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    I got Madden already. I played it for about an hour and I'll be trading it in for another game the next time I'm at Gamestop. I just don't enjoy the game anymore.

    It LOOKS good this year, but it just doesnt feel right to me. I like to play franchise mode and build my team over the years and once again they fucked that all up. The interface is clunky and inefficient, the layout and simulation setup is retarded and it still amazes me that Madden '05 had a better scouting system and more in depth franchise than a game almost 20 years older on a console 2 generations ahead. Its a fucking joke and a sad commentary on EA as a company.

    The actual gameplay, while looking terrific, is just more of the same from a hand holding standpoint. EA has made it so the user has as little control over the actual movements of the player as possible and has the computer do most of the work for you. I never liked being forced to use the joystick for player control as I felt it wasnt anywhere near as precise as using the D-pad, and thats the case in Madden 18 in spades.

    While controlling a player I feel completely disconnected from him and during the play it feels more like Im giving the computer a suggestion in which direction to move and less like Im controlling it myself. This becomes very apparent when running near the sidelines where instead of cutting sharply away from the out of bounds line, the player will lean almost in how you turn on a motorcycle and take way longer to make the turn.

    Defense is nothing more than picking which player you want and then button mashing whichever icon the game tells you to and the same thing happens on passing. Throw the pass up and wait for the game to tell you which button to hit and hope the game rewards you the catch.

    I just dont enjoy playing the game anymore. Its strange to say that because I was a Madden lunatic for 10 years and have loved video game football since Tecmo Bowl, but the game is just dumbed down garbage at this point made for kids and casuals who just mash buttons and theyve taken any enjoyment out of the game for me. Add in all the clutter and trash of their fake social media nonsense plastered all over the menu and its fucking eye cancer. Social media is a cancerous nuisance to sports coverage in real life, theres no need to create fake social media to help ruin a video game.

    Couple all this with my growing disdain for the NFL and its players, and I guess its just a recipe for me not liking the game or having any interest in playing it. I only even watch NFL games that Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers are playing in the past couple years, so I suppose it stands to reason I wouldnt have any desire to play an NFL video game if I dont even watch the games anymore. And now with Rodgers hurt, I'll be watching Brady's games except for the occasional really big game with 2 good teams.

    I dont even watch the games that I bet on anymore. Thats how sick I am of that fucking sport and all its players and their antics.

    EDIT: Wow, just proofread this. Sorry for the novel. I just got lost in a train of thought, lol.
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    Dont sweat that buddy. I can assure you nobody is taking anything personally and getting mad about anything. This is a walk in the park compared to some of the arguments TOMB and I have had and we never take it seriously. Everybody still loves each other.

    Although make no mistake, both @PAUL-AWOL- and @TOMBSTONE4U were actively trying to prevent me from getting Brady. Not because of a personal beef, but because they are both scared shitless of my team and were just trying to prevent me from adding any more players.

    They both know that their teams are practice squad tier in comparison to mine and they will do whatever they can to try to throw a wrench in my season. As we speak they are both sitting alone in their living rooms with a 3 day beard drinking Jack Daniels straight out of the bottle after seeing the Blockbuster trade I just made with @PRE_-CISION-_

    They are both beside themselves with fear at the thought of facing me now that I've made my team even better. The pain of knowing they have no chance to win the league just got the best of both of them......
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    Well you are 5-1 ya big douche!

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    With that one loss being in Week 1 when @PRE_-CISION-_ had every player on his team get their best point total of the season and a down week for most of my team.

    Now that I'm firing on all cylinders I wont have another loss for the rest of the year as I cruise to my well deserved championship. My only regret is that I feel kind of bad for the rest of the players in the league because I've sucked all the excitement out of the chase.

    When everyone in the league already knows whos going to win the title it sucks the air out of the 2nd and 3rd tier teams sails when they know they have nothing to play for.

    Thats why I try to avoid playing in leagues with civilians. My talent level is so vastly superior to everyone else's that it becomes boring just watching me blow out everyone I play week after week.


    I still feel scarred for life that Yahoo lied to me and assured me you would be 2-12 this season. I feel like there might be some Russian collusion going on here.
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    I do like some Jack Daniels

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    Dude I don't know ANYONE who actually likes Madden. We all just play it because it's the only option.

