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    Crabtree and Brady are your best players.

    If I was you I would trade Brady for three third tier players. Judging by your roster I'd go for two WR's and one TE.

    Judging by this thread Tombs gave you a decent offer. Also drop your IR players and grab a few waiver wire dudes

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    @Elite_Bull_ Dont trade Brady! That trade could end up locking down the league for him in the end. Let him keep his scrubalump QB with no one to throw it to.


    I actually withdrew my offers because Mack seemed to be upset that I was meddling in his attempts to land Brady lol. I mean he said he was trying to get something done to help Bull but then he's saying Brady is worth no more then a 2nd tier WR so I'm not sure what 2nd tier WR added (while losing Brady) would save Bull's season. Brady to Mack would have been far more beneficial then Bull losing brady for a 2nd tier WR so not sure what Mack was smoking there saying that a deal where Bull lost Brady to a WR 2 would help bull, unless his definition of a WR 2 is a lot different then mine. This year with as shitty as many QBs have been Brady is more valuable to his position then he would have been in recent years. I mean you used to have Brady, Brees, Rogers, Newton, Luck, and Wilson all putting up leet numbers with a solid second tier of guys like Big Ben, Carr, River, Manning, Dalton, etc. but that depth just has not been there this year do to injuries and guys just having a down year.

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    I wasnt upset about it. You were just offering him a shitty trade and then attributing intentions to me that werent accurate.

    You asked me what WR should Brady be traded for straight up. I never once said anything about trading a WR player for player with Brady. I suggested working out a deal where he would get 2 WRs if a 3 team trade could be worked out as I dont even have any WRs to trade but have a shit load of RBs.

    Offering Cam Newton and Sanders is a horrible trade that just upgrades you at QB and throws in a WR3 that you just picked up off waivers. Youve been trying to unload your shitty Dolphin WR all year. I know your game, lol. You tried to dump Ezekiel Elliott off on me and PRE for sure last week and maybe other people too, because you knew he was about to get suspended.....LMAO.

    All I was trying to do was maybe work out a 3 team deal where I sent a RB or 2 to a team with surplus WRs who could then send the WRs to @Elite_Bull_ who would then send me Brady. I was genuinely trying to help salvage the guys season while getting a QB for myself since my current QB will be throwing to guys who were working at a Jiffy Lube last week.

    Im not mad about anything, but you obviously were trying to get the best of the trade proposal, which is perfectly fine, but thats not what I was trying to accomplish in this situation. It was never about getting Brady for me, it was just me trying to facilitate a trade that could help Bullski and Brady is the player he has that could get him multiple players at a position of need.

    Once you turned it into some kind of competition for Brady I had no interest in being involved because that wasnt my motivation to begin with.
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    Shall I remind you of the trade offers you tried offering me earlier in the season where you were trying to offer me shit and like draft picks for next season? lol I actually offered you a lopsided trade in your favor to try to get Thomas so at least some of my trade offers are worth the value. In your mind even a deal that heavily favors you is called "fair" and anything that is slightly i your favor or the other guys favor you feel like you are getting screwed. No one has to take my word for it though. I'm sure you'll try some more trade offers with other people so I'll let people judge for themselves at what you offer for what you want lol.

    As for Elliot, I really didn't think he was getting suspended. Still not sure he will as his legal team now has time for their own appeal attempt. I figured it would go down like Brady where both sides just keep appealing so he plays a full season and worse case scenario the appeals process runs its course and he serves the suspension beginning of next season since that's how Brady's legal challenge went down. If I had any doubts Elliot was going down for suspension I wouldn't have waited till they actually announced it to pick up Morris which would have given people to poach him if they got the news before I did. I would have had him bench stashed for a couple weeks already had I felt this was the likely outcome. My choice of Elliot to use as a trade for a better WR was not about suspension, it was about which of my top RBs did I want to part with to get a WR, it sure as hell wasn't going to be Hunt with the way he was producing. If their stats were reversed the first few weeks it would have been Hunt I offered up and Elliot I tried to hold on to.

    As for Sanders. Just because someone dropped him when Denver's bye came along doesn't mean he loses his value. Sure he's not Mike Evans but he's not Kendall Wright either lol. Are you really going to make the case that since Sanders was dropped he magically transforms to being the same value as what else is left on the waiver wire? If that's the case I guess I should just drop Fuller to as even though he has scored 2 touchdowns in both weeks he's played he is no different then Jeremy Kerley since he was sitting with him in the FA pool when I found him lol.


    I'll tell you what though Mack I'll throw you a bone to be fair. Put this stuff aside and realistically give me kind of a rough draft on what kind of a three way deal you envisioned that would get Bull a couple WRs. I've never done a three way deal I only deal one on one so just give me a rough draft of who you would see getting what all around. It doesn't even have to be players we actually own, you can just throw up a "for example if team A had this guy, and team B and C had these guys this is how he could get 2 WR for a Brady" type post of what kind of WRs he would get, you would obviously get Brady, and then what the guy giving up a WR to him would get.

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    Im certainly not going to continue this discussion and have you act as if you are genuinely curious about any of this when you have already admitted to me you were gaslighting the situation and let you turn this shit into 10 pages of back and forth nonsense to entertain yourself.

    You can continue to posture as if someone who just had their WR corps nuked would be well served trading a QB for another QB and a WR3 when they already have the 11th ranked QB sitting on their bench instead of trading for multiple players at the WR position, but I know better.

