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    Hey guys, I just moved and bought a new TV and it doesn't have any component ports. Didn't think they'd stop making them so I'm kinda disappointed because I can't go back to composite cables. Any way to run it through HDMI? Thanks.
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  6. everythingred

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  7. Chili327

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    Is there any difference in picture quality between these 2.?
    In case I find both, curious which is the better choice.
    41n9SPeVJDL._SY400_.jpg 41mr9xhIDBL._SY400_.jpg

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    If you have an older HDTV the components will probably be slightly better. If you plan on having long cords, over 20 feet or so, components are definitely better as there will be no digital dropoff that HDMI cords can suffer from. Although the length before that becomes an issue probably wont apply to you unless youre running your shit in from a different room.

    Ive used both. Components on a very high end HDTV at the time, and HDMI on a lower end HDTV a couple years ago. The components looked better to me but I highly suspect that was because the TV was higher quality than what I used the HDMI on.

    End of the day the difference is probably negligible but you get digital audio with HDMI so thats probably a better move.
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  9. Chili327

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    Yea, I think I need to use the ps2 to hdmi, my TV is brand new & has no component inputs, so I'd be going from ps2 > component cable > converter > hdmi cable > tv.
    Now I just need to decide if I want to buy online & pay extra to have it here by monday, or try to find one at a local store tomorrow. :)

  10. Chili327

    Chili327 [CDS] Chili327

    Just FYI, I recently bought a new tv, so I did all the searching around, etc and I ended up with a TCL from Costco... amazing TV.!!
    They had a 32" for $249, but the 40" was only $30 more so I went that route. 40" for $279 it's a killer deal, & I HATE Best Buy, so it's a win win. :)
  11. xCaZx-

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    I have been out of the cable industry for a couple of years now, so I am a little out of the loop.

    As far as I know the difference between the older generation of HDMI and component was minimal, at best. I can actually remember a time when I preferred Component/Digital optical combo over using HDMI because I always thought the image quality was better. The benefit to using HDMI was always that it carried HD video and surround sound all in one small cord, which is obviously more convenient.

    My understanding now is that HDMI has been upgraded to HDMI 2.1 (I think) and the new HDMI cord/ports have a much higher bandwidth. The increased bandwidth is necessary for 4K (and higher) resolutions. So, I guess HDMI is kind of necessary if you are going that route. Personally, I concede that HDMI is now the superior option and with higher quality cables it's perfectly capable of handling distances of 50' or greater.

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    I used to work in the industry during the infancy of HDTV an I also preferred Component cables to HDMI. Primarily because The higher the GHz the TV is the faster it will refresh the color blends where as HDMI was static. So on a TV with a higher GHz there was a noticeable difference to audiophiles like myself. I also had a completely separate audio setup from my TV input so the HDMI was pointless.

    Its great for a normie who just wants a plug and play HD setup and doesnt have a McIntosh audio setup with a Sunfire amp and speakers that cost more than the average family sedan.
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    For you:
    ps2 > component cable > converter > hdmi cable > tv

    For me:
    ps2 > component cable > Elgato HD > hdmi cable > 32" or 60" HDTV

    At least with the converter I have (passthrough as well) you get more functionality for your setup (record ability). To each their own though. Something most folks wont or don't talk about is whether or not your TV has been calibrated and whether or not you REALLY care about picture quality. You'll find that most calibrations are only performed on the HDMI slots.

    So when you compare Component to HDMI, some of you might be missing a very crucial aspect in the picture quality. The Component hasn't been calibrated most likely and will have a sort of "stock" look to it versus something calibrated for "Movie Mode or Day/Night" for your room and viewing scenarios like HDMI.

    Food for thought, I seen Elgato HDs going for $30 used and saw a USB-C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB3.0 going for $69.99.
  14. MADDENKING1980

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    I brought home a Sony Trintron tube tv (straight component cable @ 480i) to play on and it's way better than playing on my flat screen (ps2 comp to Denon receiver, then hdmi out to tv).

    As for the converters, I'd be careful because some of the cheap ones break easily or have trouble syncing the hdmi, at least that's been my experience.
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    But yeah, when you get setup post your name, I play all the time.
  16. Chili327

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    My issue is the new TV does have component inputs, so I have been using AV (yellow), so I just want to be able to switch it over to 480 & see a difference. lol
    Snice there really isn't an affordable way to convert component to hdmi, I just got the PS2 > HDMI plug. So we'll see if it is better or not.

    I am a little surprised there isn't just a "Y Cable" that plugs RGB-RW into HDMI, seems like it wouldn't be that hard.?

    PS. I have always used Gamertag Chili327, but lately have been using [S&M] Doofy. :)
  17. Chili327

    Chili327 [CDS] Chili327

    Wow, the "PS2>HDMI" thingy works great.!!!
    I plugged the USB power right into the front of the PS2, do you think it is hurting the quality.? (right now I don't have any other option, but I'm thinking 480i probably can't get much better. lol)

    WESTC0AST Butterstick

    Actually. It should be 480p not 480i when you play socom.turn on progressive scan. And even if you save the settings. It should ask you every time you startup socom if you want the progressive scan on. You need to say yes then it asks if your sure. Say yes again. It's annoying but that's what it takes to get "HD"
    By the way. My ps2>hdmi doesn't need to be plugged into the USB for power. It just works fine without it.
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    SHUDRSKI Butterstick

    I bought component cables and they will not work. Screen keeps going in and out. they must be bad. All my settings legit, ordering hdmi adapter
  20. SkiMask

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    AND you checked the PS2 system settings and changed them to YPBRWhatever the fuck for component? Then yes its fucked and adapter should fix you right up.

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