    They slowly been taking away things for years now to reintroduce them as "new features" down the line. For example team play used to be a thing, 3v3 online with your buds. I think they got rid of it in M14. Anyways it came back this year with a catch. Those scumbags tied it into the Ultimate Team mode. So you have to drop cash... no seriously you NEED to drop cash at some point because there's no picking the Rams for example and getting stock players. You'll be stuck with 60-80 overall scrubs on your custom built team for eternity and lose every game. Lmao I have a fucking 81 overall Marshall Faulk that I would need to pay about $100 to level up to the 90's.

    You're totally on point with franchise mode. They haven't done jack shit to that since probably 09-10. All they do is copy and paste the same shit year to year. Like you said the PS2 games and even early ps3 versions had more in depth content. Ever since they discovered ultimate team and the ultimate idiots who drop cash on it, they haven't put an ounce of effort in elsewhere.

    The game fucking sucks. The only reason I play is for online franchise mode. 32 online player leagues are the bees knees. However I'm approaching the end of my 16 game schedule (going to finish 10-6 with the titans with Mariota landing mvp and a wildcard) and by this point I'm sick of the game again. There are sooooo many AI issues, generic animations, glitches and ect it's beyond a joke. Sure glad they added a 2 hour button prompt story with my roster update this year though!

    Fuck madden
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    I read that the same type of shit is going on with NBA2K now.

    Apparently in create a player mode, you can only level up your player to around 80 before you are basically required to pay to level up after that. They make it in order to grind out organically it would take 100 hours to gain a couple points on your player so its pretty much impossible to level up without paying for it.

    Hopefully there is a video game crash like in the early 80s again to purge the current culture of gaming that just tries to bleed every nickel out of their customers and get away with releasing roster updates every year with a new year stamped on the box. Unfortunately the general public is so stupid and placated that may not ever happen and things might just get worse.

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    The last time I played Madden and had fun doing it was when I played it on the PS2 with my friends before we would hit the bars. Not on-line either, head to head was the only way this game used to be fun,, I think on-line killed it.

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    Yeah NBA 2k is trash this year too, I wasted $60 on that. Think I got a week out of it before I gave up on the grind. The previous 2k's were not this bad, dudes totally nerfed the way you earn VC. Sports games are nothing but scams these days. MLB the show is about the only good one left and even that's starting to edge on unacceptable.


    Noticed you were this years victim of getting the Fitzgerald curse right before his annual second half decline. My condolences sir lol. Still, I would say the trade has good value in Gurley and a Jax defense that has proven it is legit.

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    Gurley will snap his ACL before Thanksgiving.

    Screencap this post.


    That's a ridiculous predicition, he's actually going to have an MCL sprain and he's only going to miss 5 weeks lol. Seriously though with all the injuries going around we should make a weekly tradition of predicting which big name will be going down that week and what the injury will be. For this week I am assuming that Mike Evans is going to break his foot Greg Olsen style since I just traded Mariota and Keenan Allen for him earlier this week in my money league. That's usually the omen I put on players I trade for.
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    Wentz needs to light it up!!
  15. PRE_-CISION-_

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    I hope you wreck him but you're going to fall short imo
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    You better hope he wins. Because Gurley and Fitz and JAX defense allhave their bye week when we play each other next week! :D
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    Just pencil in a win next week for yourself. I have 4 starters on bye, if I win it'll be due to dart throws paying off
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    My condolences to the sorry soul who had Aaron Rodgers or any Packers WR.
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    My buddy that I talked into playing has Jordy Nelson, DaVante Adams, AND Martellus Bennett. I tried to get him to trade me one of them and told him it was a bad idea having all those guys stacked from one team.

    He was like "Its Aaron Rogers, bro. He never gets hurt."


    My most dominant year in fantasy was the year the Pats almost went undefeated. When they got Moss I thought with what Brady could do with guys like Troy Brown and Branch this was going to make the offense a monster. I nabbed Brady, Moss, Welker, and Donte Stallworth in that years draft. I was weak at RB but if memory serves I think that was the year I also nabbed Arian Foster and I want to say Peyton Hillis off FA who I think became starters during that season due to injuries or poor performance by starters ahead of them. I was putting up high PPR scores every week in a standard scoring league with one week going as high as like 185 points. Anywho, in the first fantasy playoff week they played the Jets. Jets held the pats to like one touchdown killing Brady, Moss, and Welker in one blow. I lost first round of the playoffs to the 4 seed team who only needed like 86 points to beat me that week. Point being is that even when you have a team that dominant, it is never good in fantasy to put too many eggs in one basket.

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