    Seriously, Im done with the conversation. If you hadnt already told me flat out you were intentionally aggravating the situation, I might indulge you, but I just cant in this scenario. Im sorry, lol.


    Look back at what you said about Brady's value in this thread. You said he was worth no more then a 2nd tier WR. So how the hell am I to believe you were looking at a way to get him 2 WRs when you scoffed at the idea Brady would even be worth more then one WR 2? This is why I have been saying outline us the deal you had in mind so I can say "Oh, I see it now, I get how that could work". See the reason I even really started going in on my own offers hard was when you started actually talking about Brady's value being not worth anything more then a WR 2 in PPR. To me that started to sound like if you weren't going to get a three way deal done you might try to convince him to take any wide receiver on your roster that was anything but Thomas for Brady and try to convince him that was a fair deal. So yeah, once I started seeing that narrative about Brady's value I did start gaslighting lol. I just want Bull to have something to compare to of what he could get for Brady compared to what you might try to offer him in a private discord chat so he has some sort of measuring stick before he pulls the trigger on a deal.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    1 page back.

    fantasy thread post trs.PNG

    Who is "Us", and why do I have to outline a trade I may or may not make with Bullski prior to making it to you? The only person I have to outline a trade to would be the person or people Im making the trade with. I dont need to reveal my offers or strategy to you here simply to satisfy your curiosity.

    In reality I never came up with any specific deals. If you look at the wording of my post, you'll see "might" and "maybe" used. Thats because nothing tangible was even presented because you turned this into a shitshow before I even had a chance to discuss anything with him or anyone else.
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    Ok but it's how the conversation evolved later with him saying he would talk to you on discord and such that I figured you might try to run something by him like "Even if we can't get a three way deal I can give you like Thielen for Brady cause in PPR you likely won't get better then that for Brady anyways" because of how you said Brady was only worth a 2nd tier WR. That's why I was telling him if he goes to a private chat with you and you give any offers make sure Brady doesn't go unless Thomas is in the deal if any sort of one for one was discussed as another option. You said you were trying to help Bull but I'm also just trying to make sure he doesn't get screwed. I even sent him a private e-mail not trying to ask him for a deal but telling him if he doesn't want to lose Brady which current WRs on the FA list I would pick up if I was in his shoes who could materialize into something this year so he doesn't have to lose anyone.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    This is total bullshit. Its very good bullshit. But its total bullshit.

    You couldnt care less about "making sure Bull doesnt get screwed". You just wanted to cockblock me from getting Brady, and try to get him yourself with a one sided deal.

    Youre a predatory fantasy football player. You swoop in when people are at their worst after just having suffered a tragedy and try to unload your garbage on them while shuffling off into the night with their best players.

    Youre like the people who buy up foreclosed properties and then evict the tenants in the middle of winter. I dont know how you sleep at night.
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    I wanted to cockblock you all day with that Trade, straight up dookie breath. Nothing but a snake oil salesman you are... SSSSSSSSSSS crawling through the spoils of fantasy football. :eek:

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Well done. Now Bullski has a WR corps in tatters and no trade was able to be made. Yet you are still free to make retarded offers like this:

    trade from paul awol.PNG

    I dont know why people feel they are entitled to offer their waiver wire trash to other people in retardedy one sided trades and expect to be taken seriously, yet want to fuck up other people who are actually trying to come to a fair arrangement on a trade that would help out both teams.

    Its unfortunate but it looks like this is not the place to discuss any possible trades with all the busy bodies in here.
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    Like your first garbage offer to me was any better Ricky Retardo.


    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Thats a completely reasonable trade except for the draft pick which I threw in as a joke.

    RB1, WR2 with huge upside, and a borderline WR2-3 for a TE and WR2, and a completely irrelevant RB. You actually are getting the better of that deal but I really needed a TE so I was willing to reach.

    Thats the problem, people think if they arent completely screwing people over that its not a good deal.

    Now lets look at the trade you offered.

    A WR who was just picked up off waivers because nobody had him on their roster because he didnt even have a pulse till last week and a completely irrelevant RB, who you try to trade for a legit WR2 and a rookie RB on the come who is projected for 15+ points each week. Youre insane to even compare the 2 trades and its this delusional mentality that prevents deals from getting done.
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    With out researching I would almost guarantee Ertz alone has more points than all three of those scrubs combined. Lay off the pipe cuz
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    The guy who claims Nelson Agholor off waivers and then tries to deal him in a package with Shane Vereen is telling me to lay off the pipe.......

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    Apparently you and @TOMBSTONE4U do. as evidenced by you both chiming in and trying to sabotage the brainstorming of a trade being worked out to help out another player in the league who suffered a devastating blow to his roster. You, because you are scared to death of my team and the very thought of me acquiring Brady makes you poop your pants, and TOMB because he wants Brady for himself so he tried to undermine my efforts and then paint me as the vulture. He already knows his team is unable to compete with mine, but in a desperate attempt to give himself a glimmer of hope, he thought preventing me from getting Brady would give him a chance.

    When in reality it is both of you who are the true villains. You are both a disgrace to Fantasy Football and I will be speaking to the Commissioner about having both of you suspended and maybe losing draft picks.

    @Elite_Bull_ I am still willing to try and help you improve your roster and get you some help at WR despite the efforts of some here. Obviously none of that can be discussed here anymore after seeing the shady behavior of the Used Car Salesmen we have in this league who try to undermine other people's deals to serve their own interests, but if you want to try and work something out just hit me up in a Private Message here or we can chat on Discord.
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    I think you're scuurd of me!

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