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Discussion in 'TRS Support' started by LUKENBACHER, May 28, 2015.

  1. rev

    rev picard is lord

    Well I bet that's just devastating, lol.
  2. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    I'm actually heartbroken. I was so for this project up until tod-HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK THOSE GUYS
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  3. aremsoc26

    aremsoc26 Code 9

    Note to self: if i ever post on SOF and need to convey laughter use "Haha" or "Lmao"

    but seriously... they prob were all huddled around Kevin's super computer waiting for you to post and then argued over who gets to hit the "ban" button. Ultimately they agreed that kevin should start from the back of the room and using his finger he had to replicate bullet velocity, and 30 min later you were banned.
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  4. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    I guarantee it was Paul or Esau, because of my video. Someone here said it best.
    "I literally mindfucked them so bad, and I don't even troll. I just tell the truth"
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  5. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    nope nope nope that cant be! wit (the lead mod) told me that type of thing WOULD NOT HAPPEN.
    you must be mistaken...
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  6. Synikz

    Synikz Butterstick

    You can tell PaulDPearl has insecurity issues. He's about as dumb as a fucking rock. He's clearly taken Esaubro and Dirty under his wings, and they are fuck-tards in training. Got banned today because Dirty couldn't handle my Eazy E remix.

    My whole post was literally...

    And Dirty banned me for 6 hours because I was "Refusing Moderation".
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Spazz is actually a cool guy and the only one affiliated with them that I have any respect for.

    I understand you can say it doesnt matter, hes a part of the problem over there if he doesnt say anything about it. Much like theres no such thing as a good cop, because if they were good cops they wouldnt let the bad cops do the shit they do.

    I understand that perspective. I just think Spazz is an ok guy and I dont lump him in with the rest of those asshole scumbags.
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  8. Synikz

    Synikz Butterstick

    Yeah like you said Spazz is the only one over there that is worth a damn. He's a really cool guy and I have nothing but respect for him. I feel like he's between a rock and a hard place, he wants the game to succeed, he's a good mod, but he doesn't have the position that he should have (Wit shouldn't be lead mod).
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    No. Not at all. After the bullshit he came over here shoveling, to see that its still business as usual is beneath contempt. Paul is shit smear unworthy of even speaking about.


    Spazz is basically their counterpart to Rev, he seems to only ever get glancing blows from the opposition. Not saying that's bad, just an observation from an idiot with a dumb profile picture.
  11. =Ronin=

    =Ronin= The Captain of Makin' it Happen

    It's all about how you conduct yourself, in the forums or life in general. If you act like a clown people will treat you accordingly.
  12. LimehouseBlues

    LimehouseBlues Chopsticks

  13. =Ronin=

    =Ronin= The Captain of Makin' it Happen

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    Absolutely, I agree that he shows remarkable class in contrast with the common rabble over there. I'm just sayong that I recall Suade, at least I think it was him, in his many brushstrokes of the whole site with one brush, always made sure to abscond from chatting shit about Rev for some reason. Mancrush or whatever.
  15. LimehouseBlues

    LimehouseBlues Chopsticks

    It's because his little robot avatar is so damn adorable


    I'd start badmouthing the Paulster but I don't want to get a limp knock on my door from ol' tittyboy himself
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  17. Medux

    Medux Requiem

    Post more. That is all.
  18. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    Where and the hell have you been if this surprises you?
  19. aremsoc26

    aremsoc26 Code 9

    I stopped visiting that site after I played the beta. I do waste 5min of my life on Mondays though reading an update that has no useful info.

    I never heard of a probation period where all your posts are based on moderator approval lmao...
  20. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    That's pretty much a soft ban where it will either anger the member into throwing it back at us, allowing us to drop the hammer for good or make them just give up and go away.

    Doesn't happen that often and I've never seen it actually change a troublemaker for the better.
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