuss SOCOM as these islands that have some sort of ownership of the ideas that are discussed within those outlets.
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    and to add on....i messaged the TRS admins prior to starting my eSEALS league to see if they wanted to be part of it. at the time it was declined because they wanted to see if it would actually turn into something. The point of asking was to add a different aspect to the community already here, and to give ONE common place for the socom community. Overtime, ive seen animal be active in our stream chat and retweet on twitter. its made me call out TRS on our streams to send traffic this way as well. so without an official ...hey lets support each other...its been like it.
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    Both versions are still available for you to choose.
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    TRS from it's inception always had the league/ladder on the never materialized because there hasn't been a SOCOM game worth the effort just like today...

    "The More You Know"
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    Well, I guess that depends on who you ask........................................

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