Tweet SOCOM 2 w/ online MP here!

Discussion in 'SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs' started by o3Celerity, Nov 20, 2015.

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    will do!

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  12. PandaMissesSocom

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  13. Bigfry

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    HAHA Figures that they say SSX, when it was on the 20YearsofPlay Poll and lost. Guarantee its in their first set of PS2 Classics when they announce it at PSX
  14. /SS/ PEIPER

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    Blow this shit up!
  15. ScotteYx

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  16. everythingred

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    I wrote that they're trying to screw socom fans even though we win every poll. nobody wants to acknowledge the game on any of sony's twitter handles. only a response from Gio Corsi saying we're passionate. no shit...
  17. Laziness

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    Any response this time around?
  18. Laziness

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    I think Sony wants the easy money with games like that. If they put out ssx as a classic they don't really have to do any work or spend money on it.
  19. Bigfry

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    From Sony? No.
    From other sites writing articles about PS2 Emulation? Yes. SOCOM is the clear winner in almost all of these tweets. NeoGaf is the only one that doesn't have SOCOM on top, but in one thread I read, it was sitting like 5-6 down the list of most requested in the thread. So We are sitting pretty fucking good
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  20. Medux

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    It's kinda odd that sony just ignores the Socom fanbase, yet were winning Polls, huge sites writing articles, already funded a "successor" Socom, have one of the biggest groups on ps4 if im not mistaken ? . Seems so very odd. Why don't they just say "there wont be a socom ever again" if all they want to do is ignore us, it would stop all the harassment of tweets and questions.

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